Exhibit A: Scope of Work

Communications Expert

The Feed the Future Bangladesh Improving Trade and Business Enabling Environment (FtFBITBEE) Activity aims to improve economic growth in Bangladesh through the following objectives:

This include facilitating an improved policy environment to promote sustainable economic growth and prosperity, improved regional economic cooperation, sound management of institutions, and good governance while also expanding markets for U.S. goods and services in the Indo Pacific. This activity will also address efficiency and transparency in the business enabling environment.

The FtFBITBEE Activity will develop a systemic approach to trade facilitation and improving the business enabling environment. This is premised on high level political commitment to realizing substantial reductions in trade costs and business compliance: a representative institutional mechanism spearheaded by local stakeholders driving the reform process; and high-profile time bound targets addressing: trade and business procedures and transparency; institutional strengthening; and modernization and ICT.

FtFBITBEE will deliver technical assistance and capacity building to support implement of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement and improve the BEE. The project will work with key public agencies, private sector stakeholders and Civil Society Organizations. Work activities will draw on best practices and regional experiences in order to build support for initiatives aimed at simplifying documentary requirements for imports and exports. The project will support strengthening technical capacity across border agencies, modernizing procedures through digitization and ICT.

The technical assistance and capacity building activities supported by FtFBITBEE will be based on an inclusive approach that integrates the gender dimension and addresses vulnerable and marginalized populations. Ensuring inclusivity is central to realizing USAID goals and objectives for the FtFBITBEE activity. Activities should seek to include and ensure representation of women, youth and other marginalized groups in public-private dialogue and advocacy efforts.

Specific Tasks

The KEY Duties for the Communications Expert include:

The Communications Expert will be responsible for the following tasks:


Specific Duties Include:

Reporting Requirements

The Communications Specialist will report to the COP, through regular briefings and day-to-day dialogue.