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The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (The Federation) is the world’s largest humanitarian organisation. The Federation has been working with Bangladesh Red Crescent Society for more than 30 years in humanitarian fields mainly disaster response and management, cyclone preparedness, disaster relief and recovery, community-based disaster preparedness, risk reduction and mitigation, etc. The British Red Cross (BRC) works under the auspices of the Federation in Bangladesh in close cooperation with the BDRCS.


The British Red Cross (BRC) helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are. We are part of the global network, responding to conflicts, natural disasters and emergencies. We enable vulnerable people to prepare for and withstand emergencies in their own communities. And when the crisis is over, we help them to recover and move on with their lives.

We are part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the world’s largest independent humanitarian network and are committed to, and bound by, its fundamental principles: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality.

The BRC has a long history of working closely with and supporting the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society.  In line with the national society’s strategic plan the BRC have agreed to expand the number of projects over the coming years. On this basis we are seeking to employ a suitably qualified Senior Manager- Partnership & Field Coordinator.

Position: Senior Manager- Partnership & Field Coordinator

Duration: 1 Year (Renewable position)
Location: Barisal Office
No. of position: 1 (one)

Overall Purpose of the Post

The Senior Manager, Partnerships and Field Coordination is responsible for providing high quality programmatic support to the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) in implementing the project in Barishal. Under the direction of the BRC Programme Manager (Delegate) based in Barishal, he/she will work closely with the BDRCS team to coordinate the implementation of the project led by BDRCS team in Barishal.
The main role of Senior Manager, Partnerships and Field Ccoordination is to create an enabling environment for the implementation of the project by ensuring the BRC and BDRCS staff are working in collaboration as a team. Also she/he will be responsible for developing various partnerships with the private sector, institutions and government agencies to create favourable conditions for connection between jobseekers (participants of the projects) and businesses.

This UK Aid Match supported livelihood project is a three-year community market-based livelihood project with Disaster Reduction Risk (DRR), Protection, Gender and Inclusion and Organisational Development as a cross cutting components. The overall goal of the programme is to strengthen resilience and reduce poverty through gender-sensitive livelihoods and Disaster Risk Reduction in 16 slums of Barishal, Bangladesh. More specifically the main aim of the livelihoods project is to increase access to economic opportunities of participants from urban slums of Barishal through developing their employability and businesses according to market opportunities. This project will build partially on the achievements of the Vulnerability to Resilience (V2R) programme, an integrated multi-sectoral resilience building programme, which has been implemented in Barishal since 2015.

Duties and responsibilities


  • Develop/create a systematic, process-driven approach to the project’s partner outreach and relationship management
  • Continuous assessment of the ongoing the humanitarian situation and gaps in Barishal city corporation, specifically the 16 targeted communities, providing regular updates to the BRC Programme Manager (Delegate) and sharing the same with BDRCS counterparts.
  • Facilitate and organise visits of BRC Dhaka and BRC UK Office Advisers and other staff.
  • Assist the Programme Manager (Delegate) with staff safety by ensuring that security policies and regulations are communicated to all staff (BRC and BDRCS)
  • Provide regular updates to the BRC Programme Manager (Delegate) and BDRCS counterparts in Dhaka to inform coordination and overall country programme decision making.
  • Management of BRC Technical Officers of the programme, including the Skills Development Manager and the Business Development Manager

Relationships, partnerships management

  • Maintain professional and respectful relations with the BDRCS at unit level to facilitate smooth partnership between the two BRC and BDRCS. 
  • Support and accompany the project staff in sourcing and identifying partnerships relevant for the project: identify key players for economic inclusion of project participants, carry out partner assessments, meet and communicate with identified partners to generate interest and facilitate collaboration
  • Carry out partner assessment, identify key players and generate interest in the identified partners to collaborate
  • Negotiate and finalise deals/MoUs with identified partners in accordance with BDRCS guidelines and policies and project internal goals (collaboration with local authorities, mentorships, apprenticeships, job placement)
  • Maintain effective relationships with current partners and offer new ways to grow the partnerships: maintaining good relationships with organisations and agencies involved in the project through regular meetings, workshops, seminars and final report of the project
  • Set targets and milestones for the partnerships, measure the progress against the targets and report the progress on the partnerships
  • Help to resolve conflict or misunderstanding between partners through mediation and consultation and through making recommendations


  • Coordinate regularly with the BDRCS Assistant Project Manager and BDRCS Unit level staff, Project implementation Committee and Executive Committee Members.
  • Coordinate with the external stakeholders of the project and link them with BRC and BDRCS project staff and BDRCS Unit executive committee
  • Coordinate with the Government officials and provide support to obtain permissions, technical assistance, access to information or organise dissemination workshops
  • Coordinate closely with the BDRCS Project Manager based in Dhaka under the direction of Programme Manager (Delegate).
  • Coordinate with the local authorities and companies/industries in Barishal to organise job fairs to foster connection with local enterprises and help participants finding a suitable job.
  • Advocate with the various stakeholders in close coordination with the BDRCS on the policies so that vulnerable communities can benefit.
  • Attend any relevant coordination meetings in Barishal City Corporation and Barishal district ensuring that the project for the targeted communities is aligned with overall plans of BDRCS and does not duplicate work of local authorities and local or international organizations

Project design

  • In coordination with BDRCS senior management and BRC team, assist with inputs to the development of project plans that have at their heart beneficiary accountability.
  • Participate in situation assessments being carried out by local authorities and Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement partners in response to major disasters.
  • Ensure that project plans and milestones are communicated with the BRC Programme Manager (Delegate) based in Barishal.

Project implementation

  • Ensure implementation of monitoring frameworks for the project utilising tools such as Intervention Logic, Resilience Frameworks, Beneficiary Accountability Frameworks, Monthly and quarterly activity planning and monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports.
  • Coordinate with the Project Implementation Committee members and the Secretary of the BDRCS Unit to ensure timely implementation of the project.


  • Assist the Programme Manager (Delegate) in the development/detailing/update of budgets based on defined activities and implementation schedules.
  • Assist the Programme Manager (Delegate) to prepare cash requests against planned activity schedules.
  • Assist the Programme Manager (Delegate) to provide narrative explanations to monthly budget variance form.


  • Represent the partnership development component of the programme and BRC externally to develop and maintain relationships with relevant government representatives and with other agencies and strategic partners in the area of responsibility under the direction of the Programme Manager (Delegate).
  • As required, represent the BRC at important forums including inter-agency coordination meetings and with corporate and private partners under the guidance of the Programme Manager (Delegate).
  • Ensure frequent and comprehensive sharing of information and findings between sectorial specialists within the BRC delegation and UK Office through the Programme Manager (Delegate).

Capacity Building

  • Strengthen capacity of the Project Implementation Committee (PIC) members to enable them take timely decisions
  • Support capacity building of BDRCS staff and volunteers and ensure that BDRCS staff and executive committee members training needs and support are provided through the programme

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Disseminate learning and achievements of the project widely amongst the stakeholders
  • Report regularly to the Programme Manager (Delegate) on the progress of the project implementation.
  • Carry out close monitoring of the programme activities and ensure that high-quality standards are met in programme implementation.
  • Report on project progress, quality of interventions, quality of record keeping and issues arising.
  • Ensure that reports from BDRCS are consolidated and submitted as per the agreed timeline


  • Manage BRC Technical Officers
  • Ensure HR support are in-place to successfully implement the project

Person Specification



Evidenced obtained through Shortlisting (S) Interview (I) or Assessment (A)

Education/ Training


  • Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree (preferred) in business, marketing, psychology, sociology, vocational guidance, counselling, or related fields

S, I

Experience and Knowledge




  • At least 12 years of experience in humanitarian field with the 5 years of experience at the senior managerial level in the similar position.
  • Traceable relevant experience as programme field coordinator.
  • Minimum 5 years of project/program management experience, preferably in disaster risk reduction/ resilience/livelihoods programming.
  • Budget development and management of significant field-based projects
  • Representation and liaison within complex partnership contexts
  • Conducting capacity building workshops, training project staff and working with beneficiaries
  • Experience of managing directly and indirectly reporting staff

S, I



S, I


S, I



S, A


S, I

S, I


S, I


S, I


  • Experience of working with the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement



  • Competence in IT (Word, Excel, Power Point, internet, etc.)
  • Excellent Bangla and English; spoken and written
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Strategic thinker
  • Networking aptitude
  • Great multitasking skills
  • Attention to details

S, I, A


S, I, A





S, I




  • Good knowledge of key Red Cross principles, standards, Code of Conduct and SPHERE Commitment to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
  • Integrity & high standards of personal conduct;
  • Listening skills; Cultural sensitivity; Flexibility & adaptability; Teamwork; Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to inspire others; to pass his/her skills to others and to motivate them to put them into practice;
  • Ability to adapt various concepts and tools to the particular environment and needs of the relevant National Society.

S, I, A


S, I

S, I

S, I




  • Commitment to the International Red Cross & Red Crescent Movement
  • Integrity & high standards of personal conduct;


I, A



This job description and person specification may be subject to change as a result of operational requirements. 

Application Instructions:

  • Last date of application is November 07,2020 on or before 5:00 p.m.
  • Candidates who don’t have equivalent qualification & Experience on relevant field need not to apply.
  • Only suitable & qualified candidates are invited to apply with their detailed CV and cover letter justifying your suitability


Country Manager, British Red Cross, Bangladesh
By email at:

Only short-listed candidates will be notified

The IFRC is an equal opportunity employer