Terms of Reference
Contractor/Firm for Event Management Service

1. Organization Background

iDE is an international NGO with over 39 years of experience in designing and delivering market-based anti-poverty programs in 14 countries. We are a world leader in making markets work for the poor as well as the longest established market development specialist NGOs in Bangladesh. iDE believes that markets can be a powerful force for improving smallholder prosperity by creating income and livelihood opportunities for poor rural households. iDE Bangladesh currently has eight projects in agricultural markets, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), and access to finance with a focus on women’s economic empowerment and climate-smart technologies.

2. Project Background

Uddokta - empowering entrepreneurs - is a three-year (2020-2022) project funded by Chevron and the Embassy of Switzerland and implemented by iDE. Under Chevron’s Bangladesh Partnership Initiative (BPI) and Embassy of Switzerland’s COVID-19 Relief Emergency Grant, Uddokta seeks to improve income and livelihoods, and promote the inclusive and non-discriminative society and employment opportunities of the poor and disadvantaged people through enterprise development and strengthening market systems in the Sylhet Division (Northeast of Bangladesh). The first objective of the project is to increase the income of 1,100 micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and 110 local cooperatives by 35% in Chevron catchment through improved access to goods, services, technology, and information as well as Chevron’s engagement and positive impact in the community. The second objective is to ensure 1,500 out-of-job youths who have been affected by COVID-19 (at least 30% are women) have full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs in high-growth sectors and increase their household income by 50%. Approximately 30,000 households are anticipated to benefit from increased incomes as a result of improved social and economic wellbeing including access to goods, services, and employment triggered through systemic market changes catalyzed by Uddokta. Uddokta is being implemented in 4 districts in the Sylhet division: Sylhet, Moulvibazar, Habiganj, and Sunamganj. 

3.  About the Assignment

iDE is looking to hire a professionally skilled event management contractor/firm for providing timely and quality service to successfully plan and organize a hybrid event for the Partnership Launch of iDE’s Uddokta project. A hybrid event is a blend of an in-person event and a webinar.

This assignment will address the institution’s visual communication needs to its stakeholders to ensure proper introduction of the Uddokta project. The service will also include but not be limited to decorating the venue’s provided stage, screen, podium, and providing additional lights, event backdrop, iDE project booths, volunteers and a professional photographer (see section 4). The service also includes the provision and installation of cameras and screens to also simultaneously host the event as a webinar. The event management contractor/firm is expected to have a sense of creative direction both in terms of instructing venue staff and in visual aesthetics.

The ‘event management’ assignment is expected to take place from October 21st in Dhaka - spread over an aggregated period of three weeks (excluding travel time), with one day dedicated to the event itself (10th November 2021). Duration of the event is 4 hours (10:00 PM till 2:00 PM) including event lunch at 1 PM. The time of the service is expected to be from 21 October 2021 to 10 November 2021. First draft of the work plan is to be given on 18 October 2021, and the final cut to be delivered on 20 October 2021 sharply.

4. Major responsibilities of the Contractor/Firm

In consultation with respective unit at iDE, the contractor/firm will be mainly responsible for the following services:

Before the event:

  • Provide deposit to the hotel (this deposit will be returned by hotel after event)
  • Check the event venue and design unique and creative concepts to showcase the Uddokta project and its new partnership to its stakeholders in a modern, professional and impactful manner.
  • Print backdrops, banners, and photos (max. 10) appropriate for the event and four iDE project booths.
  • At least a day before the event, the contractor/firm has to review in detail and confirm the following with iDE:
    • Overall set-up of the event which includes the design of stage, registration booth, sitting arrangement for over 100 people, backdrop, iDE project booths inside the hall etc.
    • AV equipment, camera, and projector etc.

During the event:

  • Audiovisual coordination including projectors, projection screens, webcams, microphones and sound system with the existing system provided by the hotel
  • Arrange a multi-camera setup with a control station to livestream the event/speakers and display visual elements during the event to audiences that are in person and online
  • Adding to existing decorations the hotel provides, decorate the venue with other design props such as lights and plants
  • Directional signage for guests
  • Provision of five volunteers
  • Hire a professional photographer for event photography and for producing high quality photos and 3-minutes video of the event

After the event:

  • Clean up of the venue

5. Major responsibilities of iDE

iDE will provide the contractor/firm with the necessary support to undertake and implement the assignment and execute the objectives of this assignment. Such responsibilities include the following:

  • Provide initial briefing and existing work overview;
  • Provide relevant documents and technical support;
  • Provide technical and design support before the event;
  • Provide basic support during the event;
  • Disburse payment as per the agreed schedule in the contract.

6. Key Deliverables

The following deliverables are expected from the contractor/firm:
  • Work plan/schedule for how event will be organized
  • Printing of Visibility Materials (banners etc.)
    • Six (8) x-banners (2x5ft)
    • One (1) large banner (10x8ft)
    • One (1) stage backdrop
  • Logistics Support:
    • AV Equipment (two LED Projectors with Livestreaming facilities)
    • Projectors and screens (synced with large screen)
    • Webinar Equipment (livestreaming the event to webinar participants, and showing webinar participants to the in-person audience on large screens)
  • Organize Event
    • Decorate the given registration desk, stage and podium
    • Visual graphics/animation/event backdrop
    • Four Project Booths with lighting, setup and decoration
    • A professional photographer and videographer for event photography and videography
    • 100 high-quality photos and 3-minute video
    • Five volunteers on the day of the event

7. Tentative Work Schedule

The event management service contractor/firm is expected to start work on October 21st 2021. This assignment should be completed within three-weeks from the start date, which includes completion of all tasks in the assignment along with the submission of the deliverables as detailed in Section 6. Based on unavoidable circumstances, the period for conducting the assignment might change. The contractor/firm is expected to be able to accommodate these changes without additional cost. A final detailed work schedule will be determined during the kick-off meeting.  

8. Proprietary Rights

Any document, information or data entrusted to or produced by iDE in connection with this assignment shall be strictly confidential and cannot be used by the contract employee for any other purpose without the written consent of iDE. This provision shall remain valid even after the completion of this assignment. iDE-B reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time with the consultation of the contracted individual/firm. iDE will reserve the copyright of all produced materials and should be permitted to use them without a time limit.

9. Deliverables and Schedule of Payment

The financial proposal should include the total cost of event management service including all transportation and printing. Vendors are requested to propose payment modality in their proposal.

Note: Government VAT and tax regulation will be applied, and these costs must be included in the financial proposal.

The following terms and conditions will apply:

  • The payment will be made through account payee cheque/ wire transfer (account name, number, type, bank name, and branch name is required for wire transfer);
  • As per Government of Bangladesh VAT and tax regulation; International contractors/consultants/firms are taxed at 15% VAT (on contract amount) and 20% tax (on contract amount +VAT); National contractors/consultants/firms are taxed at 15% VAT and 10% tax;
  • Government VAT and tax regulation will be applied and iDE Bangladesh will deduct all relevant VAT and Tax at source as per GoB rule;
  • VAT Registration Certificate, TIN and Trade License (if applicable) must be submitted before the agreement is signed;
  • In case of failure to deliver the final product in due time, iDE Bangladesh will deduct .05% of the total agreement amount for each day of delay in submitting the report beyond the closing date of the agreement;
  • The selected contractors/firm will abide by other terms and conditions of iDE Bangladesh.

10. Eligibility Criteria

General experience and expertise required for this assignment are mentioned below:

  • Experience in working with NGOs is preferable.
  • Experience organizing a hybrid event which is a blend of an in-person event and a webinar.
  • Expertise in successfully planning and implementing events at scale while adhering to brand guidelines.
  • Ability to propose creative concepts for the event from the resources provided by iDE.
  • Demonstrated capacity and expertise to execute the activities, including availability of equipment, contacts and experience of undertaking similar assignments.
  • Well-developed design and plan for executing the event. This includes the approach to event management, the timeline from appointment to the event, critical milestones, dependencies, lines of communications etc.
  • Relevant work experience and qualifications of key personnel / senior staff to conduct the proposed project; and the proposed management and team structure.
  • Good command over English.

11. Bid Submission

All proposals should include:

  • Cover letter (maximum one page);
  • Technical Proposal (maximum 3 pages) which should include:
    • Understanding of the assignment and a detailed work-plan
    • Relevant experience of the event management service contractors/consultants/firms
    • Links to samples of previous work in a Google Drive folder
  • Financial Proposal (maximum one page): breakdown of cost estimates. This should include, but not be limited to accommodation and travel costs (from one district to another), food expenses, and other items needed for the consultancy/service.
  • If applicable, please also include:
    • Company profile
    • VAT Registration Certificate
    • TIN Certificate
    • Joint Stock Company Registration Certificate
    • Trade License Certificate


Interested and qualified contractors/firms are asked to submit their Technical and Financial Proposals to bangladesh.procurement@ideglobal.org . Please write “Uddokta Event Management Service” in the subject line. The proposals should be submitted by 11:59 pm BST on 16th October 2021. We are only able to consider electronic submissions. Only shortlisted contractors/firms will be contacted and invited for a technical discussion.

Deadline: 11:59 pm BST on 16th October 2021