Terms of Reference
Retail Activation for Safe water solution


iDE is an international NGO with over 30 years of experience designing and delivering marketbased anti-poverty programs in 11 countries. We are a world leader in making markets work for the poor and the longest established market development specialist NGO in Bangladesh. iDE believes that markets can be a powerful force for improving smallholder prosperity by creating income and livelihood opportunities for poor rural households. iDE Bangladesh currently has eight projects in agricultural markets, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), and access to finance,
focusing on women’s economic empowerment and climate-smart technologies.

Folia Water is a global enterprise that intends to solve the issue of lack of safe drinking water for the working poor and has recently entered the Bangladeshi market. Folia filters are silver nanoparticle infused papers that can remove 99.9999% bacteria, 99.99% protozoa, 99.8% virus, and 99.8% iron from water, generating microbially safe drinking water. Using Folia filters is associated with a long-term per liter cost comparable to that of other water treatment options, but poses a significantly lower financial barrier to adoption, since no initial investment is required1, and since repeated purchase of filter papers is compatible with spending patterns of lower income classes. A single piece of Folia Filter paper costs 20 BDT and can treat 20 L of water, thus catering to the drinking water needs of an average family for approximately 2 days. For more information on the characteristics of the product, see the Folia Water brochure provided as Annex 2. iDE and Folia Water formed a partnership to promote Folia filter paper as a point-of-use water treatment technology within the framework of the Feed the Future Bangladesh Nutrition Activity (BNA).

Program Overview

The Feed the Future Bangladesh Nutrition Activity (BNA) is a five-year USAID-funded project implemented by Abt Associates, iDE, Dhaka Ahsania Mission, Friends in Village Development Bangladesh, and Jagorani Chakra Foundation. BNA’s objective is to improve nutritional outcomes for pregnant and lactating women, children under 5, and adolescents, by increasing consumption of nutritious food, socially and economically empowering women, and increasing the adoption of improved WASH behaviors. To achieve its goals, BNA integrates social and behavior change approaches with market systems development strategies. Within the WASH component, led by iDE, the project seeks to improve access to improved WASH technology and services, including access to affordable and easy-to-use water treatment technology for rural households.

The Project’s main entry points for interventions are rural markets and the approximate 2- kilometer catchment areas surrounding these. BNA works across 54 rural markets in selected upazilas in Khulna, Faridpur, Patuakhali and Cox’ Bazar District. Promotion of Folia filters under the partnership between iDE and Folia Water will be conducted in Khulna District. For an overview of upazilas and rural market entry points constituting BNA’s target area in Khulna District see Annex 1.

Submission of EoI

Interested agencies/firms are requested to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) including the following documents to iDE Bangladesh:

  • Cover letter (maximum one page)
  • Technical Proposal, including sections outlining
    • Understanding of the assignment
    • Proposed activation strategy outlining activities planned for community and retail activation, proposed distribution of activities within phases I and II, and strategy for effective conversion from 1st-time buyers to repeat customers
    • Proposed mechanisms for data collection and reporting
  • Financial Proposal (maximum two pages), providing a breakdown of expected costs for proposed activities, inclusive of VAT and tax
  • Annexes including
    • VAT Registration Certificate, TIN, Trade License and company profile
    • Relevant experience of the agency/firm
    • Profiles/resumes of the personnel who will be involved in the assignment

The EoI should be submitted by 5:00 pm, 22 November 2020, to Procurement and Inventory Management, iDE Bangladesh (bangladesh.procurement@ideglobal.org) with subject “EOI Activation Safe Water Solution”.

Click HERE to download the detailed EOI.