Terms of Reference (ToR) for Story and Photo Documentation


Since the major influx in 2017, WFP’s response has transitioned from immediate life-saving assistance to targeted programmatic interventions to improve resilience in communities. In this regard, disaster risk reduction activities aim to prevent and reduce risks from natural disasters, strengthen resilience and assist with capacity-building for Rohingya refugees.

Access to key roadways and social infrastructure are critical to ensuring the continuation of essential humanitarian operations and communication across the camps. It is especially important to mitigate the harmful effects and prevent further damages from natural disasters such as cyclones and heavy rains. FFA/DRR unit of WFP undertakes disaster risk management activities for critical construction and maintenance of community assets. Through the food assistance for assets programme, refugees engage in DRR works and receive cash assistance in return.

In order to showcase the best assets of the FFA/DRR interventions of WFP in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, pictorial success stories will be developed for a booklet/photobook under this project. Background of FFA/DRR interventions and short feature stories will be showcased in the photobook as well.  


Selected Rohingya camps in Ukhia and Teknaf where WFP FFA/DRR interventions are ongoing. 


To visit and collect stories and photos about the identified assets of cooperating partners/NGOs of WFP DRR project and publish a quality booklet/photobook on the outstanding assets.


Consultant/Firm selected for this assignment will perform the following indicative tasks:

  1. Draft a short write-up on the background of FFA/DRR interventions of WFP in Cox’s Bazar
  2. Collect, write multiple stories around 12 asset-based interventions from the selected sites in the Rohingya Refugee camps. The DRR assets will be selected by WFP.
  3. Visit the Rohingya camps to collect asset success stories along with photo documentation including detailed captions.
  4. Draft the foreword and messages for the different stakeholders including RRRC, CiCs, and WFP


The chosen consultant will liaise with the Communications Team, selected personnel from the project, and Head of HR and Admin throughout the period of the consultancy. The consultant will be required to supply the expected deliverables by the end of the consultancy.


  1. Oversee the overall development of the content and provide feedback on drafts submitted to ICCO/WFP.
  2. The payment will be processed after acceptance of the work by ICCO as well as WFP authority.


This consultancy is expected to be completed within 12 days including weekends starting from 22 September, 2021 (tentative), as per the date of signing of the contract.

  1. 2 days reserved for travelling
  2. 5 days in the field to collect photos and stories
  3. 5 days for the delivery of the photos and stories after the field work


Interested consultant(s)/firms must submit the following documents for appraisal. Proposers who do not submit the below mentioned documents will not be considered for further evaluation. The technical and financial proposition should be mentioned distinguishably.

The proposal should include:

  1. Consultant(s)/firms portfolio including proven track record in human interest story and case story documentation in the development sector. Proven track record of excellent English writing skills and excellent photography skills are required.
  2. Minimum of one supporting annexure on concepts developed by the consultant(s)/firms in the past in the same or relevant thematic areas the project engages in
  3. Introduction letter including a brief overview of the assignment as understood by the bidder
  4. Methodological outline or technical proposal for delivery
  5. Preliminary detailed itemized work plan – including timeframes for submissions of drafts
  6. SMART achievable plan for achieving the outputs, including all required in-person visits in the COVID-19 context.
  7. Financial proposal with detailed itemized budget and price justification
  8. Annexes: Any documents, such as work samples, or other information, which the consultant feels will assist proposal review team in evaluating the proposal

9. Terms & Conditions

  1. The visibility guidelines to be solely decided by ICCO in consultation with WFP whereas the consultant and related allies shall not be able to use any logo or other means of visibility. The name credentials may only be given, following the policy.
  2. Tax and VAT will be deducted from the consultant in the final payment as per government rule.
  3. ICCO reserves the right to cancel the contract at any time if the standard does not meet.
  4. Consultant(s)/firms will supply, at Consultant(s)/firms’s sole expense, all accommodations, food, travels from his/her destination to Cox’s Bazar, all equipment, materials and/or supplies necessary to perform the services.
  5. ICCO will provide local transportation support from Cox’s Bazar to the field locations.
  6. Consultant(s)/firms has sole responsibility to obtain any desired insurance coverage (general liability, medical, travel, life, etc.) for Consultant(s)/firms and Consultant(s)/firm's employees in performing this service. ICCO reserves the right to ask Consultant(s)/firms to provide proof of insurance coverage.
  7. Neither Consultant(s)/firms nor Consultant(s)/firm's employees, workers, or subcontractors shall be deemed employees of ICCO for any purposes, nor shall they be eligible to participate in any ICCO employee benefit or insurance programs.
  8. Consultant(s)/firms agree to not discuss its performance of services with any third party without written consent from ICCO.
  9. Consultant(s)/firms shall not assign its rights or obligations, in whole or in part, nor enter into any subcontract to perform any portion of this service, without the written consent of ICCO.
  10. Consultant(s)/firms warrants that it has full rights to use and to transfer to ICCO any intellectual property utilized in performing this service.
  11. ICCO may terminate this Agreement at any time upon three (3) days written notice should the anticipated funding for this project from its donor(s) be eliminated, or for any other reason.  In the event of such a termination, Consultant(s)/firms will be paid approved fees and expenses for services performed in accordance with this Agreement up to the date of termination.
  12. Consultant(s)/firms will adhere to ICCO’s Supplier Code of Conduct in respect to any interaction while performing the services

Prospective consultants should submit the written proposal and supporting annexures on or before 18 September, 2021 at procurement.bd@icco.nl

For any queries please email at rym@cordaid.org  or call at 01921997003 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

** ICCO Cooperation holds the authority to cancel the order without any compensation if the deliverables do not match the promised quality and/ or sample provided by the vendor.