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Baseline Study Saline Agriculture Project in Teknaf, Cox's Bazar Funded by WFP



ICCO Cooperation, an international development organization, with its roots in the Netherlands, leads development efforts across 36 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Throughout our 52 years of history, ICCO has had remarkable experiences in working together with local partners for community welfare and development. Our solutions center around our twin core principle of sustainable livelihoods and dignity and justice. Our programs aim to eradicate extreme poverty from the remote grassroots through 4 themes; economic empowerment, food security and sustainable consumption, responsible business and humanitarian aid. Climate mitigation, gender, and the rights of marginalized groups are cross cutting issues. We collaborate with multiple stakeholders, including the private sector, government, partner organizations, knowledge institutes and community-based organizations. Through this approach we aim to bring lasting positive changes in the lives of the communities we work with.

Context of the study

In 2019, ICCO Cooperation, with the technical support from Seawater Solutions Ltd., piloted the cultivation of salt tolerant crops and halophytes in the Southern coastal district of Bagerhat. The objectives of the pilot were to explore the growth potentials of salt tolerant crops and halophytes in coastal/ tidal saline fallow lands in Bangladesh and to explore new markets where to sell them at national/ international levels engaging the private business sector. In regards of helophytes, the study findings showed that the cultivation ofhalophytes can bring in long term profitability for the farmers as it is environment friendly, has high international demand for its nutritional and medicinal properties and can be cultivated in fallow saline prone lands with minimum management and investment.

Considering Cox’s Bazar weather forecast and soil composition are similar to the South Western coastal belt areas with a high salt level in it, ICCO would like to combine its previous experience with salty water-resistant crops from other Districts into Cox’s Bazar, to extend the positive results obtained to a larger number of farmers as well as hatcheries (using both wastewater and feeding shrimps with the crops). In the proposed project, ICCO will work with an internationally renowned saline agriculture company which will support the introduction of innovative technology and halophytes seeds to involve and mobilize small holder farmers’, create linkage with Government departments and markets.

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