Terms of Reference (ToR) for “Re-imagining Post Pandemic Enterprise Promotion with the Host Community through Socio-Economic Integration of the Returnee Migrants in Coxś Bazar”

Project: Livelihood and Enterprise Promotion for the Host Community Households in Teknaf Sub-District Project, Cox’s Bazar.

ABOUT ICCO COOPERATION: ICCO Cooperation is an international organization, whose mission is to end poverty and injustice in the global south, in partnership with enterprising people. Our headquarters is based in the Netherlands with 5 regional and multiple country offices in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Also, we have an office in the USA. ICCO has a track record of more than 50 years. We focus on 4 programmatic areas: economic empowerment, food security and sustainable consumption, responsible business and emergency aid. We believe that long-term success can be achieved through programs and investments carried out by enterprising people and organizations. We have put our non-profit and commercial entities under one umbrella to bring stakeholders together, benefiting from the particular strengths of each. In public-private partnerships, ICCO can take up the role of co-financer, co-entrepreneur, co-implementer and lobbyists.

PROJECT BACKGROUND: ICCO Cooperation has been implementing a livelihood and social cohesion strengthening project for the host communities of Teknaf Upazila with the financial support of GIZ from December 2019. The objective of this project is to assist the female headed vulnerable households to strengthen their livelihood through training, enterprise development and input support. All these households, in fact, have seen their income and economic opportunities reducing due to the influx of almost 700,000 Rohingya refugees in 2017. The major activities of the project are

  • Provide support on enhance business skill, knowledge, inputs and improve market linkage
  • Youth led micro enterprise promotion in host community
  • Raising awareness and practices of the host community on hygiene and social distancing principles


ICCO Cooperation Bangladesh is working with the host community in enhancing their well being through livelihoods and enterprise promotion support. The intervention includes identification of the most vulnerable and marginalized beneficiaries, assessing their livelihoods and enterprise promotion needs, provision of business support including financing. ICCO Cooperation mostly works with the women both in Teknaf and Ukhiya to ensure that the community has the right support leading to sustainable income generations. Most of the communities ICCO works with have been impacted by the influx of refugees which has put additional pressure on the ecosystem.

The sudden onset of the pandemic has disrupted income generation opportunities of the community to a large extent. The New Normal has had a profound impact on the input as well as the output market. Due to the lockdown, movement restriction and closure of shops, strategies adopted by the country have significantly affected agricultural production, food supply, demand and other allied activities. The micro and small enterprises supporting agriculture and food systems have also been severely affected. With over 88% of the workforce outside agriculture in the micro and small enterprises, this is expected to further deteriorate as the lockdown and other restrictive measures continue

The unfolding economic crisis in the country is further exacerbated by the migrant returnees from abroad and reverse migration of the people from the urban to rural areas. Many could not continue their own business, had to change their business and have become unemployed as well as lost their business capital. In the other case the people who were in Bangladesh before the beginning of the COVID – 19 could not go anymore. Some people came to the country voluntarily after the start of COVID – 19 and many have been forcibly repatriated and none of them can go back abroad. That is why all those families who were dependent on the income of foreign workers also fell into inhuman condition.

Scope of work:

  • To assess the impact of COVID pandemic on various enterprises with the host community in Coxś, especially Teknaf and Ukhiya
  • To understand the extent and nature of impact on various types of enterprises
  • To assess the number, the skills and the expertise of the returnee migrants (both urban and rural and from abroad), if possible a rough estimate of the disaggregated data on the number, sex, their profession before returning, their skills and expertise

Come out with a framework for re-imagining the enterprise exploring the scope for involving the returnee migrants

  • Detail study plan with time frame
  • Detail data collection tools (KII, FGD,IDI)
  • Data analysis and report preparation
  • Share the draft report with ICCO and receiving feedback
  • Submit the final report both in word and PDF file (soft and print copy).
  • Submit a report in power point presentation format


This consultancy is expected to be completed within 21 days including weekend after issuing the work order. It is expected the work will start by the first week of November, 2020


  • Master’s in business administration, Social Sciences, Agricultural Studies, Development Studies, Economics or a related relevant field.
  • Applicant(s) must have a solid and proven track record on research/ study of development activities at rural and urban areas as well as enterprise promotion
  • Experience in study or research at Cox’s bazar region will be given preference


Interested consultant(s)/consulting firms must submit the technical and financial proposals.

The proposal should include:

Technical Proposal:

  • Team composition for this assignment
  • Introduction letter including a brief overview of the assignment as understood by the bidder
  • Methodological outline or technical proposal for delivery in detail
  • Preliminary detailed itemized work plan – including timeframes for submissions of all deliverables. A smart work plan for possible work that can be performed in the current COVID-19 pandemic environment is also desirable as contingency.

Financial proposal

  • Detailed itemized budget and price justification including VAT/TAX calculation 
  • Annexes: if Any documents, such as work samples, or other information, which the consultant feels will assist proposal review team in evaluating the proposal 
  • Formal evidence or proof of registered status of consultancy firm, TIN certificate and else

Prospective consultants should submit a written proposal (Technical and Financial) through email to Martin Mondol, Head of HR & Admin, ICCO Cooperation, Bangladesh Country Office, House 14, Road 32, Gulshan-1 Dhaka, with duly signed by the authority to: procurement.bd@icco.nl

Any queries about the consultancy should be addressed to Silvia Rovelli at S.Rovelli@icco-cooperation.org

Deadline: 25th October, 2020