Internal Job Title: Regional Manager – Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Systems (MELS)
Position Number:  
Salary Grade: 10
EEO Category: 1.2 (First/Mid-Level Officials and Managers)
Division/Dept.: Mission Effectiveness
Reports to: Director –
Supervision: Employees X Yes   No |  Volunteers  X Yes   No
Location: Field-based (TBD with area teams)
Job Level: Director – Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Systems (MELS)
FLSA Status: Exempt
Relocation Funds: Eligible
Travel Required: 40%


Responsible for maintaining living income benchmarks current for all countries, reviewing progress towards living income on a regular basis as well as data that corresponds to Heifer’s Accelerate focus areas including demand-driven market development, entrepreneurship, access to capital and technology, and strategic private sector partnerships that build on Heifer’s foundation of social capital and will ultimately reach the living income benchmarks as set by the organization.  Responsible for working in collaboration with programs and field teams to identify intervention course corrections when necessary.  Accountable for collaborating in the design, implementation and maintenance of Heifer’s program management system and building program teams’ capacities to implement and manage M&E business functions across entire project portfolios.  Building on current internal best practices as well as industry standards, integrate learning for field teams in both business practices and systems across departments and functions; specializing in monitoring and evaluation and living income benchmarking, but working collaboratively with other departments to back stop and support all program management functions.  Customize systems within countries to fit needs within Heifer’s Accelerate framework; training staff to manage the systems and understand living income guidelines.  Troubleshoot all systems issues, and M&E business processes for field teams.  Responsible for rolling out new initiatives and providing effective training and support for adequate adoption of standard practices.  Conducting and supporting evaluations and research where necessary for organization-wide initiatives when appropriate including those that lend to social capital achievements, market development, systems approaches, entrepreneurship strengthening, and living income standards. 

Detail-oriented, patient, good communicator, team player, enjoy teaching others, and energetic, and curious.

(including approximate percentage effort)


1.  Ensure field offices have clearly defined monitoring and evaluation business processes and completed performance management plans including living income benchmarks and templates/tools to guide the monitoring functions for Accelerate activities to ensure timely data collection and analysis is completed. (30%)

  1. Completed Living income benchmarks for assigned countries in collaboration with field teams. 
  2. Implemented monitoring systems in each assigned country for living income and accelerate activities progress reporting.
  3. Implemented standard business practices with field teams through mentorship and coaching interactions.
  4. Completed work plans, monitoring plans, and course corrections based on indicators performance, baselines, and evaluations to ensure the field team continues to deliver high quality and clean output and impact indicators that contribute to Heifer’s Accelerate goals.
  5. Completed timely and accurate data reporting and analysis as set out in agreed to business procedures including living income standards and implementation guidelines as set by Heifer.
  6. Documented indicator projections for future funding opportunities. 

2. Lead efforts to customize, implement, and troubleshoot systems for each assigned field office to ensure that the system is meeting the needs of the country team as well as field teams are fully utilizing systems available to them.  (20%)

  1. Customized program management system for field teams/country offices when new projects are launched.
  2. Cleaned and verifiable data is entered into the system on a consistent basis. 
  3. Developed proper tools and templates to ensure that the data can be collected and consolidated in an appropriate time frame with integrity as dictated by heifer standard business procedures. 
  4. Implemented solutions to system ineffectiveness or malfunction in a timely manner and consistently.
  5. Documented use by field teams of Heifer  systems  they have access to for knowledge management, donor relationship management as well as project managment and personal growth and development.

3. Lead capacity building efforts in assigned field offices to ensure a high level of professionalism in program monitoring, evaluation and learning standards including Heifer’s living income benchmark standards.  (20%)

  1. Documented evidence that field staff are using proper collection and formulas for living income progress reporting to be reviewed no less than bi-annually . 
  2. Developed tools and templates as well as data collection techniques and trained staff on the use of such to foster effective reporting of impacts in a timely manner.
  3. Introduced new concepts and approaches to field offices to review how they may be able to adapt such practices to their daily work.

4. Lead organization-wide research and evaluation initiatives across regions and teams. (20%)

  1. Designed and implemented research and evaluation initiatives at a minimum of twice annually.
  2. Conducted research and/or evaluation studies that are in line with industry standards and would position the organization for future funding opportunities or thought leadership leverage.

5. Represent Heifer at regional forums and meetings to present our models and impacts to date to donors and other relevant stakeholders. (10%)

  1. Presented Heifer models and impacts at forums world-wide including living income benchmarks and impacts in Accelerate initiatives. 
  2. Designed presentations with field teams and presented or co-presented when appropriate to raise Heifer’s profile in thought leadership and impacts. 

Minimum Requirements:
Master’s Degree in Social Science, Statistics, Computer Science or a related filed.
4-6 years’ job-related experience with 2-4 years in management roles.

Preferred Requirements:

Most Critical Proficiencies:

  1. Well-grounded in the discipline of project monitoring and evaluation, quantitative and qualitative data capture and representation methodologies.
  2. Experience as a Monitoring and Evaluation Manager at some level within a large donor-funded project managing both output and impact indicators.
  3. Proven ability to build capacity in junior staff levels in monitoring and evaluation business standards.
  4. Proven ability to work collaboratively in remote locations with staff who are based in other countries.
  5. Evidence of strong leadership skills and proven collaborative skills in project management, monitoring and evaluation.
  6. Confident in and experience with the use of technology in development.
  7. Knowledgeable of current and emerging ideas, research and developments in the field of international development and a commitment to continuous learning and development.
  8. Fluency in English required and ability to travel to field sites. 

Essential Job Functions and Physical Demands:

  1. Constant face-to-face, telephone and electronic communication with colleagues and the general public.
  2. May require constant sitting and moving; working at a computer for extended periods of time.
  3. Ability to assign and review the work of direct reports, as well as motivate and engage team members.
  4. Willingness and ability to work outside of normal business hours.
  5. Willingness and ability to travel domestically and internationally as needed.
  6. Ability to work with sensitive information and to maintain confidentiality.
  7. Ability to work in a culturally diverse and global setting

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