Good practice collection on disability inclusive child protection interventions

Introduction about Handicap International – Bangladesh

Handicap International- Humanity & Inclusion is an independent and impartial international aid and development organisation working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. Working alongside people with disabilities and vulnerable groups, it takes action and provides testimony in order to meet their basic needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and their fundamental rights. Handicap International is a non- profit organisation with no religious or political affiliation. It operates as a federation made up of a network of associations which provide human and financial resources, manage projects and implement its actions and campaigns. Handicap International is present in Bangladesh since 1997.

Introduction of assignment:

HI is the founding member of ADWG (Age & Disability Working Group) and supporting ADWG in its mission to improve inclusivity in joint response plan. ADWG is supporting CPSS (Child Protection Sub sector) since late 2020 to improve its plans, strategy and assessments to be disability inclusive. CPSS has formed a steering group on disability inclusion since 2020 and considers disability inclusion as standing agenda in its monthly meetings. HI is representing ADWG in steering group on disability inclusion of CPSS. CPSS has conducted a survey in late 2020 and in Aug, 2021 to understand the needs among partners on disability inclusion and some of the good practices of partners.

Hence, HI/ADWG & CPSS agreed to hire a consultant to document these good practices so that this can become visible at sector level. The objective of this proposed assignment is:

  • To collect and document the good practices on disability inclusive CP interventions from the CPSS partners
  • To present the selected good practices in sub sector meeting to aware partners on disability inclusive interventions in the current response

Expected Outputs:

The consultant is expected to deliver the following outputs at the end of the assignment:

  • Agreed template of good practice
  • 10 good practices documented
  • Presentation of selected good practices
  • A set of recommendations based on good practices

November-December, 2021 (15 working days)

Consultant can conduct preliminary interviews with key focal persons in virtual mode however, after shortlisting the good practices, few of the good practices can be documented by observation (3 days visit in camps/site offices may be needed). 

Responsibility of consultant:

  • Secondary review (all surveys, ToR of CPSS steering group, action plan etc)
  • Interviews with focal persons of the organisations who reported some level of disability inclusive interventions
  • Collect relevant details from the focal persons
  • Field observation as agreed
  • Documentation and sharing the draft to HI inclusion technical specialist/ADWG and CPSS steering group.
  • Presentation at CPSS & ADWG meetings

Responsibility of HI:

  • To coordinate with CPSS/Steering group as needed
  • To provide relevant materials, contact details
  • To help in camp access if needed.
  • To provide local transport at Cox

Required Qualification

The consultant should have:

  • Extensive experience in documenting case studies, good practices  
  • In depth understanding of disability inclusion
  • Should have min 5 years’ experience in development with at least 2 years’ experience in Rohingya response.
    Should able to present sample of relevant work at least with 3 NGO
  • Excellent proficiency in English & Bengali; oral and written;

Submission Method:

  1. A detailed technical proposal and a budget cost with adequate breakdown & terms
  2. Samples relevant to this assignment
  3. Statement that Consultant will adhere to HI’s terms and conditions
  4. Trade License (in case of company)
  5. VAT Certificate (in case of company)
  6. E-TIN Certificate (for both, either company or individual)
  7. Bank Solvency Certificate (for both, either company or individual) – Optional
  8. Insurance Certificate (for both, either company or individual) – Optional
  9. Bank details: name of the account, Bank name, branch, swift code etc.
  10. Proposal must be submitted in BDT.
  11. Proposal should be consisted of suitability for this assignment, your CV

Interested and suitably qualified individual trainer or firm can submit your Proposal/Quotation by e-mail to: logistics@bangladesh.hi.org; on or before 27th November, 2021 (11:59 AM) with Ref: PSR BGD-2021-TEKN-210.

Your email must not exceed 10MB

Selection Criteria:

Purchase committee of Handicap International will select most favourable consultant considering the price, work experience and quality of work, Delivery time, Payment terms and modalities etc.

  • Based on experience (10%)
  • Have experience to develop the good practice (10%)
  • Client List - will add extra values if consultant have experience to work with I/NGOs particularly in humanitarian context to develop good practice (20%)
  • Financial Proposal (Price) (40%)
  • Shortest Delivery Time (20%)

HI might take interview of suppliers before sending processing work order.