Title of the consultancy work: Video Documentary of ‘Taking Successful Innovation to Scale-Pathways for Disability-Inclusive Graduation out of Poverty Project’

Name of the contracting programme or service: Md. Mazedul Haque, Operational Coordinator


Handicap International (HI) has been working in Bangladesh since 1997, with a focus on creating sustainable changes in terms of ensuring rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities in society. HI promotes an inclusive approach by focusing on access to services for all whenever possible rather than only developing specific actions for persons with disabilities. HI works not only with persons with disabilities but also with their families, their communities and the society.

At present HI is implementing the project Taking Successful Innovation to Scale - Pathways for Disability-Inclusive Graduation out of Poverty in Bangladeshfunded by DFID for a 48-month period from 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2022. This project replicates and scales up the previous “Disability Inclusive poverty graduation of extreme poor and poor household in Bangladesh’’ funded by DFID from 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2018. The main outcome of the project is ‘Households including persons with disabilities in Kurigram and Chittagong districts graduate out of extreme poverty and out of poverty, have better access to services, and are less vulnerable to shocks and natural disasters’ and the outputs are (1) Persons with disabilities have gained functional autonomy and increased their social inclusion; (2) Persons with disabilities and their households are engaged in resilient economic activities leading to an increase in assets and income; (3) Helvetas, Islamic Relief and YPSA have enhanced capacities to offer disability-inclusive poverty reduction initiatives; (4) Production of the first robust evidence on the effectiveness of using a disability inclusive poverty-alleviation graduation model. The graduation model is:

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