Video Drama - Inclusion and disability rights  
Cox’s Bazar, 1 September 2019

  • Project Information

Project Title

Inclusive Emergency Assistance to crisis affected populations in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Type of support

Video drama based on HI Sketches on Inclusion and disability rights (Protection messages) - recording and production.

Focal person at the field:

Tatiana Giraldo
Mobile Unite Project Manager

Other referents

Muhidin Adan Abdulla
Technical Unit Coordinator 

Protection Technical Advisor

Date and duration

 Two weeks– TBC

Mission location

Ukhyia- Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh 

  • Purpose of document

This document aims to serve as a Terms of Reference (ToR) for the design, recording and production of:

  • 3 video drama on Inclusion and disability rights: The videos will be recorded in Rohingya language in Camps 5 and 6 and will be played by HI Community Outreach Volunteers as well as HI’s beneficiaries.  The dialogues used will be based on a script provided by HI Technical Unit and used by HI’s Community Outreach Volunteers through daily awareness activities. The video of each sketch will include 1 minute of some participant’s interpretations, motivated by the sketch, and their understanding of “Inclusion and Disability” challenges and solutions.
  • Video on Artistic activities and Community’s perceptions:  recreational activities will be filmed for the 4th video, that should document group discussions on the community’s perception of Disability and Inclusion, guided by HI staff. HI facilitators will lead the conversation and encourage participants to express their perceptions in creative and friendly methods, including through artistic mediums, such as drawing, painting, and other crafts with resources to be made available in HI static points. Group discussions and artistic activities will be recorded and the selection of the relevant messages for editing and production process should be define by the HI TU with the supplier. The final product will show key messages on inclusion, participant’s perceptions on disability and inclusion and their work channeling this intakes through the artistic activities.
  • For all the products is expected to have all dialogs translated from Rohinga To English and transcript in English subtitles within the video.
  • For all the products is expected to have UNHCR and HI logos (prior authorization of the Donor) included in the video.

All the videography must comply with HI’s Child Safeguarding and Beneficiary Engagement policies and standard operating procedures (SoPs).

These videos will be used to raise awareness on Inclusion and Protection among the Rohingya communities in camps 5, 6 and 21 and as advocacy tool towards the promotion and respect for Inclusion and disability rights. The videos will cover the following topics: the protection risks faced by persons with disability, violence against persons with disabilities, as well as the rights of persons with disabilities.

  • Strategy and context of intervention

HI has operated in Bangladesh since 1997, implementing programs aimed at improving access to services for people with disabilities and other women, men, boys, and girls that are discriminated against. By working with local partners and through direct implementation both in host communities and in camps, HI’s programs include the provision of health and rehabilitation services, inclusive education and livelihoods, promoting the rights of people with disabilities by strengthening protective mechanisms, and inclusion mainstreaming.  

In Cox’s Bazaar, HI has been working in registered camps and host communities since 2007 and has scaled up its interventions in response to the influx of Rohingya refugees in August 2017. HI currently operates eleven mobile units that provide rehabilitation, MHPSS, nursing care and Protection support in eleven camps in Ukhiya and Teknaf, manages a logistics platform that provides storage and transport support to various humanitarian partners, as well as reaches the most vulnerable families with complementary food, NFI, and shelter kit distribution.

The project relies on multi-sectoral mobile teams to provide specific support, including rehabilitation, inclusive sports assistance, psychosocial support, and protection services. Through this holistic approach, HI responds to the needs of persons of concern and reinforce their access to services, while facilitating their integration within the community. To complement this intervention, HI aims to strengthen the protection environment for persons with disabilities by empowering communities, and enhancing the capacities of community protection structures, namely, community outreach volunteers, to safely identify and refer people with disabilities in the community as well as provide basic psychosocial support. Community outreach volunteers also disseminate key messages regarding disability rights and inclusion at community level. 

  • Specific objective of the product

The videos of the drama plays and community’s perception of Disability and Inclusion will be used as/ to:

  • An awareness-raising and communication tool about Inclusion and disability rights adapted to the needs assessed by HI among the Rohingya-in camp- populations. Such tool will be presented to community members, key community informants and humanitarian partners through the implementation of awareness sessions.
  • Encourage local discussions and initiatives to ensure the Inclusion persons with disabilities within their communities.

Develop social media material to target national and international audiences, including the general public and key decision-makers.

  • Deliverables

The supplier will ensure the recording and production of quality product in Rohingya language through the record of 3 videos of aprox 5 minutes video sketches played by Rohingya volunteers. And 1 video of recreational activities implemented with HI’s beneficiaries aprox 4 minutes video Both products with translation subtitles in English, to the aforementioned activities outlined within this ToR, within specified deadlines.
The Supplier will deliver the 4 videos on a quality hard disc for both the activities, at its own cost to HI.

  • Timeline





Following months

















Sketches and activities record and production
Deliver of the final product/ 12 USBs

















Financial Proposal:

This should include: all-inclusive daily consultancy fees including local transport, accommodation, VAT-Tax.

Others Requirements of Business documents (copy):

  • Trade License  (in case of company)
  • VAT Certificate (in case of company
  • E-TIN Certificate (for both, either company or individual)
  • Bank Solvency  Certificate (for both, either company or individual)
  • Insurance Certificate (for both, either company or individual)
  • Bank details : name of the account, Bank name, branch, swift code

Interested and qualified consultants should submit their proposals to Handicap International – Humanity & Inclusion, Bangladesh through email to  within 23th September, 2019.  Please indicate Video drama based on HI Sketches on Inclusion and disability rights recording and production. ” in the subject line of the email.