Consultancy (Short Term Assignment)
Terms of Reference

Organization Handicap International – Humanity & Inclusion (HI) Bangladesh Programme
Position Title Consultant for conducting Inclusive Livelihood Assessment  in Cox’s Bazar district
Project Locations Bangladesh: Nayapara and Kutupalong Registered Camps, makeshift camps and host communities in Cox’s Bazar
Duration 30 days, including the travel
Start Date 1 July 2019
Application deadline 18 June 2019
Consultant Base Cox’s bazar
HI Background Handicap International- Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is an independent and impartial international aid organization working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. Working alongside persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, our action and testimony are focused on responding to their essential needs, improving their living conditions and promoting respect for their dignity and their fundamental rights.
Project Description Grant’s Name : To Increase Meaningful and Safe Access to Essential Services for Rohingya Crisis Affected Refugee and Host CommunitiesHI first conducted an assessment in 2018 to identify the target areas and planned some Kitchen Garden activities and launched approval processes with the different government bodies in December 2018. However, it faced some delays in obtaining these approvals from the government authorities at district, sub-district and camp levels because of long administrative processes and because of the election period which interrupted the process from mid-December to early January.  From HI’s internal review following the technical specialist’s visit, it was decided that such activities requires teams to have proper time in order to follow several steps and thus ensure a long term approach to livelihoods. HI had also planned to provide the Fresh Food Voucher activities which took longer to be approved at various levels. The limitations of the food markets availability inside the camps required not only HI to obtain the authorization of the CIC in the camps targeted by the project, but also from the camp in which the market is situated – which was already served by other partners. Unfortunately, in some cases the access was not granted to carry out such activities. HI also faced some internal challenges in the project management and implementation of these components owning to the lack of expertise and prior experience implementing these activities in Cox’s bazar. HI therefore intends to carry out an assessment on Inclusive livelihood. The assessment by an external consultant is aiming to identify an overview of the barriers people with disabilities face in securing access to livelihood opportunities both in the camps and in the host community setting. The objective of this assessment is to produce clear recommendations on how to increase involvement of people with disabilities in livelihood activities so that they are able to contribute to the economic wellbeing of their families and communities. The assessment will take into account HI’s strong ties with the community, its experience in community mobilization and training of community focal points. It will also complement HI’s existing network of services for persons with specific needs and other at risk individuals. This assessment will strongly support designing the best strategy to do so and will provide recommendations on the implementation of an integrated approach that will foster livelihood and also promote links with HI’s existing sectors of intervention, such as protection, inclusion, rehabilitation or Pyscho-social support. The assessment will also put an emphasis on the context and its challenges for supporting suitable livelihood support to the beneficiaries, in regard to social cohesion and tensions between communities but also in regard to the governmental system and political context.
Assignment Summary HI is seeking a qualified and professional consultant in conducting Inclusive Livelihood Assessment in the project locations- Nayapara and Kutupalong Registered Camps, makeshift camps and host communities in Cox’s BazarThe short-term consultancy is for a period of 30 days from (1 July – 30 July 2019) and will include desk review, preparation of tools, methodologies and process of the assessment, training to field staff, data collection, data analysis and compilation of assessment reports from project officers, and final report writing with the support of HI Bangladesh’s Technical Team. HI encourages consultancy firms, groups or individual that can assign one consultant specialized in inclusive livelihood focused on disability, vulnerable groups, minority, elders, children etc.
Project Objectives General Objective: To increase meaningful and safe access to essential services for Rohingya crisis affected refugee and host communities
Result 1: Access to quality physical and functional rehabilitation is improved in 3 hospitals & 2 clinics in Cox bazar District Result 2: Vulnerable persons affected by the crisis are better equipped to cope with the situation, through direct response to their specific needs.Result 3: People affected by the crisis are better equipped to cope with the situation, through direct inclusive response to their essential needs.
Objective of the assignment The Inclusive Livelihood Assessment will be based on following main components;
  1. Global overview for essential needs assessment through inclusive approach on vulnerabilities and target BNF
  2. Beneficiary Analysis (barriers and vulnerabilities of individuals accessing livelihood activities)
  3. Livelihood activity in different community context (host, camps) to facilitate access to specific services
  4. Market Analysis
  5. Stakeholder Analysis
  6. Recommendations to HI for engagement with different stakeholders considering social cohesion and community participation aspects
  7. A Final report by end of July 2019
  8. Strategic guidance for future inclusive basic needs and livelihood programming
  1. Desk research: Information will be collected on the existing situation in terms of potential opportunities, vulnerabilities and capacity of people with disabilities to pursue their preferred means of livelihood.
  2. Participatory, consultative community meetings and mapping (semi structured focus group discussions, Transect walk and seasonal calendar etc) with all stakeholders (communities, camp committees, CBOs, department of agriculture extension, department of livestock services, social welfare, national and international NGOs that are working on livelihoods)
  3. Risk analysis for different livelihood options in view of natural hazards, vulnerability and capacity assessment  in project locations
  4. Stakeholder Analysis
  5. Validation Workshop to present the draft report to stakeholders
Main Tasks for the consultant
  1. The consultant will work in collaboration with the project team and Technical Unit Coordinator of HI Bangladesh, Emergency Livelihood Advisor HI HQ to finalize the design and inception report
  2. Share the Inception report within the period of one week after signing the MoU/Contract
  3. The consultant will prepare the tools for the study
  4. The consultant will conduct orientation with field and data collection team (ex: HI staff, partners, others as necessary)
  5. The consultant will monitor the process of data collection, data processing, analyzing, reporting, technical briefing and present to relevant stakeholders
  6. The consultant will share the first draft of the final assessment report
  7. The consultant will share the final report including recommendations and suggestions for the emergency livelihood programming at Cox’s Bazar
Skill and Qualification
  1. Master graduate degree in development studies, social studies or related fields, preferably including gender and disability
  2. Five years of hands on experience in conducting livelihood assessments
  3. Strong knowledge of emergency  livelihoods with strong focus on inclusion
  4. Must be experienced in developing and implementing gender and disability sensitive research methodologies
  5. Good knowledge and experience in survey design, implementation of surveys and statistical data analysis is required
  6. Experience in the use of participatory appraisal techniques in data collection
  7. Previous work experience in displacement settings is an asset
  8. Excellent analytical, research, writing and communication skills
  9. Proven track-record working with relevant government departments and NGOs working in the livelihood sector, market development
  10. Strong capacity and vulnerable assessment analysis skills particularly in view of  disabled and most vulnerable groups
  11. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate and work well with diverse people
Offer Expected
  1. CV including two references
  2. Cover Letter (mentioned the previous assignment)
  3. Brief outline proposed process, methodology and timelines
  4. Technical offer and Financial Offer
  1. Inception Report and workplan within one week after signing the contract
  2. Draft inclusive livelihood assessment report sharing with HI Management
  3. Incorporate feedbacks of HI Management including Technical Team
  4. Final Report
  5. Presentation material
  6. Action plan for the programme
  7. Data collected in hard and soft copies
  8. Photographs, primary notes, etc.
Delivery Address Cox’s Bazar District, Bangladesh

Individual consultants with relevant skills and experience required for the assignment are requested to send their application to  latest by 18 June 2019.