Tender Notice

Please be informed that German Red Cross (GRC) Bangladesh is planning to distribute Transitional Shelter Assistance materials to 800 beneficiaries/households in parts of Camp 11 of the Mega Camp in Ukhia in order to support the BDRCS Population Movement Operation in Cox’s Bazar. In this regard, interested vendors are requested to submit their quotation according the following terms:

Name of the project: Transitional Shelter Assistance (TSA), GRC

Ref.: CXB-20190516-01 RFQ

Download from download section:

Submission Procedure:

The Interested vendors have to submit their quotation in a sealed envelope to the “German Red Cross Cox’s Bazar, Field Office, Logistics Department, Crescent Bay Resort, Plot # 44, Block # A, Light House Road, Kolatoli R/A, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh” until 30.05.2019, 05:00 PM.

In the quotation also include:

1. Quoted price should be exclusive of VAT which IFRC/GRC is exempted to pay.
2. The validity of the bid must be minimum 90 calendar days.
3. The supply works are to be calculated including all deliveries, loading and unloading.
4. GRC will deduct TDS (Tax Deduction on Source) as per governmental rule (if applicable).
5. Payment after complexion of supply works by AC payee cheque in favour of your company.
6. The supplier agrees on partial order (reduced or increased quantity) as per unit price of the quotation.
7. Delivery will be done directly to a distribution site of the Mega Camp (Camp - 11). Expected delivery schedule will be shared in time (daily delivery, for the duration of 1 week). Several
trips are to be expected and transportation should be including with your price offer.
8. A tenderers self-declaration (Annex: “Declaration of Conformity”) has to be stamped & signed.
9. With submission of your quotation you confirm above mentioned conditions.

Evaluation & Award of Contract

The decision for the award of contract will be determined via standard value method (Credit points divided by total price; ratio 50/50%).

Credit points will be added up through the following criteria:

  • Cost,
  • Quality of goods (product samples),
  • Proof of treatment of bamboo (method & source),
  • Proof of experience/credentials for equivalent services,
  • Time of delivery,
  • Payment terms.

Score for each criterion is either 0 (inadmissible), 1 (bad), 2 (satisfactory), 3 (good), 4 (very good), 5 (excellent). In case of equal results the offer with the higher credit point score will be awarded.

In case of competitive procedure GRC reserves the right to award a contract based on the first nonnegotiated offer.

Furthermore IFRC/GRC reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders or split and reduce the order and the scope of work without assigning any reason whatsoever and bound to accept the lowest bid.