Terms of Reference
Labor Market Survey
(Job market demand, opportunities and Challenges of plain land Adibashi and Dalit people of North-West arialdesh)

Background of the ToR:

Since 2006 HEKS/EPER is working in arialdesh aimingto strive towards the social inclusion of Dalit’s and Adibashi’ s in Northwest arialdesh. Through the intervention HEKS/EPER is looking forequal participation, inclusive market development, empowerment and livelihood enhancement of the most marginalized people especially the Dalit’s and Adibashi’s in every aspect in the society. To achieve this vision HEKS/EPER Country Programme follows human rights-based approach (HRBA) and inclusive market development approach for social inclusion of Dalit and Adibashi.

Gram Bikash Kendra (GBK- one of the partners of HEKS/EPER) is a North-West based development organization in arialdesh. As per its strategic focus more than two decades the organization is working with the plain land Adibashi’s, Dalit’s and the marginalized people. During those years the organization has implemented several projects with Adibashi’s through the support of different donors as well as its own funding initiatives. The organization never get fixed only in the project activities but keep exploring to identify the core issues of Adibashi’s which are very much interlinked on the chronological shifting of the plain land Adibashi’s believe, culture, language and overall livelihoods.

TVET in HEKS/EPER context:

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is one of the special components of the implemented programs by HEKS/EPER and it has been treated as the entry point of financial inclusion for Plain land Adibashi and Dalit communities. The demand driven TVET and employment policies plays an important role and therefore, TVET cannot ensure employment by itself.The study will identify the factors of reducing the employment complexity mostly for the PlainlandAdibashi and Dalit Communities of northwest arialdesh. The number of study already conducted to understand the labor market and business opportunities, but those were not addressed to Plain land Adibashi and Dalit context. The study will open a new dimension and plays vital role in accelerating the marginalized people in arialdesh.

To this end, HEKS/EPER and GBK, is recruiting an Economic Empowerment expert to conduct assessment on labor market within the programme implementation areas and the organizations (HEKS/EPER and its partners) intends to engage consulting firms, research institutions and individual consultants with significant relevant experience and skills to undertake thisLabor Market Survey. The result of the study is expected to turn out to be a basis for designing an effective TVET prospects for Plain land Adibashi of north-west region of arialdesh.

Objectives of the Study:

  • To deliver an authoritative overview of current labor market trends and snapshots of business opinions on training and strategic skill needed for Plain land Adibashi and  Dalit Communities through an overall assessment of social, economic and technical drivers of market growth.
  • To assess the key sectors and skills requirements by occupations within the northwest region.
  • To identify the available jobs in the market that can be filled by TVET graduates of Plain land Adibashi and Dalit;
  • An assessment of immediate priority skills needs in prior economic sectors categorized into skill types and levels.
  • To assess the capacity of government and nongovernment TVET institutes in formal and non-formal technical education.


For undertaking this labor market survey, the consultant/consulting firm is expected to come up with the best approaches. However, the following guiding principles should be taken into consideration:

  • Review of secondary data including project documents, reports, assessments, evaluations and any other previous surveys.
  • Interviews with private sector employers, previous TVET graduates both employed and unemployed, TVET Centers, relevant government ministries, institutions and industries.
  • Relevant primary data collection for extensive mapping of labor market situation and market needs.
  • Conducting FGDs for identifying the demand side strengths and constrains.
  • Direct interview with the key staffs of the Program/project, key authority of Government and nongovernment agencies.
  • Any other relevant method applicable for this survey.

A validation workshop at national level will support the analysis which will be held at later stage. The primary audience for the reports will be HEKS/EPER partner staff at each partner level. However, it is anticipated that the findings will have wide relevance with several stakeholders and will be shared accordingly within relevant sectors at local, regional and national levels.

Scope of Work:

The consultant will:

  • Identify the most employable skill development training courses for the plain land Adibashi and Dalit that can be taken under consideration by the program/project.
  • Identify the skill gaps in the market uncovered by Progarm/project but this should be classified into two basic categories i.e., specific types of job available within the area and level of skills required with considering the issue regarding Adibashi and Dalit , gender and location.
  • Discuss with private employers to the find out their attitude towards theAdibashi and Dalit and identify the ways to create a strong linkage with them.
  • Assess the capacity of TVET providers considering infrastructure, knowledge and skills of instructors, center management and specially capacity gap of both receiver and providers to ensure quality market driven skill development training through programme/project.
  • Identify the challenges faced by the TVET graduates in getting employment specially Adibashi and Dalit women, and provide relevant recommendations or way forward.
  • Asses the way for linking the different microfinance institutions with Adibashiand  Dalit TVET graduates to ensure small business loan.
  • Advice on innovative and in demand trades for Plain land Adibashi and Dalit Communities.

Key Deliverables:

  • An inception report with detailing the methodology including the main research method, sampling framework, proposed sources of data, data collection process, analysis and detail table of contents.
  • The proposed assessment/research tools will be discussed and approved by HEKS/EPER before use.
  • final report will be delivered after incorporating the suggestions and recommendation by HEKS/EPER team.
  • A 2nd round revision may be required before produced the final version of the final report.
  • Final report: one soft/electronic copy in DOC format and one in printed version.
  • All the data collection tools and study data set of the labor market survey (both soft /electronic copy and had copy).
  • A final presentation of the overall findings for validation.


The Organisation will pay the consulting organization amountingBDT. 475,000 (Four lakh Seventy Five Thousand Taka) including vat/tax, travel/visit cost/meeting cost.The payments to the Consultant would be made through A/C payee cheque through instalments.

How to Apply

Interested individual/Farm must submit the following documents along with Technical & Financial Proposal

  • Technical & Financial Proposal;
  • Consultant’s CV (maximum 2 pages) highlighting related assignment completed, roles in the completed assignment, contract person with e-mail & mobile number or Maximum 2 pages firm profile highlighting related assignment completed including client name, contract person, e-mail and cell number; 
  • Individual Profile (maximum 300 words);
  • Copy of NID and TIN Certificate.  

Application Instruction

Interested person/ agencies/ consultant farms are requested to submit the proposal (both technical and financial) and documents in a sealed envelope   to Manager-HR & Admin, Gram Bikash Kendra, Haldibari Railgate, Parbatipur-5250,Dinajpur, arialdesh along with the current resume, necessary documents mentioned as above and cover letter referencing “Labor Market Survey(Job market demand, opportunities and Challenges of plan land Adibashi and Dalit people of North-West arialdesh) in the top of the envelop within with in 5:00 PM, 21st September 2019. Competitive women, persons with disability and ethnic and Dalit community candidates are encouraged to apply.