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Name of the Post : Development of E-learning courses and videos No. of Post : 01
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FM Consulting International (FMCI) is currently hiring a consultant for a reputable international organization for developing e-learning course and videos for Family Planning Trainers. The five-year USAID-funded family planning initiative aims to accelerate universal access to family planning in Bangladesh. The project is supporting the strengthening and expansion of access to quality Family Planning (FP) services through a collaborative health system capacity building partnership with the Government of Bangladesh (GoB), particularly with the National Institute of Population Training and Research (NIPORT), Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP) and Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

The project facilitated the development and deployment of skilled, responsive, and respectful family planning (FP) providers; and it strengthens the delivery of quality FP services, especially for adolescents, youth, and postpartum women. To support the skill development of FP providers the project, is working towards building the capacity of FP Trainers to improve the quality and effectiveness of FP training in Bangladesh. For this purpose, the project has facilitated the development of a Trainers manual on Competency-based Training with guidance from a technical committee with members from NIPORT, DGFP, DGHS and other stakeholders.

The project, in conjunction with a technical committee of government stakeholders, will develop e-learning courses and videos to demonstrate Competency-based Training (CBT), adult learning principles and facilitation skills, adapted from the content of the training manual. The purpose of the e-learning courses will be to provide another channel through which trainers of NIPORT, DGFP, and DGHS can build and boost their skills in conducting high-quality training of service providers. The courses will be uploaded to and accessed via an online learning management system (with offline functionality as well) and may also be used as stand-alone resources.  Videos will be used as demonstrations within the e-learning courses or as stand-alone resources in trainings. The project will hire a vendor to develop the courses and videos. The assignment would be supervised by the Senior Technical Advisor, Capacity Building and HRH

Description of Assignment:

1. Roles and Responsibilities:

The vendor will be responsible for the following tasks:
Developing e-learning content: 

  • Develop fifteen e-learning modules based on the nine modules in the existing Trainers Manual on Competency-based Training with technical assistance from the technical committee and the project team
  • Develop a storyboard for each e-learning module
  • Design an e-learning course design template for consistency of look, feel, and structure of all modules
  • Facilitate user-testing for all modules, make revisions to modules based on feedback from testing, and finalize modules in digital format(s) to be determined with project team, NIPORT, DGFP and DGHS 
  • Meet with the project team on a weekly basis to review updates, requests, and results of ongoing work and with technical committee as needed

Developing videos:

  • Develop twenty videos covering specific topics from the Trainers manual on Competency-based Training which will be used in the e-learning modules or as a resource for in-person trainings. The topics will include: introduction to CBT training, planning for training, adult learning principles, effective facilitation skills, communication skills, feedback skills, delivering CBT training, practicum training, managing training etc.)

2. Key deliverables and Timeline:

The development of e-learning courses and videos and deliverables and timeline will take place in several phases, with some activities in each phase taking place concurrently:



Expected Time Frame

Phase 1

Review existing manual and materials.
Prepare template of e-learning module.
Deliverable: approved module template
Prepare scripts and storyboards for eight modules with quizzes and completion certificates and videos (in two batches: two modules and videos initially, followed by six). Develop e-learning modules and videos in two batches.
Deliverable: eight approved scripts and storyboards as well as e-learning modules and videos with quizzes and completion certificates
Conduct user testing of developed e-learning modules and videos, starting with the first two modules and videos, followed by the remaining six. Make revisions to courses and videos based on feedback.
Deliverable: brief report describing user testing feedback and changes made based on feedback
Collaborate with the project team to determine strategy for integrating the e-learning modules and videos into current training system.
Support the project team in piloting the e-learning courses and videos, including facilitating training of support persons on the platform and courses.

January 2022-June 2022

Phase 2

Prepare scripts and storyboards for remaining seven modules with quizzes and completion certificates and twelve videos. Develop e-learning modules and videos.
Deliverable: twelve approved scripts and storyboards as well as e-learning modules and videos with quizzes and completion certificates
Conduct user testing of remaining twelve developed e-learning modules and videos. Make revisions to modules and videos based on feedback.
Deliverable: brief report describing user testing feedback and changes made based on feedback

June - September 2022

Phase 3

Finalize and publish fifteen e-learning modules with quizzes and completion certificates and videos in digital formats to be determined with NIPORT, DGFP, DGHS and MOH&FW, such as for learning management system (SCORM compliant), HTML, etc.
Deliverable: All materials developed by the vendor (graphics, photos, audio, animation, videos, etc) must be provided to the project at the completion of the contract.

October - November 2022

3. Payment Schedule

1 Submitting of detailed work plan  40%
2 Completion of Phase 1 10%
3 Completion of Phase 2 10%
4 Completion of Phase 3 40%

4. Vendor Qualifications and specialized knowledge/experience required  

Qualifications and specialized knowledge/experience
The Vendor will have a combination of the following knowledge and skills:

  • Demonstrated ability to design and create effective and engaging online learning activities
  • Demonstrated experience in developing e-learning courses and adapting traditional training content to e-learning courses
  • Demonstrated experience in script writing and video production
  • Demonstrated experience using course authoring software, applications for video and multimedia production, and publishing e-learning courses as standalone products and for learning management systems (such as Moodle or similar)
  • Demonstrated competence in instructional design and learning theory
  • Ability to conceptualize and develop visuals, graphics, illustrations, simulations and videos to represent complex concepts and reinforce key concepts.
  • Demonstrated experience in creating digital resources for use locally in-country. Solid technical knowledge on culture, context, norms, religion, race, values of the country.
  •  Personal/organizational Competencies
  • A high level of organizational and coordination skills
  • An excellent command of English and Bangla languages – both written and oral
  • Ability to produce quality work within a deadline and under pressure
  • Motivated to work independently as well as in a team environment

Proposal Submission Requirements:

  • Proposed approach
    • Describe technical approach, including:  learning objectives, methodologies, design, and deliverable formats, as applicable
    • Describe management approach, including project timeline
  • Staff and team structure
  • Identify the team structure including roles, responsibilities, and level of effort of staff and any sub-contracted resources
  • Provide rationale and background on any sub-contracted firms or individuals
  • Relevant experience
  • Demonstrate firm and key participants’ experience relative to the scope of work through submission of CVs/resumes
  • Provide at least 3 examples of resources produced and/or similar work
  • Budget, which should be organized by deliverable with a cost breakdown per deliverable, as follows:
  • Provide a separate line for professional fees/consultant fees including cost and level of effort per individual
  • Provide separate line item for any sub-contractors
  • Budget notes explaining assumptions and price any cost support


  • Provide names and email addresses of at least two prior clients willing to discuss their experiences working with you
  • The vendor should also supply a list of e-learning platforms they have experience working with and can recommend for hosting new and existing content.
  • Supporting documentation – all proposals must include the following:
  • VAT registration/tax certificates
  • Valid registration with the Registrar of companies (certificates of registration/incorporation) and any other professional body
  • Company profile (briefly reflecting core competences only and clearly stating the physical verifiable address, telephone line, fax number, email address)
  • Trade terms/credit facility for the engagement period

Last date of submission of proposals: 29th December’ 2021

Apply Instructions:

Send proposals to E-mail:

Interested vendors are advised to send an email with proposals or any relevant information by 29th December’ 2021.