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Software Developer - Strategic Dev

Vacancy: 1

Office Location: Nikunja 1, Dhaka - 1229, Bangladesh
Department Retail || Full Time
Experience: 1-2 years or freshers with outstanding software development portfolio
Do you want to be part of a world class retail solutions team?

Who are you?

  • You are looking for a very dynamic career in C/C++ software development.
  • You often hear “WOW! HOW DID YOU DO THAT?” about the great work you do.
  • You can work alone just fine but when you have a team you do things much faster because you know very well how and when to take help from others.
  • You are very obsessed about high value of your dk/dt where k=knowledge you acquire and t=time you spend at work.
  • You have a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree on CSE/Mathematics/EEE or relevant field from a reputed university.
  • You have excellent skills and knowledge in Algorithms, Data Structure and Discrete Mathematics, Message based communication, Multithreading.
  • You have worked comfortably in Linux Environment, preferably CentOS/Fedora/SUSE.
  • You are an advanced user of gdb!
  • You can change your gears when faced with unknown languages, technologies both new and old!
  • You have stories to tell us how you automated lots of your daily tasks.
  • You are eager to show us your bitbucket/github/other public profiles where you have done cool things!
  • You love to learn and share what you learn.
  • You are fluent in both written and spoken English, you are very careful of crafting sentences to express your great ideas even if it's on complex topics.
  • You have great connection making ability through empathic and sensible communication.
  • You are innovative and always looking for changing the products for better
  • You are unhappy that your current job doesn't allow enough freedom to express your game changing ideas!
  • You are restless until you hunt down that bug!
  • If you have 10 questions unanswered, you don't stop, you look for next 90 questions!
  • You get excited when you have a question which google doesn't find a link for and doesn't have an answer for.
  • You worked in an Agile environment.
  • You have more skills that are conducive to building a strong TEAM and we are eager to learn about them from you!

Any of below are helpful but not compulsory

  • You have worked with European customers and colleagues before
  • Any Apache, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Webkit experience
  • Any Angular, XML, JSON experience
  • Any Payment integration experience
  • Any Device Driver writing experience.
  • Any cloud infrastructure experience
  • Any edge computing experience

What you will do in Fiftytwo?

  • You will be part of our world class 52Retail Development Team working on multiple projects and products together.
  • You will work on polyglot systems.
  • You will be part of our journey to building cloud native solutions for Retail.
  • You will continuously look for better ways to improve our omnichannel retail products and collaboration between them.
  • You will find very competitive environment to practise your talent and surely be challenged!
  • You will work on business-critical tasks that generate value instantly for our customers.
  • You will work on integration projects that involve several development teams usually situated in multiple countries.

Benefits and Salary information

  • BDT40-60K/month (Depending on capability)
  • Two yearly bonuses, Eid and Year-end
  • Free Lunch at office every day
  • Flexible work-environment with Time of Lieu (Always family first)
  • Decent office and work environment
  • Staff club for all employees
  • Yearly trip with the staff club
  • 21 days of leave yearly
  • Working with latest technologies and software development methods
  • Working with international customers, system developers, architects and management
  • Possibility for international travel and education
  • Well planned and documented career path with annual employee interview
  • Senior Firm Ally certificate after two years of employment.
  • Yearly increments based on performance.

If you think we are right about you, please mail your CV, in pdf format, to with the subject “Software Developer - Strategic Dev” without quotes.

Please write a cover letter explaining why you are a great fit for the job. Fiftytwo respects your time. You can always expect a follow-up unless your CV/Application indicates that you didn’t pay proper attention to the details of the job description.

Engineers with remarkable record in programming contests or math Olympiad are encouraged for this position

Please send your application to before June 23, 2019 and clearly mention the position in the subject line when applying.

Please note that we will receive and consider applications sent through e-mail only.

Fiftytwo is an equal opportunity employer.

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by Fiftytwo.