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E-Zone HRM Limited has a formal agreement with one of the United Nations Agency to provide outsourcing services under a third party contract.

E-Zone HRM Limited is now accepting applications from Bangladeshi Nationals for the following vacancies under third party outsourcing contract modality:

Immunization Consultant

Duty Station: Cox’s Bazar

Contract Duration: 12 Months

Number of Vacancies: 1 (One)

Contract Type: Contract with E-Zone

Contract Start Date: June 2021

Reporting to: Health Specialist- Cox’s Bazar FO

A. Objectives

The objective of hiring the consultant is to support implementation of EPI activities at host communities and Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar District in improving immunization coverage under Gavi and HGSP project of World Bank. Technical assistance will be provided to Civil Surgeon Office and Health Sector of Cox’s Bazar through implementation of National and District EPI plan and EPI e-tracker to reach the vulnerable children with quality and equity of immunization services. This consultancy will greatly contribute to leveraging UN Agency’s priority results through Government of Bnagladesh.

B. Background:

Despite overall progress towards achievement of the EPI objectives, inequities persist. In particular, the programme is not yet reaching all children across different socioeconomic groups and geographical locations equally. Vaccination coverage for children of host communities  of Cox’s Bazar district is below the national minimum target and the EPI coverage of Rohingya refugees/FDMN is far below the coverage of host comunities of Cox’s Bazar. The 2019 National Coverage Evaluation Survey (CES) showed a valid vaccination coverage in Cox’s Bazar of 83 for Fully Vaccinated Children (FVC) per cent, 88.5 per cent for the first Measles-Rubella vaccination and 93.4 per cent for the third dose of Pentavalent – all below the minimum national target of 95 per cent. Meanwhile, Pentavalent 3 coverage for FDMN children 0-11 months was 66 per cent in 2020 as per HMIS; Each year, there has been a substantial number of children among FDMN and host community who are dropped out before completing the vaccination series due to the lack of proper follow-up and effective tracking mechanism. In April and May 2020, the vaccination program was severely affected by the COVID-19 crisis, causing a drop in monthly coverage of both host communities and FDMN. Although the coverage increased June 2020, additional catch-up will be needed to ensure all children are fully vaccinated.

A study conducted by UN Agency, WHO and its partners in August 2020 on barriers of immunization among Rohingya camps revealed that the barriers are: i) Lack of awareness on the importance of vaccination and schedule, time and place of vaccination among caregivers, ii) Parents and caregivers cannot bring children on vaccination centre for domestic work, iii) Fear of side-effects (particularly for fever and muscle pain), iii) Fear amongst children on immunization, iv) Rumours on immunization (Manchi- a mark on the body being visible after the shot), v) Long physical distance to immunization center, vi) Limited human resources to mobilize community and ensure maximum coverage, vii) Lack of interpersonal communication skills among the front-line workers to motivate parents and caregivers, viii) Coordination gaps among the service providers/key actors.

A communication strategy on routine immunization for Rohingya refugees is developed and endored by Government on September 2020 to inform and mobilize Rohingya communities for active participation of children and their parents in regular immunization sessions.

UN Agency recognizes this inequity and has included the need to “address the immunization needs of the most disadvantaged and underserved populations” as one of its three major objectives in the UN Agency Immunization Roadmap 2018-2030 Strategy.

Civil Surgeon of Cox’s has recently implemented E-tracker programme for tracking of individual children for Immunization through DHIS2 at host communities and Rohingya camps.

UN Agency has received the fund from Gavi and World Bank and has responsibility of implementation of EPI activities in the field. This ToR is developed for recruitment of consultant to support EPI activities of Cox’s Bazar district both for host communities and Rohingya refugees.

C. Scope of work

The Consultants will work to continue the support in improving equitable routine immunization coverage in Cox’s Bazar district both for host communities and Rohingya refugees with equity focus evidence base planning for district and health sector planning. In addition, technical assistance will be provided to Civil Surgeon Office in implementation of the EPI e-tracker to reach the vulnerable children with quality and equity of immunization services in all Upazilas of Cox’s Bazar Districts and all camps of Rohinya refugees. The consultancy of ‘Immunization Consultant’ is essential to strengthen routine EPI through implementation of district EPI Plan, EPI E-Tracker, Communication staretegy for routine immunization and increase coverage in HTR and high-risk group of children. Monitoring of EPI activities of partners, data quality assessment and support to District and Health Sector are curcial under Gavi- Rohinya Refugees and World Bank’s HGSP project.

D. Deliverables and Schedule

The assignment is designed for the duration is of 12 months, where below tasks are expected:

  • Coordinate activities with partners on the ground (government, non-government, development and international) and participate in various EPI interagency working groups
  • Provide technical support in quality micro-planning, monitoring and supervising the SIAs and routine immunization activities
  • Provide support in strengthening routine EPI microplanning through organizing planning workshop focusing equity in low performing and vulnerable areas.
  • Monitor EPI Routine immunization sessions and ensure all antigens given as per calendar, safe injections and AEFI monitoring is established as per guidelines
  • Support in updating online inventory of cold chain equipment including new registration, update, reporting temperature alarm, repair and maintenance information; and monitor UN Agency provided supplies for the cold chain, vaccine and logistics.
  • Support in coordination with C4D team the development of adequate IEC materials
  • Support capacity building of different volunteers, CHWs networks and vaccinators in counselling and mobilization of beneficiaries for immunization and setting up community structures for active defaulter tracing and mobilization of children and women for immunization
  • Provide data for monitoring and for regular reporting as well as inputs to donor proposals and reporting related to UN Agency support in immunization
  • Support roll out of EPI E-tracker in the host communities and Rohingya refugees in coordination with HMIS and EPI and monitor implementation of EPI e-tracker plan in the field through data quality assessment, field monitoring and cross check with register book & EPI card
  • Conduct Rapid Coverage Assessment (RCA) for routine EPI doses in Hard-to-Reach or High-Risk area of Cox’s Bazar and Rohingya refugees and prepare report with specific actions.
  • Ensures timely preparation and publication of Sitrep related to immunization
  • Organize EPI performance review meeting at Upazila and District level on improving immunization coverage with equity
  • Any other relevant tasks assigned by the team lead and Health Specialist (Immunization)

E. Reporting Requirements

Contractor to report to the Health Specialist (Immunization), Cox’s Bazar and will provide -

  • Report on coordination meeting with partners and EPI interagency working groups
  • Meeting with WHO and GOB to develop evidence-based EPI micro plans
  • Identify low performing and vulnerable areas focussing equity through meeting/workshop to strengthen routine immunization.
  • Report on EPI session monitoring and supportive supervision
  • Report on cold chain, vaccines and logistics and UN Agency support
  • Report on coordination with C4D team and partners; and development of IEC materials
  • Report on capacity building of different volunteers, CHWs networks and vaccinators in counselling and mobilization of beneficiaries and defaulter tracing for immunization
  • Provide data for monitoring, and regular and emergency reporting for donors and GOB
  • Report on EPI E-tracker implementation in the host communities and Rohingya refugees
  • Report on RCA with plan of corrective action.
  • Publication of immunization related Sitrep
  • Report on District and Upazila EPI performance review meeting
  • Final deliverable report

F. Consultancy Costs

  • Consultant will get BDT 216,000 per month consolidated including travel and DSA; other cost communication equipment, PC etc. are bear by the consultant
  • Consultant will be located at Cox’s Bazar and report to Health Specialist- Immunization, Cox’s Bazar and overall report to Health Team Lead, Cox’s Bazar Field Office.
  • Office place, working station will be at UN Agency Cox’s Bazar FO
  • Computer and communication will bear by the Consultant
  • Stationary and other office equipment, will bear by the Consultant
  • Travel cost and travel arrangement in the field, will be bear by the consultant
  • Consultant will be responsible to pay all taxes as per government rules and regulations. E-Zone will make statutory deductions towards income tax as per government rules and regulations.

G. Profile Requirements and Qualification Skills

  • A University Degree in medicine, public health, health research, health policy and/or management, health education, epidemiology, information technology or other health related sciences is required.
  • A minimum of 2 years of professional work experience in public health planning and management and/or in relevant areas of maternal and child health programmes preferably in implementation immunization programme.
  • Preference would be given to candidate with working experience in the development of equity focus EPI micro plan, budgeting, strengthening immunization, implementation of individual tracker, monitoring of EPI using KOBO tools, capacity building of health workers.
  • Working experience and familiarity with the health programme of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, international organization or any other agencies will be an asset
  • Fluency in English required. Knowledge of software development is an added advantage)

This position is open for Bangladeshi Nationals only. All candidates, irrespective of gender, religious and ethnic backgrounds can apply for the vacancies.

The UN Agency prides itself as fostering a multicultural and harmonious work environment, guaranteed by a zero-tolerance policy on sexual exploitation and abuse, and on any kind of harassment, including sexual harassment and discrimination. All selected consultants will undergo rigorous reference and background checks.

Candidates with the required profile and proven experience, who meet these qualifications, are invited to submit their application in English clearly mentioning the Job Title along with a meaningful cover letter, updated CV, recent PP size photographby email to:

Last Date of Application: 18th June, 2021

No phone calls please. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. All applications will be treated according to the merit and with strict confidentiality.