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E-Zone HRM Limited has a formal agreement with one of the United Nations agency to provide outsourcing services under a third party contract.

E-Zone HRM Limited is now accepting applications from Bangladeshi Nationals for the following vacancies under third party outsourcing contract modality:

National Consultant (Adolescent Health)

Duty Station: DGFP and DGHS of MOH&FW 

Contract Duration: 06 Months

Number of Vacancies: 1 (One)

Contract Type: Contract with E-Zone

Contract Start Date: 1 December, 2020

Reporting to: Health Specialist, Maternal and Adolescent Health

A. Background

UN Agency’s global Gender Action Plan, 2014-2017 and UN Agency Global Health Strategy 2016-2030 has identified adolescent health as emerging priority and calls for ‘Promoting gender-responsive adolescent health’. Adolescent Health is one of the priority in UN Agency country program 2017-2022. In this backdrop, UN Agency Bangladesh has designed and implemented a comprehensive gender-responsive adolescent health program for the first time in UN Agency Bangladesh in consultation with MOH&FW (DGFP & DGHS), City Corporations and other partners since mid – 2014. Under the project, UN Agency supported MOH&FW to develop SOP on Adolescent Friendly Health Services (AFHS), initiated comprehensive Adolescent Health Strategy, developed evidence based AFHS plans in four districts and two city corporations, provided TOT to 65 MOH&FW managers from sub national levels, trained 300 public service providers on AFHS and initiated AFHS readiness in 100 government health facilities as well as established model AFHS clinic in one urban NGO in Dhaka city.

Based on the lesson learned from this project, UN Agency has designed a new project and got funding from Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) of the United Kingdom. The project is titled as “Institutionalize Infection Prevention Control (IPC), strengthen oxygen infrastructure and supplies and revitalize essential MNCAH services to combat COVID-19 in the selected hospitals of eight districts in Bangladesh”. Adolescent Heath is a part of this project where the new 8 districts need to establish the AFHS to initiate services for adolescent and increase demand generation for the adolescent health.

While the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and suppression measures like lockdowns may have reduced the transmission, it has affected the economic and social activities in the country. It has caused reduced access and utilization of essential services, especially for the vulnerable populations of women, newborns, children and adolescents and persons with disability. Due to indirect adverse effects of COVID-19 on both the supply and demand of critical and essential health services, there is a clear risk of an increase in maternal, newborn and child mortality as predicted by the experts. The Lancet medical journal estimates that if there is a further reduction in health services in Bangladesh, more than 28,000 children under the age of five could die within the next six months.

Every district has developed years’ plan based on existing information to improve Adolescent Health services and issues. They will go through extensive exercise to find the real bottlenecks and immediate solution of the problem through local funding. Each sub-district will have a separate plan along with the district plan. Both Health and FP section will be involved during the planning process. The fund is released through directorate office quarterly to the civil surgeon as per the approved plan. The health managers are supposed to monitor the process and report every quarterly.

As such, this TOR has been developed to engage consultant at National level to supplement capacity of the respective operational plan and establish the services for adolescent health.

B. Objectives, Purpose and Expected Results

The objective of hiring national MNCAH consultant is to provide technical assistance to MoH&FW/DGHS/DGFP/ MOE/ MOWCA for smooth implementation of the adolescent health activities and its linkage with the other ministry.
This consultancy will contribute for operationalization of the key activities of action plan of National Strategy for Adolescent Health along with the other ministry and ultimately achieve the results for improving the quality of care for adolescent health services. The consultant will design activities with schools and adolescent clubs to mobilize adolescent to AFHS.

C. Description of Assignment

The Adolescent consultant will perform the specific tasks from the operational plan of MCRAH and MNCAH. The consultant will be based in the DGHS and partly in DGFP. He/she will be responsible for coordinating with the DGFP and DGNM to facilitate implementation and collaboration with MOH&FW/DGHS/DGFP, UN Agency, UNFPA, WHO and other partners.

The consultant will help the program managers in identifying the key effective intervention and provide technical assistance for effective implementation of the adolescent health interventions. The consultant will mainly work operationalizing AFHS along with the DGFP and DGHS. The second key activities are implementation and monitoring of AFHS implementation in the other regular districts. The consultant will collaborate with the OGSB and other key partners to strengthening the adolescent accreditation system and monitoring of the progress and introduce regular monitoring and coordination mechanism between operational plan and program managers.

D. Deliverables

  • Implementation of gender-responsive adolescent friendly health services in 62 facilities of 8 districts
  • Technical assistance to DGFP and DGHS to sale up of the AFHS
  • Provide support to the DGFP and DGHS and facilitate in organizing training of health workers on the national guideline on AFHS
  • Support DGFP and DGHS for development of the procurement plan and timely supply of logistics to establish the AFHS in 62 health facilities
  • Provide technical assistance in the development of evidence-based districts plans on adolescent health to improve demand generation linking with the schools and adolescent clubs
  • Support to integrate Psychosocial training of the health worker in liaison with the NCDC program of DGHS
  • Monitoring of the implementation of the AFHS including Psychosocial counselling in intervention facilities as per agreed work-plan of the DGHS/DGFP
Deliverables/Outputs: Reporting requirement
Deliverable: 1 (1st month)
1. Finalize the list of the health facilities to establish AFHS in the 8 districts
2. Organize TOT training of the all districts on AFHS
3. Organize TOT on Psychosocial training at national level
4. Finalize the procurement list of the AFHS in 62 HF 
1. Final list of the AFHS
2. Status report on the 2 training
3. Processed the procurement for 8 Districts 
Deliverable: 2 (2nd month)
1. Conduct training on AFHS at the Districts level and upazila level to enable AFHS services
2. Establish the HMIS for adolescent at the districts and upazila for reporting
3. Organize psychosocial training of the HW to provide counselling on mental health
4. Ensure the logistics for the AFHS and organize DEPB workshops and developed plan for all upazilas
1. Status report on training
2. Training on HMIS for AH reporting in DHIS-2
3. Report on AFHS readiness
4. DEPB on adolescent health
Deliverable: 3 (3rd month)
1. Organize AHCC coordination meeting at national level
2. Support the DGHS and DGFP to scale up AFHS in other districts
3. Provide training for teachers and peer leaders on AFHS
4. Finalize DEPB plan and release fund from the zone office
1. Report on the AHCC
2. Status report on the training
3. DEPB plan for adolescent health 
Deliverable: 4 (4th month)
1. Mentoring and monitor AFHS activities through field visit
2. Organize field visit with the government officials
3. Organize progress monitoring of the Adolescent HMIS at the national level
4. Conduct AFHS accreditation visits in the new districts
1. # of monitoring visit
2. # of visit conducted
3. # of accreditation assessment done
Deliverable: 5 (5th month)
1. Organize data analysis workshop at the districts and reaching the milestone of FCDO districts for adolescent client’s flow
2. Organize AHCC coordination meeting at districts level 
3. Support the DGHS and DGFP to scale up AFHS in other districts
4. Provide training for teachers and peer leaders on AFHS
1. Status report on workshop
2. Status report on the AHCC
3. # of newly established AFHS
4. Training of teachers conducted
Deliverable: 6 (6th month)
1. Ensure full functionality of the 62 AFHS and linking schools with the AFHS
2. Organize meeting at DGHS with full report on the AFHS coverage
3. Field visit for monitoring of activities in adolescent demand generation with the government
4. Accreditation assessment of the AFHS and HMIS workshop on progress monitoring
1. Status report of 62 AFHS
2. # of field visits and report in FCDO districts
3. Status report on HMIS workshop
4. # of AFHS accreditation assessment

E. Consultancy Costs

Cost of the Consultant:

  • BDT 180,000 per month consolidated (inclusive of all expenses)
  • Computer, communication, stationery and other office equipment expenses will be borne by the Consultant
  • Consultant will be responsible to pay all taxes as per government rules and regulations. E-Zone will make statutory deductions towards income tax as per government rules and regulations

F. Qualification requirements

Master’s in public health or any related subject with at least 5 years working experience with government and UN partners. Working experience in developing countries specially in adolescent programming, implementation, gender-based programming, providing training on adolescent health.

This position is open for Bangladeshi Nationals only. All candidates, irrespective of gender, religious and ethnic backgrounds can apply for the vacancies.

The UN agency prides itself as fostering a multicultural and harmonious work environment, guaranteed by a zero-tolerance policy on sexual exploitation and abuse, and on any kind of harassment, including sexual harassment and discrimination. All selected consultants will undergo rigorous reference and background checks.

Candidates with the required profile and proven experience, who meet these qualifications, are invited to submit their application in English clearly mentioning the Job Title along with a meaningful cover letter, updated CV, recent PP size photographby email to:

Last Date of Application: 13th December 2020

No phone calls please. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. All applications will be treated according to the merit and with strict confidentiality.