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E-Zone HRM Limited has a formal agreement with one of the United Nations Agency to provide outsourcing services under a third party contract.

E-Zone HRM Limited is now accepting applications from Bangladeshi Nationals for the following vacancies under third party outsourcing contract modality:

Technical Expert (Solution Architect)

Duty Station: Dhaka, Bangladesh at DGFP-MIS (with monthly fieldwork to the assigned Division, District and/or Upazilas

Contract Duration: 6 months

Number of Vacancies: 1 (One)

Contract Type: Contract with E-Zone.              

Contract Start Date: December 15, 2023

Reporting to: Health Officer (HSS), UNICEF

A.Background and Rationale

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) is committed to ensuring quality data and reporting for health and family planning services from the whole country and has designed approaches to follow for universal quality data reporting and depicted these through the recently approved Digital Health Strategy.

Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP) is one of the two mainstream directorates in the MOHFW providing Maternal, Newborn, Child, and Adolescent health (MNCAH), Sexual and Reproductive Health (SHRH), Family Planning (FP), Immunization (maternal, reproductive, child), and nutrition services. The MIS unit of DGFP works to streamline the data from the different facilities and the communities in the field, ensuring compilation and reporting of the data in the statistical systems (semi-automated, automated, or manual) so that data can be used for decision making.

As per the vision of digital health and data reporting from the Government of Bangladesh, UNICEF Bangladesh has been working to support the decision support systems, data systems, reporting structures and data quality efforts from all directorates of MOHFW, especially with regards to MNCAH, FP, Nutrition, immunization, and nutrition data. Along this line of effort, UNICEF is inclined to support the MIS unit of DGFP to streamline the community level reporting structures, practice, formats, systems, and electronic tools to ensure comprehensive reporting of quality data for effective decision making at leadership and management tiers at national and subnational level.

DGFP MIS already has some capability to run the system but for a country wide rollout, a more detailed technical competency needs to be built within the organization. As some of the components needs to be modernized, MIS will develop the system to meet its requirement and build its local capacity in parallel. To support this process MIS needs additional external expert’s support to acquire system knowledge and technology transfer.
In this context, it is an urgent need to supplement technical assistance on revitalizing the electronic Management Information System (eMIS), Service Statistics (SS) and Family Planning District Health Information Software 2 (FP-DHIS2) and build capacity of MIS, DGFP. 

B. Objectives, Purpose and Expected Results

The objective of hiring Technical Expert (Solution Architect) is to provide technical support to DGFP, MoH&FW for supporting DGFP-MIS software, e.g., eMIS, DGFP-DHIS-2, including maintenance, updating, supporting integration and interoperability with other systems (within and outside DGFP), relevant documentation and guidelines preparation and utilization, and adoption of new tools/technology.

C. Description of the Assignment

The consultant will start working from 1 December 2023 until 31 May 2024. Assigned workstation will be in Dhaka, Bangladesh at MIS, DGFP and the consultant will work closely with the Director and Line Director (MIS), DGFP under the direct supervision of Health Manager (HSS), Health Section in UNICEF Bangladesh. 

The purpose of this assignment is:

  1. Closely collaborate with MIS-DGFP to ensure the smooth operation of eMIS, FP-DHIS2, and SS. This involves providing all necessary technical requirements and developing an interoperable reporting system
  2. Collaborate with DGFP-MISs, MCH, MCRAH, DGHS and UNICEF for the alignment of Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health and Nutrition indicators with the global indicator definitions
  3. Implement FP-DHIS2 in DGFP and support the ongoing     customization and visualization process on behalf of DGFP.
  4. Test, deploy and scale Shared Health Record data exchange for DGFP individual records systems in coordination and partnership with other technical professionals working at GoB and other agencies.
  5. Develop, maintain and enhancement of DGFP’s FP-DHIS-2 through increasing interoperability with eMIS (electronic Management Information system) and SS (service Statistics).
  6. Develop APIs for BDRIS, MWCA, DGHS and other agencies as per need to be interoperable. VII.       Support scaling up of eMIS in new districts.
  7. Provide necessary support to ensure reliability and validity of data as per need of the Directorate and any other activities/responsibilities as and when required in relation to the above task.
  8. Coordinate and follow up with the district/upazila managers and Data entry operators to ensure smooth data management.
  9. Attending training, workshop, meeting planned during the consultancy period.
  10. Conduct necessary visits to Upazila or districts to support the MIS team at DGFP.
  11. To liaison with the local and central managers and suggest continuous system enhancement requirements.

D. Key Tasks and Responsibilities

Task Description Schedules

System (80%)

  1. Support ongoing implementation of eMIS, SS and FP-DHIS2
  2. incorporating all the technical requirements
  3. Develop, maintain, and enhance FP-DHIS2 through increasing interoperability with eMIS and SS.
  4. Test, deploy and scale Shared Health Record data exchange for DGFP individual records systems in coordination and partnership with other technical professionals working at GoB and other agencies.
  5. Support aligning Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health and Nutrition indicators with the global indicator definitions
  6. Customize software solutions to meet the specific data needs of the Community engagement initiatives, and Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health and Nutrition programs
  7. Develop and customize MIS-DGFP mobile applications
  8. Support scaling up of eMIS in new districts particularly on those districts where community engagement initiatives have been initiated h) Support digitization of the Mother and Child Card (MCC) with interactive dashboard development
        1. Support to establish a mechanism for checking the reliability and accuracy of data, as part of the Government routine review and monitoring process
  9. Identify critical bottlenecks in existing information systems and identify means through which course corrections can be implemented k) Develop tools, support mechanisms, APIs and other features to connect, integrate and optimize MIS interoperability across health systems, as required and requested for
  10. Develop DGFP dashboard, ensuring its interoperability with DGHS-MIS system through API connection

01 December 2023 until 31 May

B. Generating evidence and documentati on to enhance programme efficiency, effectiveness (10%)

  1. Participate coordination meetings to discuss performance and identify programmatic areas that need strengthening
  2. Serve as the technical lead in introducing innovative technological and learning tools to enhance the functionality and effectiveness of the DGFP-MIS
  3. Evaluate and recommend revisions and updates to existing DGFP MIS tools based on feedback, emerging needs, and technological advancements
  4. Engage with MCH, MCRAH, DGFP-MIS to resolve data discrepancies, addressing data inconsistencies, ensuring data integrity and accuracy across systems.

01 Decemb er 2023 until 31 May 2024

C. Support
and planning

  1. Preparing the necessary documentation and materials to facilitate the program review and approval process. This involves compiling relevant data, reports, and documentation to support program evaluation, monitoring, and decision-making.
  2. Conduct regular programme field visits and surveys, and exchange information with stakeholders to assess progress and provide technical support. Report on critical issues, bottlenecks, and potential problems for timely action to achieve results.
  3. Build and sustain effective close working partnerships with government counterparts and national stakeholders through active sharing of information and knowledge to facilitate program implementation and build capacity of stakeholders

01 Decemb er 2023 until 31 May 2024

E. Payment

  • Consultant will get BDT 150,000.00 per month (consolidated) including travel and DSA; other cost communication equipment, PC etc. are to be borne by the consultant
  • Consultant will be responsible to pay all taxes as per government rules and regulations.

F. Administrative Issues:

  • The consultant will be located in Dhaka and report to Health Managers, UNICEF, Dhaka, with a copy of report to Director, MIS, DGFP.
  • For payment by E-Zone on due time, the Supervisor will forward the certified attendance sheet and confirmation of receiving expected deliverables for the respective period.
  • Officer place, working station will be both in MIS, DGFP and UNICEF, BCO as per requirement
  • Computer and communication will be borne by the Consultant
  • Stationery and other office equipment will be borne by the Consultant

G. Qualification requirement of the company/institution/organization

  • Have Master’s degree in computer science or IT background.
  • At least 5 years working experience in relevant field.
  • At least two years working experience in health-related MIS with Health Ministry
  • Experience in Information Architecture Design, Data modelling and System Design, Security  Architecture, Machine Learning.
  • Experience implementing architecture for international standards with multi-jurisdictional regulatory interpretations.
  • Knowledge of proven enterprise and application software patterns and proper application of  existing development frameworks.
  • Fluent in Bangla and working knowledge in English.
  • Ability to work under pressure.


This position is open for Bangladeshi Nationals only. All candidates, irrespective of gender, religious and ethnic backgrounds can apply for the vacancies.

The UN Agency prides itself as fostering a multicultural and harmonious work environment, guaranteed by a zero-tolerance policy on sexual exploitation and abuse, and on any kind of harassment, including sexual harassment and discrimination. All selected consultants will undergo rigorous reference and background checks.

Candidates with the required profile and proven experience, who meet these qualifications, are invited to submit their application by completing the screening questions and submitting a meaningful cover letter, updated CV, recent PP size photograph through below link:

Last Date of Application: November  29,  2023

No phone calls please. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. All applications will be treated according to the merit and with strict confidentiality.