Terms of Reference (TOR)- Consultancy for Development of monitoring plan, tools and guideline

Introduction and background:

Essential Healthcare for the Disadvantaged in Bangladesh (EHD 2019-2022) project is a consortium project led by Concern Worldwide where CBM-DRRA is the implementing partner for inclusion of the persons with disabilities in all aspect of the project initiatives. The overall goal of the project is to improve health, family planning and nutrition indicators for the disadvantaged people by reducing mortality and morbidity by increasing access to 'Universal Health Coverage'. In this case, it is necessary to ensure the basic health care of the disadvantaged people including the persons with disabilities. Through this project initiative, all the basic health needs of the targeted people will be ensured through availability, accessibility, affordability and quality inclusive health facilities at 15 Upazilas of six districts under the Khulna and Barishal Divisions. CBM and DRRA are responsible for ensuring the inclusion of persons with disabilities in all aspects of the project initiatives by the downstream partners in those targeted areas. The local implementing partners also will have the capacity on disability inclusion in the services through the initiatives. CBM and DRRA also will closely work with icddr,b and Digital Healthcare Solutions for introducing the disability inclusive health technology and finding out the effective approaches for disability inclusive health practices and will conduct national advocacy for making the disability inclusive services package for all, including the disadvantaged and persons with disabilities.

As part of the project, a monitoring plan, tools and guideline with appropriate orientation mechanism will be developed for the project period to fulfil both learning and accountability purpose.

Objective of Assignment:

Develop an effective monitoring and evaluation system (including plan, tools and guidelines) to track the project, capture learning and enhance accountability of all consortium partners about disability inclusion.

Specific objectives include:

The primary focus will be on establishing the ground to capture changes through the project initiatives, reflecting on progress and achievements and highlighting at the end; concerning project major component of ensuring access and quality health care for people with disabilities.

Target audience:

Project staff, other consortium partners, DPOs and peoples with disabilities are the primary target audience.
The guideline tools and plan will be used by the project team, consortium partners and DPOs for tracking of inclusion of the persons with disabilities and to capture the changes and learning.

Scope of work:

The assignment is to institutionalize a disability inclusive operational monitoring and evaluation system for the project. The purpose is to provide the project team with tools to effectively monitor, project progress and achievement, and capture learning.
The Service Provider is expected to:

Proposal Submission Guideline:

Interested consultants / Consulting agencies with the relevant experience are requested to submit their technical proposal and financial proposal by 14th September 2020;

5.1 Technical Proposal Outline:

For this mentioned work EHD project required a team with the combination of M&E expert, Disability, Rehabilitation and inclusion expert and exposure to the government health and rehabilitation systems.

5.2 Financial and Technical Proposal:

Details budget with the breakdown to conduct the assignment as following;

Financial arrangement:

The bidding amount for this assignment should be all-inclusive of VAT, TAX & field conveyance and will be deducted at source during settlement of invoice as per government rule. Please note that, the amount mentioned in the financial proposal will be assessed in line with the quality of the technical proposal. Consultant will not be entitled for any other benefits. DRRA will made 3 payments for consultant and for team,20% of total payment as first payment will be made after inception report,40% of total payment as 2nd payment will be made after the draft document and 40% of total payment as 3rd payment will be made after successfully submission of the final product to the project. Payments will be made by Bank Transfer/AC Payee cheque. An invoice must be submitted for all payments. The payment will be released as per mutually agreed terms. DRRA will be deduct Vat & Tax according to the Bangladesh Gov’t rules.

5.3 Selection Criteria



Proposed workplan


Proposed Methodology


Relevant experience and skills of the proposed team members


Availability and Budget Efficiency



The duration of the work will be from September 2020 to January 2021. In five months consultant will work for 50 working days.

Required skill and experience of the consultant/ consultancy firm:

COVID-19 regulations by Government:

Consultants have to abide by the rules and regulations of Government of Bangladesh on COVID-19 crisis and follow strictly in every steps of implementations considering limitations/restriction due to COVID-19 affects just after signing the contracts with DRRA.

Child safeguarding policy:

Selected consultant and others team members will sing the code of conduct of DRRA and that will adhere with the agreement.

Intellectual property rights:

Ownership of all documents (final and draft) produced under this assignment will be rests with CBM-DRRA. The contracted consultant will submit all the final documents both in soft and hard copy to DRRA. The contracted consultant is prohibited to use any information for any other purpose without prior consent from CBM and DRRA.

FQ Issuing Date: 14th September 2020
RFQ closing Date:  Bids must be provided no later than 1700Hrs, GMT+6 on 17th September 2020. Bids received after the stated deadline would be considered invalid.

Please submit your bid (Financial & Technical) to House no: 2/5, Road no: 1, Shyamoli, Dhaka

Submission instruction:
You are required to submit ‘Part 1 - Technical Proposal’ and ‘Part 2 – Financial Proposal’ signed and dated offers on your company letterhead, mentioning the RFQ reference Consultant Fee for Development of monitoring plan, tools and guideline in the subject.

Submit Financial proposal and technical proposal as 2 separate documents. Please click the link below for detail
To review accessibility status of 09 primary health centres at Khulna and Barishal Divisions of project areas (04 Community Clinic, 04 Union Health & Family Welfare Centres and 01 Upazila Health Complexes).

Any incomplete applications with documents would not be accepted. DRRA reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the proposal without assigning any reason whatsoever.