Consultancy for Visa, Work Permit, Security Clearance etc..
(Reference: RFQ-BGD-005362)

Line Item Time, date, address as appropriate
1 RFQ published 14th June, 2021
3 Closing date for clarifications 12.00 pm (GMT+6), 16th June,2021
4 Closing date and time for receipt of bids 5.00 pm (GMT+6), 20th June,2021

Bids received after the stated deadline are considered invalid, but exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Submission instruction: You are required to submit signed and dated offers on your company letterhead, mentioning the RFQ reference number RFQ-BGD-005362 in the subject. The detailed instruction is given in the RFQ form.

To access the complete package, please click on the given Bdjobs this link.