Terms of Reference (ToR)
Formative research to design capacity building tools and campaign strategy on Responsible Digital Citizenship for Freedom of Expression by the Youth in Digital Media



The action “Foster responsible digital citizenship to promote freedom of expression in Bangladesh” is being implemented jointly by Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) and Dnet, funded by European Union. This action is targeted to address better practice of freedom of expression in Bangladesh by promoting digital citizenship learning in Bangladesh. Which is applicable for citizens, especially for youth who are mainly active and expressing themselves through social media and in other digital platforms.

This project aims to capacitate the targeted youth to freely and safely express themselves in the digital space. It will support them to learn about the national and international norms and etiquettes, laws and will make them aware about the responsible usage and interaction over the digital media. The action will also address the challenges to Freedom of Expression (FoE) in the country posed by the Digital Security Act.

In this regard, enhancing knowledge and support for the youth (particularly university students at Dhaka and Rajshahi) to have a positive experience in the digital world will be the focus of the action. Although the global pandemic has made it more difficult to operate such study in the campus premises, it is also true that due to this dire situation people are more present in the digital realm and that further presses the need for coming up with innovative and alternative ideas to carry such interventions. And so forth, we continue our effort to emphasize on education, awareness and sensitization of relevant stakeholders to support and guide the youth for a responsive digital presence while practicing the right to freedom of expression which is a fundamental right ensured by the constitution.


Interested consultant or the interested agency, please send the both technical and financial proposal on or before 29 September, 2020 at procurement@dnet.org.bd. Please use ‘Proposal on ‘as email subject line.

For any queries please email at procurement@dnet.org.bd.

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