Request for Proposal of Debate show on contemporary people’s issues in Bangladesh


Democracy International, Inc. (DI) works on democracy and governance (DG) programs worldwide for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and other development partners. DI provides analytical services, offers technical assistance, and implements projects across the full range of DG programming.

Over the past decade, Democracy International has worked in more than 40 countries and in all regions of the world. Since 1985, DI’s principals have advised and worked with election management bodies, civil society and election‐monitoring organizations, political parties, legislatures, government agencies, and others in more than 70 countries.

Program Overview of Democracy International in Bangladesh

Democracy International, Inc. (DI), is implementing Strengthening Political Landscape in Bangladesh (SPL), which is funded by USAID and DFID. SPL promotes inclusive and peaceful politics in Bangladesh by supporting political party activists and politically active citizens to be effective leaders and to advocate formore inclusive and peaceful party policies and practices. With eight regional offices along with a head
office in Dhaka, DI works with thousands of grassroots political activists across the country.

SPL supports inclusive decision‐making practices within political parties, builds the leadership capacity of political party members and promising politically active youth at the grassroots and national levels, and brings party leaders together in multiparty dialogue programs and single party activities.

SPL’s `Narir Joye Shobar Joy’ (When Women Win, We All Win) campaign advances women’s leadership in politics through multiparty dialogues, advocacy, outreach, and networking. The campaign boasts a growing multiparty network of over 20,000 women leaders across the country and has already assisted parties to include 5,479 women leaders in 432 grassroots committees.


The objective of this Terms of Reference is to produce and air a series of TV debate episodes aimed at engaging SPL network members, especially women and youth; to have meaningful constructive discussions on community issues. The series of debates will promote peaceful politics, encourage a tolerant political environment, and support advancing women and youth leadership in mainstream politics.


The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to invite prospective vendors to submit a written
response (“Response”) for the production and broadcast of a series of 9 in‐studio and 9 online TV debate
show episodes; each episode should be 45 minutes in length.

Submission of Proposal:

Last date of submission: 8th July 2020, 5.00 PM Bangladesh local time

All responses must be in English, and submitted to Democracy International through email: E‐mail:

Bids received after the stipulated date and time shall not be accepted under any circumstances. Bids delivered through courier and post later than due date shall not be registered and shall be returned unopened

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