DanChurchAid (DCA) has been operational in Bangladesh since the 1970’s. Following the influx of Rohingya refugees in August 2017, DCA opened an office in Cox’s Bazar, and scaled up its operations in GBV, Education in Emergencies, Site Improvement and Emergency Response, and Cash and Livelihood programming. DCA is now working across five camps and two host communities with more than 153 staff members and a support team based in Cox’s Bazar. DCA has been looking at best ways possible to support staff considering the intensity of the frontline workers’ experience while working with survivors of violence and other distressed populations. For that reason, DCA is looking for a consultancy agency or individual who has expertise to provide psychosocial counselling support to the staff members. The overall purpose of this assignment is to enhance effectiveness of field workers in handling work related stress as well as effectively deal with burnout and develop professional resilience and development.


The aim is to enable staff deal with burnout and vicarious trauma as well as to provide professional development and establish effective ways of supporting beneficiaries.


DCA Bangladesh wants to carry out a debriefing exercise aimed at dealing with burnout and vicarious trauma as well as achieve peer support, personal development and professional resilience. The selected consultant will be expected to conduct this exercise for the staff involved and thereafter submit a report.

Duration: The consultant will be required to work with the team for approximately 5-6 days on a bimonthly basis (total 6 times in a year)

Activity Type: Three types of activities are proposed:

  • Workshop on care for caregivers, stress management and team building for field level staff of DCA. Each workshop consists of 20-22 participants (in one day, two batches can be arranged if two counsellors have been assigned by the agency)
  • Group counselling sessions for all national staff of DCA with debriefing sessions. Each session consists of 10-12 participants (in one day, two batches can be arranged if two counsellors have been assigned by the agency)
  • Individual counselling for certain national staff (per time 10-15 individual sessions can be carried out)

The exercise which includes workshop and counselling with debriefing sessions are aimed at:

  • Improving the team’s competency
  • Developing team cohesion as well as sharing experiences in a supportive environment
  • Enhancing self-care practices to prevent professional stress and burn out
  • Allowing team members to effectively deal with burn out and vicarious trauma
  • Enhancing strategies of working together
  • Creating an enabling environment for feedback


Key tasks with list of ‘key sub - activities’, consultant is expected to

  • Conduct an introduction session with the team in order to create rapport by establishing objectives and expectations of the group.
  • Review four key questions: What are we trying to accomplish? Where did we hit (or miss) our objectives? What caused our results? What should we start, stop, or continue doing?
  • Conduct a psycho-education session on coping mechanisms and professional development
  • Make recommendations to the team on how to improve and sustain professional growth.
  • Submit a final debriefing report with the analysis and conclusions.


The consultant may employ the use of the following methodologies while conducting the sessions:

  • Experiential learning
  • Reflective activities
  • Peer review
  • Team building initiatives
  • Role plays

Key deliverables/outputs

The consultant is expected:

  • To identify group challenges and develop opportunities for growth.
  • To enhance self-care practices to prevent and manage professional burnout
  • To provide the opportunity to reflect on our work in relation to best practices.
  • To promote team work and cohesion
  • To submit a final report.


The consultant must have;

  • Advanced degree in counseling from a recognized institution
  • Over 10 years in counseling, training and counseling supervision
  • Experience of working with refugees, conflict and post-conflict communities is an added advantage.


Below are the terms and conditions;

  • The Consultant will report to the DCA Head of Programme and Programme Manager-GBV prevention and response programme
  • DCA will cater for accommodation, meals and transportation to & from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar for the duration of engagement.
  • The consultant will be bound by the DCA code of ethics during the period.
  • The consultant shall not incur any expenses on behalf of DCA other than those specified and agreed upon in the contract
  • Payment will be done after the session and submission of final report

The consultant shall be responsible for his/her own insurance and medical cover, while travelling and during their engagement with DCA.

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