Request for Quotations (RFQ) for
Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA)

Provision of

  1. Accommodation, Conference Facilities, and Catering Services;
  2. Air Travel Agency Services;
  3. Catering Services;
  4. Office Stationery Supplies and Photocopy and Printing Services;
  5. IT Accessories Supplies
  6. Transportation Services
  7. Translation Services
  8. Facilitator Services to facilitate training

Counterpart International helps people build better lives and more durable futures, community by community.  We equip individuals, organizations and communities-our counterparts- to become solution creators in their own families, communities, regions, and countries.  We work with them in some of the world’s most challenging places to tackle social, economic, environmental, health and governance issues that threaten their lives and undermine their futures.

Counterpart International is an international development organization currently implementing the USAID-funded program “Promoting Advocacy and Rights (PAR)” in Bangladesh. The program will support civil society organizations with the skills, technology, and resources, to enable them to work in partnership with the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) to advance good governance.

The purpose of these RFQs is to solicit quotations from eligible vendors for as-needed, ad hoc purchases of 1. Accommodation, conference facilities, catering, 2. Catering, 3. Air travel agency, 4. IT-related accessories, 5. Office stationery supplies and photocopy and printing services, 6. Transportation Services, 7. Translation Services; and 8. Facilitator Services to facilitate training in Bangladesh. As a result of these RFQs, the Counterpart, PAR Project anticipates issuing a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) - or possibly multiple BPAs from each RFQ — to establish specific pricing levels and parameters for ordering these commodities/services.  This will allow the Counterpart, PAR Project to issue specific ordering documents, on an as-needed basis, for the procurement of these items over the next twelve (12) months. The Vendor shall furnish the supplies/services described in any ordering documents issued by Counterpart under this BPA. Counterpart is only obligated to pay for supplies/services ordered through ordering documents issued under this BPA and delivered by the Vendor in accordance with the terms/conditions of this BPA.

Offerors are responsible for ensuring that their offers are received by Counterpart in accordance with the instructions, terms, and conditions described in this RFQ. Failure to adhere to instructions described in this RFQ may lead to disqualification of an offer from consideration.

Detailed RFQs and Terms of References (ToR) can be downloaded from the following links:

1. PAR_BPA_2019_001, Accommodation, Conference Facilities, Catering in Dhaka, Bangladesh

2. PAR_BPA_2019_002, Air Travel Agency Services in Dhaka, Bangladesh

3. PAR_BPA_2019_003, Catering Services in Dhaka, Bangladesh

4. PAR_BPA_2019_004, Office Stationaries, Photocopy, and Printing supplier in Dhaka, Bangladesh

5. PAR_BPA_2019_005, IT Accessories Supplier in Dhaka, Bangladesh

6. PAR_BPA_RFQ_2019_006_Provision of Transportation Services in Dhaka, Bangladesh 

7. PAR_BPA_RFQ_2019_007_Provision of Translation Services in Dhaka, Bangladesh

8. PAR_BPA_RFQ_2019_008_Provision of Facilitator  Services to Facilitate Training in Bangladesh

Note: Counterpart International reserves the right to accept or reject part/whole of any or all the application without assigning any reason whatsoever.