Call for National Tender

Ref: ITT/ CON/BD/CRAAIN/2021/01
Date: 26 April 2021

Concern worldwide is inviting bids for procuring Chicken and Ducks, Vegetable Seed, Fertilizer and Horticulture sapling from genuine potential vendors for its Collective Responsibility, Action and Accountability for Improved Nutrition (CRAAIN) Consortium projects as per ToR to 25 Union under four Upazilas of Bagerhat District, Bangladesh.

Project Background:

CRAAIN is a European Union (EU) funded three year (2020-2022) consortium programme led by Concern Worldwide, in partnership with JJS, RUPANTAR, and WaterAid being implemented in four Upazlias Sarankhola, Mongla, Kachua and Mollahat. One of the major components of the programme is to support 20,000 nutritionally vulnerable extreme poor households and marginal farmers on homestead gardening and poultry rearing for improved dietary diversity. The programme will develop the capacity the programme participants on the climate smart homestead production, the action will involve support from government offices and private sectors agro input companies to mobilize 125 lead farmers from the local communities. These lead farmers will receive a Training of Trainers (ToT) from the experts from government and private sector experts on climate adaptive techniques for homestead production in saline soil, along with training on poultry rearing, selection of appropriate inputs considering nutritional values, cultivation methods, seasonality, seed production and preservation, minimizing nutrient loss from production to consumption, basic hygiene management, soil management practices, post-harvest management and agro weather forecasting. The 125 lead farmers with the support of the programme will cascade this training down to 20,000 extreme poor households and marginal farmers. The private sector actors will be link to the government extension staff and the lead farmers during the training process so that proper knowledge and technology transfer takes place to establish a sustainable approach during and beyond the project period.

Lots details

Lot # 1 : Poultry Items (Duck Chick & Chicken Chick)

  • Duck Chick 200-250gm
  • Chicken Chick 200-250gm
  • Medicine for duck and chicken chick (saline+WS)
  • Water pot
  • Feed pot

1. Duck Chick 200-250gm (5 pcs per HHS for 8300 HHs)
2. Chicken Chick 200-250gm (5 pcs per HHs for 11700 HHs)
3. Medicine for duck and chicken chick (saline+ WS)
4. Water pot for 20000 HHs (Good Quality)
5. Feed pot for 20,000 HHs (good quality)
Delivery schedule & Quantity as per ToR

Lot # 2 : Seed Items (12 verities):  Vegetable seeds 

  • Sweet gourd, Hybrid (misty kumra) -05 mg  
  • Okra, Hybride (derosh)-20 mg -
  • Indian spinach, Hybride (pui shaka)-20 mg   
  • Snake gourd,Hybrid (chisinga)-10mg
  • Steam Amaranth (data)-20mg
  • Water amaranth (Gima Kolmi)-20mg
  • Wax gourd (Chalkumra)-05gm
  • Bottle Guard (Law)-10 gm
  • Bean (Sim)-20 gm
  • Sweet Potato (misty alu)-500gm
  • Brinjal (Begun)-05gm
  • Radish (mula)-10 gm

12 items per package

Total 11,700 Pack

Delivery schedule & Quantity as per ToR

Lot # 3: Fertilizer & Pesticides (6 verities)

1. Fertilizer (2.5 kg/1.25 kg) 
2. Feed (5kg per packet) 
3. Feed pot,
4. Water Pot,
5. Fungicides (Dithene-M-45/tilt) 10 gm (powder)
6. Pesticides 10 gm (granule)- 2 times 

6 items per package
20000 packs
Delivery schedule & Quantity as per ToR

Lot # 4: Horticulture Sapling (3 verities)

  • Guava plant (payera)-1 pcs
  • Papwa -3 pcs
  • Hog plum (amra)-1 pcs

3 items per package
20000 packs
Delivery schedule & Quantity as per ToR


ToR and other Tender Docs: Click here to Download

For more details specifications and all other relevant information, please follow ToR - available in

Issue dates of schedule

From 26 April to 9 May 2021,

Please obtain from online:

Pre-bid meeting 2 May @11AM through online 
Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 873 1013 0829,     Passcode: 179268Pre-bid meeting registration email:
Submission of Deadline

On or before 9 May 2021 in Bangladesh (GMT 6+) to

Subject: Ref. Ref: ITT/ CON/BD/CRAAIN/2021/01

Tender Opening

10 May 2021 at 2:00PM (GMT 6+) at Concern Bangladesh Office in presence of bidders through online.

Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 845 8052 6289, Passcode: 739578

Tender queries Please write email to
from 27 April – 2 May 2021

Closing Date of Application: 9 May 2021

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