Cash Product Manager

Vacancy: 1

Job Context: Perform Product Management Role for Account Services,Cash product management

Job Purpose:

Purpose of the job is the following:

  • Perform Market Management role for P&R business (Payment & Receivable) in Citibank Bangladesh, and also carry out P&R Product Management responsibilities as required
  • Perform Product Management Role for Account Services, Bangladesh
  • Both Analyst and strategic support to TTS Head on Liquidity Management
  • Perform coordination role as the local Implementation Manager and set up effective liaison between RIM/TIM and clients

Functional Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that all channels to reach clients are effectively operative; ensure that Sales teams are adequately equipped for client discussion on existing and new products.
  • Arrange influential large corporate events. Engage with sales in defining commercialization strategy
  • Drive digital agenda of the bank, select which products to be aggressively sold and which should not be marketed. Design client wise plan to move in automated platform
  • Engage in Country/ Regional Deal Reviews (deal specific fee pricing and input into interest rate pricing, if any), help finalizing the delivery package and pricing of the deal. Present RFP cases and attend clients on complex product/regulatory matters
  • Compliance with local rules & regulations (regulatory updates, risk & control assessments, product program) - ensure absence of regulatory risks and other exposures
  • Monitor Drivers - product wise i.e. MC, DD, EFT, Direct Debit, Virtual Account Monitor client wise thruput and execute strategies to attain optimum revenue
  • Identify opportunities in expense (incurred due to paper process) and executes expense goals - payments are made to payment corr bank to support clients demand drafts at remote location
  • Stay in close touch with stakeholders i.e. Central Bank, NBR for influencing the changes
  • Keep close eye on market development; engage with regulator to implement global solution to build up BD architecture i.e. Virtual Account for RTGS
  • Lead the industry in technological advancement i.e. H2H area, Receivable Automation, CitiDirect BE thru mobile etc
  • Review ongoing ops and tech processes, eliminate challenges that bar smooth client experience. Secure funding for sustainable tech development thru logical escalation
  • Monitor complex transactions ( both regulatory and technical) those are passed either through pre facto or post facto approvals from central bank or through various Citi approvers and act accordingly to resolve the issues
  • Design and Perform MCA/ KRI - Ensure that a strong control architecture is developed and followed
  • Analyze the balance sheet composition and identify the right mix of CA, SND and TD
  • Monitor month end result in liquidity and bring changes for next period
  • Improve spreads through optimizing SND deposit, maximizing CA deposit
  • Analyze competition's rate - rates are to be disclosed thru websites by each bank; Liquidity Management team is the responsible unit to propose revision in rates
  • Complete account opening and maintenance document streamlining in line with global initiatives and local regulatory requirements
  • Discuss with legal and compliance on any exception related to client documentation for account opening and regular operations
  • Front agreement negotiations with clients and ensure local nuances are appropriately captured in such regional/global negotiations

Administrative / Managerial Responsibilities:

  • Help the BP&A function for TTS Head
  • Coordinate COB testing from on ground, in support of the TTS IBC
  • Influence up to get support for change efforts and personalize messages for various audiences
  • Work closely with Ops and tech partners and influence them to work positively for common organizational goal

Employment Status: FullTime

Job Location: Dhaka

Application Deadline: June 27, 2019