The Feed the Future Bangladesh Horticulture, Fruits, and Non-Crops Activity (the ‘Activity’) will contribute to the Government of Bangladesh’s food security objective by increasing private sector capacity to increase productivity and production of quality horticulture, fruits, and non-food crops that meet domestic and international standards.  The Activity started in July 2020 and will end in July 2025 and is implemented by Chemonics International, Inc.
The Activity seeks to contract the services of a consulting firm with expertise on large-scale, complex participant-based or household surveys in the agricultural sector using digital tools to carry out a baseline study of the seven targeted crop market systems in the Feed the Future Bangladesh zone of influence (ZOI) and zone of resilience (ZOR) – total 23 districts. The participant-based study should establish baseline reference values for the three selected Feed the Future Performance Indicators along the seven targeted value chains (Vegetables, Potato, Mango, Banana, Flower, Jute, and Coco-coir):

  • Yield of targeted agricultural commodities among program participants with US government assistance (EG 3-10, -11, -12)
  • Value of annual sales of producers and firms receiving US government assistance (EG 3.2-26)
  • Percentage change in income of target groups as a result of US government assistance (Custom)

The Contractor will be responsible for the following aspects of the study: a) Study design and sampling plan, b) Questionnaire development, c) Equipment and logistics, d) Data collection, e) Data cleaning, f) Data analysis, production of estimates, and g) report writing.

Duration of Services: The expected time frame for the consultancy is on or about July 15, 2021 to on or about September 15, 2021.

The Feed the Future Bangladesh Horticulture, Fruits and Non-Food Crops Activity invites interested consulting firms to express interest in submitting proposals electronically by requesting access to the Activity’s ‘Result Management System (RMS)’ by emailing with the “Baseline Survey Registration” in the subject line, by 17:00 hours, 20 June 2021. Any requests for access after the deadline will not be considered. The email should provide the following:

  • Company name of the bidder
  • Address
  • Name of point of contact
  • Email and Phone number

Each interested bidder will be activated in RMS with a unique username and password credential and notified through email. Access to RMS will enable activated firms to download the detailed Terms of Reference and upload their proposals and supporting documents during the submission period.