Contract Type: Consultancy Services

Contract Nature: Consultancy

Contract Duration: 5th August to 14th August, 2020.

Context of the Assignment:

  • Cyclone ‘Amphan’ is the most destructive ‘super cyclone’ of recently devastating the ways of normal lives of thousands of people in the coastal area of Bangladesh.  After the Cyclone hit the coast of Bangladesh in 21st May, CBM Bangladesh Country Office along with CBM’s Emergency Response Unit (ERU) and Partner organizations CDD and DRRA and ADD International immediately started situation monitoring and conducted Inclusive Rapid Need Assessment (RNA) in their working area which was affected badly. From the report of Inclusive RNA, ERU and country office decided to launch an emergency humanitarian response activity in CBM supported partners’ project locations namely in Burigoalini and Atulia unions of Satkhira district and Southkhali union of Bagerhat district.The Amphan response activity has been initiated with the overall objective of providing coordinated humanitarian support to the most at risk people and their communities of Bagerhat & Satkhira affected by super cyclone Amphan 2020. Activities have been designed to provide support to meet the immediate basic needs of the people severely affected by the cyclone. In doing so, CBMBCO, DRRA and CDD have planned inclusive basic assistance program through unconditional cash transfer which will incorporate the following elements such as conducting vulnerability and market assessment, select beneficiaries by following inclusive targeting criteria, provide multipurpose cash grant, ensure effective post-distribution monitoring and document the learning for sharing with wider stakeholders within the humanitarian sector. This consultancy assignment is being commissioned in order to capture the learning from the project activities and develop a learning document that can be shared with wider stakeholders within the sector.
  • The purpose of this consultancy assignment is to accumulate and document the learning and good practices and evidence from the humanitarian response activities on  inclusive humanitarian multipurpose unconditional cash support to the super cyclone “Amphan” affected most-at-risk families including the families of persons with disabilities implemented by CBM, DRRA and CDD in selected project locations. This document will be shared with national and international level DRR, humanitarian actors, NAWG and cash working group, Department of Disaster Management.


  • Review of relevant project documents.
  • Arrange field visits as and when required.
  • Submit detail work plan with timeframe and responsible individual experts.
  • Learning document preparation methodology with appropriate data collection methods and tools and techniques.
  • Prepare tools like questionnaire, checklist for the field data collection.
  • Hire and train experienced field enumerators for qualitative and quantitative data collection and ensure the quality of data with pictures.
  • Data analysis of Vulnerability & Market access assessment.
  • Data analysis of Post Distribution Monitoring.
  • Prepare and submit draft manuscript of the learning document.
  • In the 1st draft/manuscript, consultant will incorporate the suggestion and feedback from project team.
  • Write case stories and human stories.
  •  Produce final document and submit.


  • At least seven (7) years’ experience with reputed organizations (INGOs, NGOs, UN, and other humanitarian agencies) for documentation.
  • Firm/Individual person should have all legal papers e.g. for consultancy including TIN.
  • Experienced in reporting, learning documentation and publication. Example of previous work and will be added with consultant profile
  • Experienced with study in disaster, emergency response, Cash Transfer programming and basic knowledge of Disability and Disability inclusive DRM.
  • Excellent knowledge, skills and experience in research methodology and statistical analysis.
  • Proven advanced computer skills with strong written, analytical skill
  • Excellent communication skills language proficiency and report writing skill.

Job location:

Base work will be done in the Southkhali, Sharonkhola, Bagerhat and Atulia & Burigoalini, Shyamnagar, Satkhira.

Additional Requirement:

  • CDD, DRRA and CBM BCO will receive the deliverables from the consultant. It will be shared to national level different DRM platform, network and agencies as learning document. From this document national level stakeholder can get a picture of inclusive cash transfer program for fulfilling basic needs in an emergency situation. .
  • Deliverable: The selected firm/individual will be liable to deliver -
    1. Inception report including detail methodology, plan and timeframe
    2. Draft version where cbm, DRRA and CDD will provide feedback for final report.
    3. Final version of “Learning Document” in accessible digital format as well as printed format that including case stories collected from the project catchment areas, relevant high quality action photographs and outcome from the data analysis of Vulnerability and Market assessment
    4. Methodology: The firm/individual will be responsible to develop appropriate methodology in repose to the purpose of the learning documentation, present the methodology to CBMBCO, CDD and DRRA, and all relevant parties need to be agreed upon the methodology. The methodology should be mixed with both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. The selected firm/individual will also be responsible to develop data collection tool if necessary. Firm/individual consultant will be responsible to conduct direct field visit maintaining appropriate safety and hygiene measures and social distancing, especially conducting   and KIIs with the project beneficiaries in the project locations.
      • Firm/individual consultant will need to provide detailed work schedule including when and how data, stories and photographs will be collected by using pre-approved tools or templates by ensuring compliances i.e. prior and informed consent of the beneficiaries in case of collecting stories, interviews and photographs. Data analysis tools, framework and reporting outline should be mentioned in the methodology section of technical proposal. The Learning documentation should capture and appropriately present the disaggregated data by sex, socio-economic condition, disability, types of disability, and age etc.
      • The methodology should also explicitly describe how the documentation process and its outcome will be made accessible for all persons with disabilities. The produced document must adhere to the digital accessibility guidelines. In order to do that the final version of the document must contain alternative text for all photos, tables, charts and other non-text objects. The document must be written using accessible fonts. Using any of the Sens-serif font family with the least size of 12 point will ensure the accessibility of the document. The document must use simple, easy read and dignified language and terms towards persons with disabilities in the narratives. Moreover, the document also need to ensure that the role of women and girls with disabilities are depicted and represented in the document in respectful, responsible and dignified manner. The document should abstain from using any derogatory language, visuals and role of women and girls with disabilities.
      • The consultancy work/assignment must consider safeguarding aspects of children and adults-at-risk as well as safe communication during the entire documentation process where children and adults-at-risk are involved.
      • Case stories, still photography, and interviews taken from the concern of persons with disabilities, project beneficiaries, Organization of Person with Disabilities members and/or relevant others stakeholders must have prior consent in written using prescribed forms following CBM's ‘Safeguarding Children and Adults-at-risk Policy’.

Consultancy Fees including all expenses: BDT 300,000/-.


  • Interested individuals/firms/organizations are requested to send EOI attaching a cover letter to the email: Please mention ‘Expression of Interest’ at the subject line.
  • Interested applicants should provide copy of their TIN certificate, VAT Registration Certificate, work related sample documents and List of Clients including with the EOI. Those are mandatory.
  • VAT & Tax will be deducted as per the Government rules on payments.
  • Deadline to submit the EOI: 2nd August 2020 by 5 PM

B: The hiring authority reserves the right to accept or deny any proposal whatsoever the reason.