CARE Bangladesh
Procurement Department
Date:  19 November, 2020
Dear Concern,

CARE Bangladesh is inviting the interested Potential Vendors/Firms/Company /Companies to submit their quotation (softcopy in non-editable mode (PDF/Scan) in your Organizational letter head Pad or email body) for Hiring Consultant for Value chain & Market system development and livelihood components training module development through email: .

Detail specifications are as follows:

Req. Qty.
Consultant hiring for technical support on livelihood components for study tools development as per TOR.
Consultant hiring for training module development on “Value chain development & Market system development” as per TOR.
  • Last date of submission of quotations /Proposal: On or before 22/11/2020 by 05:00 PM
  • One/Single consultant won’t be considered for the 02 packages, if any firm win the full bid then they have to provide separate team for each package’s. Individual consultant can participate the bidding for a single package only.
  • Both packages consultancy work have to be completed by simultaneously not one by one. It’s      mandatory for the winner firm / consultant.
  • Bid validity: Bid validity have to be mentioned. Please mention your maximum bid validity in your proposal, otherwise will be treated as 90 days.
  • The procurement will be conducted under USAID fund, So VAT coupon will be provided.
  • Interested bona fide individual consultant/consultancy firm having required experience and meeting requirements of each TOR are invited to participate. Request for Proposal and other documents are available in below CARE Bangladesh website:

● CARE Standard Payment Terms are 30 days from receipt of goods or service and a CARE approved invoice by A/C payee cheque.● CARE Bangladesh (BD) does not require to receive any payment in cash or in kind for including a vendor to its Approved Vendor List, invite to submit quotation or for final selection as a supplier for goods and services. Likewise, it also strictly prohibit its employee to demand such payment from a vendor or involvement in any form of conflict of interest. In case of any attempted request for such kind of payment from any employee, as a vendor you are kindly requested to send complaint to CARE BD Country Director (CD) at email account, or any of CARE BD’s senior leaders. Please label the emails as “confidential & privileged”. “Any proposals be submitted to the complaints email, they will be treated as spam and the sender will be blocked which will mean they will not be considered in the future for any submission”. Moreover, the Vendor hereby declares and confirms that it and its employees do not attempt to make such unlawful payment directly or indirectly to CARE employee or allow involvement of CARE employee in any activity that lead to any form of conflict of interest. Such unlawful attempt and involvement shall be a ground for disqualification and blacklisting of the vendor and cancellation of any existing order.”

● CARE Bangladesh reserves the right to accept or reject partially or fully any or all quotations without assigning any reason whatsoever. CARE Bangladesh may not select the lowest bidder, if the quality, specifications etc. are not up to the mark and not bound to provide any explanation about the selection process.