Position Title, Location & Contract Duration

Regional Commodity Logistics Manager (RCLM)

1 position, based under Kishoregonj Field Office

The duration of the proposed contract is up to September 28, 2020

I. Job Summary:  

CARE is one of the world's leading international humanitarian and development organisations, committed to helping people in poor communities improve their lives and alleviate poverty. Founded in 1945, CARE is working across 95 countries to fight global poverty and marginalization. CARE has been active in Bangladesh since 1949 being one of the largest country offices of CARE. CARE works to help people achieve social and economic well-being, while being among the best in their fields. In CARE put women and girls at the center of our work because we know that we cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal rights and opportunities. CARE Bangladesh is currently shifting towards a program approach, where it has developed longer-term impact visions to have more sustainable changes in the lives of the extreme poor and marginalized.

Strengthening Household Ability to Respond to Development Opportunities (SHOUHARDO III) Program is a five-year USAID-funded food security program that started end of September 2015. The aim of the program is to improve gender equitable food security, nutrition and resilience of vulnerable people in target communities from 8 districts and 23 Upazilas in Char and Haor regions by 2020. The program will achieve enduring change for over 1.1 million women, adolescent girls, children under five, men, and youth, through a comprehensive development approach that strategically layers, sequences and integrates technical interventions that meet the immediate needs of the targeted communities while also investing in social, economic, and institutional capital to build a foundation for future food security and resilience. The program will be implemented in partnership with local NGOs with technical support from various GoB departments/units, academia and national/international organizations.

The Regional Commodity Logistics Manager (RCLM) is responsible for commodity movements & management in the different districts under the region through the establishment and implementation of effective systems for transporting, handling, storing, distribution and accounting for commodities will be distributed under SHOUHARDO III Program.  S/he will be responsible for training and overseeing logistical operations at regional and district level warehouse locations in all aspects of commodity handling, storage and transport. The Logistics Manager will be responsible for supervising the full compliance with commodity activities implemented under his region.
S/he will be responsible for the preparation and submission of timely and accurate regional reports to STC-Commodity CARE Bangladesh Dhaka Office commodity management unit. S/he is responsible for the compilation and verification of commodity receipt and dispatch from warehouses, tracking the performance of transporters, minimizing losses in transit, and ensuring timely delivery of commodities to support distributions and activities at project sites, safe transport of commodities. S/He will be responsible to report the operation aspect to RC/designate.

S/he will work with CARE and Partner staff. S/he will supervise Warehouse Officers and Commodity Reporting Officers in field level and provide overall supervision and technical support to ensure timely and accurate commodity reporting following the complex rules and regulation for USAID Title II food aid. He will be providing necessary support to the PNGOs to manage the regional commodity management where partners has role and responsibility. S/he to support to STC-Commodity on regional commodity technical and operation aspect routinely.

II. Responsibilities and Tasks:

      % of Time

Regional Logistics Activities/Operation Management.

20 %

  • Understand the program & donor guidance and policy on commodity management, facilitate that guidance to the CARE and PNGO commodity and management team.
  • Lead the setup of warehouses, casual workers and security guards deployment, logistics assessment, multimodal transporter contracting and FDPs and support to support section in the deployment process.
  • Continue to assess the logistics assessment information between FDP to WHs and WHs to WHs and use for ensuring smooth commodity transportation from warehouses to the FDPs.
  • Review the Internal control set up/activities are in function in warehouse and distribution site management and recommend to STC-Commodity for any adjustment or clarification or guidance needed further.
  • Review and take initiative to ensure the safety and security procedures applicable for warehouse staff, Track the performance status of regional commodity service providers such as Security Company, Transporters, Labor Contractors and other casual workers, fumigation company etc. Work with the support section as applicable for work implementation in due time.
  • Review the warehouse FMPs and ensure adherence of Fumigation Management Plan/donor requirement or program guidance at all warehouses. Supervise of four warehouse officers activities.
  • Provide assistance to partner in distribution sites selection, set up, adopting program distribution procedures/ techniques, review the FDP changing requirement and justification and recommend the alternative as applicable. 
  • Review the warehouse space and ensure the use of warehouse at optimum capacity and minimize the inter transfer of commodities.
  • Prepare monthly PR for multimodal transport and submission to support section.
  • Commodity Logistics Service provider performance evaluation and submit any recommendation to the support section /supervisor or as demand by CBDO.
  • Review the service receiving notes and provide endorsement from program end.
  • Overseeing stock movements and daily operations to ensure accountability of all commodities from delivery at warehouses to distribution sites.
  • Coordinate the required warehouse operational support to the warehouse teams.
  • Review all warehouse fumigation request, FMP and other guided forms or template, actions, endorse the request for CBDO actions, Ensure the compliance is adhered through report review and fumigation activities process review during warehouse visit and through desk review both.
  • Inspect warehouses and FDPs and ensure the standards are in practice and documented properly. Keep the regional management and STC-commodity updated about the warehouse and FDP operation on need or monthly basis for any management decision or information.
  • Review the program guidance’s are in practices on commodity quality assurance, commodity receiving, commodity dispatching, storage system, stacking, clearing, commodity movement, reconstitution, empty bags utilization, sewing machine using, re-stacking, handover takeover documentation, casual worker engagement documentation, warehouse reporting etc.
  • Review the commodity manual guidance is adhere at the warehouses and distribution site and recommend to STC-C where any adjustment is needed with justification.


Responsibility # 2: Distribution Management Facilitation.


  • Coordinate the current month distribution activities and follow up with the CROs and CO for timeline distribution documentation and reporting.
  • Update the monthly distribution document processing document, keep the team in adherence of that plan (PNGO and CARE) as much as feasible.
  • Review the monthly food distribution plan, villages manifest/ ration participants list, reconcile the dispatch advices, transportation plan, transport order, ensure the distribution plan is well-coordinated among warehouse, transporter, FDPs and ration recipients.
  • Review all the districts Dispatch advices, obtain approval, arrange to send to respective warehouse and support section for their action.
  • Ensure that all the distribution documents are handover over to partner NGO colleagues for timely distribution to FDPs.
  • Coordinate and assist the teams to maintain the distribution plan strictly and arrange alternative distribution plan if needed quickly.
  • Take prompt initiatives to report and resolve any problem encountered with warehouse and distribution management. 
  • Assist partner for maintaining monthly distribution document processing calendar by district in line to maintain the monthly reporting timeline to CBDO.
  • Update the monthly distribution progress in weekly basis and update to STC-Commodity by email.


Responsibility # 3: Commodity Reporting and Tracking System Management.


  • Review and approve the monthly district/warehouse commodity reports and information.
  • Consolidated the districts commodity reports, information and analysis, consolidated the district report and prepare regional commodity reports.
  • Consolidate the district BTS, DMS, CTS commodity information/data and prepare reginal report/database for onwards submission to CBDO and regional utilization in commodity management work.
  • Submit the commodity report to CBDO commodity focal/designate on time.
  • Prepare the narrative report on warehouse and distribution management and provide to region/ Dhaka office for monthly/ quarterly/yearly reporting and program implementation progress review action.
  • Review the onsite and end use monitoring observation, coordinate the required action, follow up and assist the team to address the issues, report to CBDO on overall regional action status and unusual issues related to commodity management Provide commodity information as per request.
  • Review all the districts reports and submit to regional management for onwards sending to CBDO.
  • Ensure that all system and documents regarding commodity loss and damage ledger, claim file are maintained and update regularly and claim are settled.
  • Plan the mitigation efforts to address the Field monitoring observation and support to PNGO and CBDO team to enhance the field commodity management efforts and systems.
  • Approve, review, check and verify the commodity reports as per program guidance.
  • Support to implement the online/offline commodity software implementation.
  • Provide commodity information for QPR and ARR as required by regional/CBDO management.


Responsibility # 4: Commodity Planning, Ration Recipient information and ITSH Budget Management.


  • Prepare and analyze commodity pipeline, monitor burn rate and forecast commodity requirements.
  • Extending support/guidance for timely addition/deletion/shifting information update by relevant staff in CARE.
  • Initiate coordination with COs, HHN focal, PM, APM and other regional level management as needed to expedite the validation or approval process of monthly addition/deletion/shifting work.
  • Analyze the addition/deletion/graduation/shifting trend and share that information to the regional management and STC-commodity.
  • Analysis the requirement of regional operational budget, prepare & propose the regional ITSH budget to regional management and CBDO for approval.
  • Monitor, consolidate the district wise ITSH budget expenses status and make available the budget variance explanation and adjustment note to management.
  • Prepare pipeline and ensure optimum inventory of commodity at district by required inter transfer.
  • Prepare the commodity utilization status and motivate the team to achieve the target.
  • Monitor and help to the team to utilize the planned operational budget rationally.
  • Prepare the calendar for regional commodity event, workshop training and be top of the implementation initiative as planned.


Responsibility # 5: Supervision, Capacity building, Field visit, Coordination and liaison.


  • Supervision and performance management of direct reports.
  • Organize and facilitated the training/ workshop for the field commodity team as and when required (PNGO and CARE).
  • Field visit and provide on the job training and guidance to warehouse, reporting and distribution team of PNGO and CARE.
  • Field visit as per program need as and when required or program provide guidance.
  • Coordinate with PNGO project offices and team, warehouse team, warehouse authority, CBDO, support section, regional purpose technical team, M &E team, RCA, CO, PM, APM-Operation/Technical, HHN colleagues and CBDO on commodity management issues.
  • Assist in unrolling the automation M&E system-Commodity part in the fields.
  • Participate in different meeting, workshop at field and other place.
  • Supervise the work of Warehouse officer’s and Commodity reporting officers.
  • Provide day to day guidance and extend support to CARE and PNGO commodity/management team on commodity management.
  • Ensure gender friendly work environment and foster necessary support to female staff.
  • Support to Audit, RC, regional team and STC-Commodity by providing any commodity report, information validation work routinely and adhoc basis time to time.


III. Reporting to:  

Regional Coordinator, SHOUHARDO III Program.

IV. Working Condition:  

The placement will be at Field/Regional Office. The incumbent will require travel to the remote villages under the program areas and to work with the disadvantaged peoples. Meet the challenges of managing a project of large size and complexity. Solicit the cooperation and support of a wide variety of offices and individuals in successfully advancing the project. Negotiation and coordination with different internal and external actors would be an essential element of the job. Required to provide support to CBDO commodity team/management on commodity management operation and technical aspect implementation routinely or adhoc basis.

V. Qualification:

  • 5 - 7 years professional experience, including 3 years of direct supervision of logistics activities, finance, Administration, Donor & GOB/NGO coordination and reporting etc.
  • 3 years’ experience of working in a logistics firm/development organization in managerial position.
  • Master degree in any discipline. Educational qualification may be relaxed for highly experience candidate.
  • Computer skills in Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook.

VI. Core Competencies:

  • Strong financial and administrative management/budgeting skills.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Bengali.
  • Experience in liaison and networking with Government, NGOs, donor agencies, national & international customer and other stakeholders.
  • A good “track record” in demonstrating gender sensitivity in the workplace.
  • Demonstrated analytical/ conceptual skills and innovative thinking.
  • Strong negotiation and influencing skills that bring others (both staff and other participants) on board.
  • Ensure and Promote GEDI and be GEDI sensitive, creating an enabling environment where diversity can flourish and all staff and stakeholders experience inclusion and appreciation.

Candidates need to be highly motivated and committed to CARE Bangladesh’s vision, mission, and long-term development work to significantly improve the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized Candidates must be capable of displaying great learning agility, support and encourage knowledge sharing across projects, for the ultimate benefit of all of CARE’s mission wide initiatives.

Attractive remuneration package will be offered to the really deserving candidate. In addition, CARE offers Provident Fund, Gratuity, Festival Bonus, Leave Encashment, Life and Health Insurance, Working Mother Benefits etc.

Interested candidates meeting the above requirements should apply through CARE Bangladesh’s e-recruitment site: http://www.er-carebangladesh.org/care-recruitment/home on or before June 22, 2019


  • CARE Bangladesh aims to attract and select a diverse workforce ensuring equal opportunity to everyone, irrespective of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, HIV status, class, ethnicity, disability, location and religion.
  • Women are particularly encouraged to apply.
  • Any personal persuasion/phone-call will result in disqualification of candidature. We guarantee an interview to disabled candidates who meet the essential criteria.
  • CARE Bangladesh has a non-negotiable policy of ZERO TOLERANCE towards discrimination, harassment and abuse. All employees are expected to abide by the Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse & Child Protection Policy of CARE Bangladesh.
  • Internal and external applicants shall be treated equally in the entire selection process.
  • There is no cost involved with applying for positions with CARE Bangladesh. Any solicitation of job application costs should be regarded as fraudulent.