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Developing CSR guideline for private healthcare service providers



Background and Introducing PEPSEP:

Project Name Health and Nutrition Voucher Scheme for Poor, Extreme Poor and Socially Excluded People (PEPSEP)” project
Project Location Bangladesh – Savar and Satkhira Municipality
Project duration 1st February 2018 to 31st January 2021
Co-Donor European Union (EU)
Implementing agency and partners The project is led by Dhaka Ahsania Mission with Christian Aid as the Technical Partner

Owing to rapid migration and unplanned urbanization, underprivileged people are living in unhygienic conditions in disadvantaged locations and slum areas with limited access to health care. The urban poor hold jobs that are labor demanding which directly affects their health conditions. Most of them cannot afford healthcare and all of them pay out-of-pocket. This creates a financial barrier to access, resulting in unmet need, or lead to financial hardship for people using health services. Eventually, they are trapped in the vicious cycle of poor health conditions as well as catastrophic illnesses leading to poverty.

In response to these issues, Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) and Christian Aid (CA) are jointly implementing the “Health and Nutrition Voucher Scheme for Poor, Extreme Poor and Socially Excluded People (PEPSEP)” project to address the health and nutrition needs of poor in Urban Bangladesh. The action is directly linked with the global objective of EU-to improve health and nutrition status of the urban poor in Bangladesh through sustainable, integrated and comprehensive provided and managed in the coordinated nation urban health delivery system.  The main characteristics of the project beneficiaries is that all of them are in below poverty level (BPL) families under the Govt. existing identification criteria of Poor, Extreme Poor, and Socially Excluded People.

Since February 2018, PEPSEP project is working with 31 private health care service providing institutions (hospital, clinic, diagnostic centre) in Savar and Satkhira municipality to provide free healthcare through voucher scheme for 6417 households with 32087 beneficiaries.

Most of the Private Healthcare Service Providers (PHSP) are willing to continue the goodwill of the project by providing subsidised and low-cost healthcare services for the BPL people in their area though their corporate social responsibility (CSR) using the framework and software of the existing PEPSEP project. In order for this to happen, they need a proper guideline for their CSR policy.

Purpose of the work:

On behalf of PEPSEP project, Christian Aid is developing a guideline for PHSPs on corporate social responsibility (CSR), for providing services for poor, extreme poor and socially excluded people in their geographical location.

Based on the guideline, PEPSEP project will carry out advocacy work with PSHPs (hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres etc) of Savar and Satkhira municipalities to encourage them to provide subsidised and low-cost health care services for the poor, extreme poor and socially excluded people which will contribute to design a model for urban health support.

How to apply:

Interested individuals / Consulting agencies are requested to submit their technical proposal and financial proposal along with TIN certificate/VAT registration (if application),  and one sample of previous work related to this assignment ( guideline focusing on CSR for healthcare service provider) on or before September 24, 2020, via email:  with the subject line –

Developing CSR guideline for private healthcare service providers”.

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