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Develop and customize Modules and Conduct Training for Government Officials


Christian Aid Bangladesh is initiated a project called – “The Combatting Gender Based Violence in Bangladesh (CGBV)” under the commission of UN Women, funded by Global Affairs Canada. The project focuses on primary prevention, stopping violence before it occurs, as it is a strategic approach to ending violence against women and girls. The project recognizes that prevention of violence requires sustained and comprehensive action at individual, family, organizations and societal levels. CGBV intends to create a holistic framework of integrated and mutually reinforcing intervention to address the underlying causes and drivers of violence against women and girls; make duty bearers accountable to comply with international and national obligations addressing violence against women and promote their equal status in the society. Simultaneously, the Project is enhancing the capacity of civil society to advocate and influence policies for a violence free society and strengthen women’s voice and agency. The project is also engaging and partnering with district based and high-level leadership of key institutions such as local government and workplaces to prevent and address violence against women. Finally, the project is creating a strong and expanded knowledge base system to inform prevention policy and programming.

Under the light of this background, Christian Aid, Bangladesh aims to facilitate 03 days training at three districts of Bangladesh on – “Gender-Responsive Violence Against Women (VAW) Prevention in Local Government exclusively for District and Sub-District Level Government institutions in Bangladesh”. Moreover, the project has developed a training manual and the manual intends to build capacity of local government officials and public representatives including Deputy Commissioner’s (DC) office employees, officials of government departments at district level, Nari Nirjatan Protirodh Committee (NNPC) Members; and Government Officials and Public Representatives at District, Upzila and Union Level. The will pave the way for increased capacity and accountability of local level duty bearers to effectively prevent VAW.
Purpose of the evaluation

The training will be held at three districts of Bangladesh with Local Governments High Officials by aiming at boosting CGBV project meet its goal and strategic approach of preventing violence against women. Therefore, the purpose of this training as following:

  • To enable LG high officials to understand the gender concepts and gender mainstreaming, Deepening understanding of VAW as a gender and development issue; and practicing gender analysis as LG core activities.
  • To enable the officials to understand and take into account VAW prevention and response as an urgent issue and its impacts on larger scale. Clear understanding on sociological framework and the risk and protective factors for VAW; opportunities and challenges in VAW prevention and response in Bangladesh; and role of local government in VAW prevention and response.
  • To support the LG officials with exclusive understandings of good local governance and Human Right Based Approach (HRBA) concepts, principles and practices in relation to VAW. developing mechanisms and improving district / sub-district coordination for VAW prevention and response; Gender Responsive Budgeting &Planning (GRB&P) concepts, GRB&P for VAW and M&E framework.
  • To develop training session and exercise tools following the international standards with easy and understanding way.

How to apply

Interested individuals/Consulting agencies are requested to submit their technical proposal and financial proposal along with TIN certificate/VAT registration (if application),  and one sample of previous work related to this assignment (module for GOB offcials) on or before July 15, 2020, via email  with the subject line “ Develop and customize Modules and Conduct Training for Government Officials”

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