Request for Proposal (RFP)

For:     For curation of roundtable for the launch of ‘Disability Arts Theatre’ project

Date: 10/29/2019

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2   Introduction and Background to the Project / Programme


The Government of Bangladesh, after successfully achieving the Millennium Development Goals, has a strong commitment towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals to establish an inclusive society. The newly elected government has reaffirmed its prioritisation of the disability sector and other disadvantaged sectors to ensure an inclusive growth for Bangladesh.

British Council Bangladesh’s priority is to contribute to the development of more stable, inclusive and open societies in Bangladesh. British Council Bangladesh Arts programming, focusing on the theme Arts for Social Change - has created a solid track record of using arts as a tool to bring positive socialchange. We have been the pioneer in working with the first ever disability theatre in Bangladesh.


A number of development projects focusing on the disability sector have been delivered in Bangladesh. A good number of NGOs, development partners and organisations dedicated to the welfare of disabled people are working in this sector in Bangladesh. Most of these projects were designed to develop traditional life/livelihood skills of disabled individuals. Although these approaches have been successful in better livelihood for the beneficiaries, hardly any projects have addressed the issue of general perception about the disability sector.

There has always been a disconnect in society between persons with disabilities and those without. The main reason for this is that disability is perceived as a taboo, as something to be ashamed of. The social stigma about disability is worse in suburban and rural areas of Bangladesh, with families placing physical and psychological restrictions on disabled members on interacting with the wider society. Disability thus creates tensions and places obstacles in the way of achieving an inclusive and harmonised society. The Disability Arts project will work to dispel the social stigma associated with disability, and build a bridge between arts, disability and society.

Arts has always been appreciated by Bangladeshis as a medium of expression and artists have been accepted with positive image in wider Bangladeshi societies. This project on Disability Arts will work build on that goodwill towards creating positive perception changes regarding disability and empowering disabled people through innovative approaches. It will bring the arts and the disability communities together using arts as medium to build their confidence, develop their creative skills and connect with the wider society positively.


The overarching aim of this project is to engage the disability and arts sector together for a mutually beneficial outcome that will empower the people with disabilities to connect with the wider society confidently by creating a sustainable platform for new innovative arts practices. This disability arts project will have five key specific objectives:

  1. Empower the people with disability by developing their core creative skills, specifically focusing on arts, to boost their confidence to connect with the wider society positively.
  2. Develop the artists and arts organisations’ skills to equip them to be able to work with people with disability.
  3. Support the creation of a sustainable national platform to share the best practices and develop skills and knowledge by connecting with South Asian and the UK’s disability arts practitioners.
  4. Support the local artists and disability communities with improved communication, to engage with local and national institutions for reducing barriers towards achieving an inclusive society.

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Application Deadline: 9 November, 2019