Terms of Reference
TOR for Telecommunication system enhancement consultant

In 2008, BRAC installed IP Multi way digital PABX with 128 + 1800 line capacity at BRAC head office. The current PABX has almost finished its connectivity due to the increase of BRAC HO requirements. It is to be noted here that BRAC Head Office PABX Network is providing telecom facilities to inter departmental and sister organizations within BRAC HO communication network area. In the present position BRAC PABX is too old and its operational system spare along with others fast moving spares is unavailable due to discontinuation by the manufacturing company.

Therefore, we are taking preparation to enhance the telecom system under the following TOR.


Modernization of BRAC Tele-communications systems.

Scope of Work

The scope of works may include the following:

  • Need to assess the vulnerability of the existing PABX system to understand the current risk factor and future compatibility with the latest technology.
  • Develop a Methodology to collect the existing number of caller ID trunk port/ EI Signaling port /IP trunk port / SIP trunk port which are currently used by BRAC telecommunication. Need to submit standard ratio report of the trunk ports compared to the number of users.
  • Need to Collect data related to (Technical specifications: capacity, service features, Expansion capability etc. and road-map)   existing NEC 2400 IP exchange.
  • Assess the future need (all the latest technology BRAC telecom department want to introduce for the internal employees) of the BRAC telecommunication system and submit the BOQ to the management.
  • Prepare a Cost Benefit analysis report for introducing Full IP vs Hybrid system. 
  • Preparation of Generic Technical Specification incorporating all the features required by BRAC telecommunication so that all renowned brands can participate in the bidding process.
  • Discussing and collecting feedback with Prospective Bidders regarding Draft Technical Specification for higher participation. As per meeting munities changes should be reflected in the final Draft specification.
  • Presenting the BRAC Final Draft Technical Specification to the BRAC management.
  • Preparation of Final Technical Specification incorporating all the features required by BRAC and take approval from BRAC authorities.
  • Declaring the Possible budget for implementing the project.
  • Vetting the final RFQ before floating it with the vendors.
  • Technical Evaluation of the Quotations based on the final specification and RFQ clauses.

Please submit the Proposal on January 20 , 2021 by 2.30 p.m. by email to procurement@brac.net  to be written = in the subject line “Proposal for consultancy service for Telecommunication system enhancement” For LoI related information: (contact person: Masrur Jahan cell:01917747167)

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