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Terms of Reference
‘Producing a Short Video/Documentary on Legal Empowerment and Gender Diversity’


  1. BLAST is one of the leading legal aid services organizations in Bangladesh, and the only one that provides access to legal aid across the spectrum, from the frontlines of the formal justice system to the apex court. It prioritises support to women, men, gender diverse people and children living in poverty or facing disadvantage or discrimination. It also provides legal aid, advice and representation across a range of areas, including civil, criminal, family, labour and land law, as well as on constitutional rights and remedies, providing access to judicial remedies alongside alternative dispute resolution wherever appropriate. Alongside individual legal aid, BLAST undertakes strategic litigation, or public interest litigation, as a key part of its advocacy for law and policy reforms to ensure effective legal protection of rights;
  2. BLAST is implementing the project titled: Legal Empowerment and Gender Diversity (LEGD).
  3. BLAST intends to produce a video documentary on (hereinafter referred as ‘Work’).


Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST) is currently implementing “Legal Empowerment and Gender Diversity (LEGD)” project to develop the capacity of gender diverse communities, particularly members of Hijra community, to understand legal vulnerabilities and to develop capacity to seek redress and access resources and services for the community.

This video documentary will project their every lives, the challenges, their stories, the barriers they face to access their rights. The video documentary will be used in different workshops and seminars to act as advocacy material for inclusive gender practices and behaviour towards the gender diverse community.


  • The Consultant shall commence the work on the day of signing of the contract and complete it within Five weeks.

The 'rough cut' and ‘final version’ will be submitted to BLAST by awarded firms/organisation after final evaluation.

  • The Consultant will develop scripts for producing a documentaries (about 3-5 minutes long) for communication and dissemination activities on the issue of Gender diversity, gender equality, sexual and health rights, human and fundamental rights and barriers for exercising these rights. The documentary should highlight the real challenges and provoke awareness amongst everyone. This documentary would be used as a tool for targeted advocacy and effective communication to protect the rights of gender diverse community people.
  • Based on the script developed, upon clearance from BLAST, the Consultant will produce the documentary.
  • The film will be produced according to following phases:
  • Submission of script one week.
  • The shooting period, which will last one working week including travel time.
  • The post production work, which will last approximately one week to two weeks. During this time the documentary will be edited and graphics created and placed. The total production period from start to finish will be approximately one month.
  • One week for review, feedback approval of script, rough cut and final version.
  • BLAST will be provided with three opportunities to make comments on the documentary – rough cut and fine cut (dates to be determined). The consultant will make necessary edits to the documentary based on feedback provided by the BLAST team. One representative of BLAST will provide feedback within 48 hours of receiving the rough and fine cuts of the documentary.
  • BLAST will be responsible for providing research material not limited to written materials on the subject, specific locations for filming and specific characters to interview. BLAST will assist the team in getting access to the characters and helping with logistics.


The methodology will be described in the proposal for processing to ensure a smooth implementation process which results in a high quality end result. The consultant/agency require to propose detail methodology of these assignment.


Any studies, reports, video footage, or other material, graphic, software, music prepared by the Consultant under the contract shall belong to and remain the property of BLAST.


The Consultant SHALL NOT ASSIGN this work or any portion of it to any other third party without BLAST's prior written consent. Additionally, consultant will be obliged to disclose the identities and qualifications of any other persons that will be involved in the Consultant’s production and writing team in any way. Failure to do so will be considered a violation of the terms of the agreement.


It is expected that the competency of the contracted agency/consultant will include:

  • At least 5 years of experiences in creative analysis video making with add Bangla subtitle and Bangla voice over.
  • Sound knowledge on international human rights law of equality and discrimination and related national laws and policies, particularly those pertaining to gender diverse.
  • Experience in working with people from gender diverse community will be a preference.
  • Strong creative analysis and video editing skills.


The interested consultant/agency shall have to submit a detail proposal outlining:

  • Agency profile/CVs and cover letter of the consultant and all requisite project members.
  • Relevant documents which proves 5 years’ experience of making  video and documentary making, such as work order, acknowledgement letter, agreement/contract,

c)   Portfolio with sample video outputs if available compressed and sent as zip folder.
d)   Client list with reference, name, address, phone, email.


Any clarification regarding Terms of Reference (ToR) will be contacted at or send hard copy to BLAST Head Office within 18 July 2019.
Application will be submitted within 21 July 2019 through email, post or by hand at following contact details.


Head Office:

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