• Age 20 to 25 years
  • Programming skills in Python/C++
  • Basic statistical knowledge
  • OOP Knowledge
  • Preferred to have hands-on experience/knowledge of Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, etc.
  • Good Database/SQL Query Language skills
  • Project experience (academic or professional) in AI or ML or Data Science is preferred
  • Good algorithm and problem-solving skills
  • Must possess DATA ANALYTICS and quantitative skill
  • Good data visualization skill is preferred
  • Ability to work in different development platforms.

Educational Requirements
  • Bachelor in Engineering (BEngg) in CSE, Bachelor of Science (BSc) in EEE, Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Statistics
  • Skills Required: Python, SQL, Data Science, OOP, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib

Job Description / Responsibility

  • Assisting with research and development of AI and ML algorithms and models.
  • Collaborating with senior engineers and data scientists to develop and deploy AI and ML systems.
  • Conducting experiments and running simulations to test and evaluate AI and ML models.
  • Analyzing and interpreting data to identify patterns and insights that can be used to improve AI and ML models.
  • Writing code and scripts to implement and optimize AI and ML algorithms.
  • Contributing to the development of software applications that incorporate AI and ML technologies.
  • Keeping up to date with the latest developments in AI and ML technologies and applying this knowledge to improve work processes and products.

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Application Deadline : June 6, 2023