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Assignment title: A  Baseline Study on Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation & Health to achieve integrated & sustainable WASH and Waste Management Service for Sakhipur Municipality Project.
Description: BASA is looking for an experienced fieldwork team with a good balance of quantitative and qualitative experience. The Consultant(s) will be in charge of undertaking field work, data collection, documentation and reporting.
Location: Sakhipur Municipality of  Tangail District
Duration and timing: 8 weeks from the date of contract signing (Please see section-8)
Fee Rate and Total Fees: The Consultant/agency has to provide the rate and fees with a detailed Budget Breakdown including VAT, Tax and other related fees of Govt. (if applicable).

Background and Purpose of the assignment:

Bangladesh Association for Social Advancement (BASA) is working in Sakhipur municipality of Tangail district with the support of Water Aid Bangladesh, since 2010 in a water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) project in partnership with Sakipur municipality. Under this project, as a part of environmental development initiatives, a co-composting plant was constructed to deal with wastes generated from faecal sludge, solid wastes and poultry litters in Sakhipur. The municipal authority is so much ambitious for delivering effective waste collection and sanitation services and safe disposal of all collected wastes to make their city clean, green and climate resilient. Integrated management system is prevailing in the city like Source generation, collection, transportation, Disposal and most importantly reusing municipal solid waste and faecal sludge to make valuable end product compost which has high demand among the farmers. Also we are developing PPP (Public Private Partnership) by including private sector like sanitation entrepreneur, waste entrepreneur in to the whole chain process and supporting them by providing loans.

At this situation, BASA has taken a plan to conduct a baseline survey at Sakhipur Municipality to know about the current status of containment, collection and transportation, and treatment and reuse of faecal sludge and solid waste to make an efficient plan for smooth operation of the project activities. The survey is expected to help strengthening the foundation of the FINISH Mondial project being implemented by BASA in Sakhipur Municipality.

Submission Details:

Electronic copy of the proposal duly signed should be submitted to with the subject line: Proposal for Baseline Survey-FM by no later than 05 August, 2020.

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