for capturing the process of project implementation, achievements, best practice, challenges, lesson learn, case stories of ASTHA project, ASK

Project Title : ASTHA: Strengthening Access to Multi-sectoral Public Services for GBV Survivors in Bangladesh
Implementing Organization : Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK)
Technical Partner : United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
Donor : Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN)

A. Background:

Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK), a national legal aid and human rights organization, provides legal and social support to the disempowered people; particularly women and girls, working children and workers. Its goal is to protect and promote human rights of the disempowered and disadvantaged people through community activism and social mobilisation, capacity building, legal services, advocacy and policy intervention, by using rights-based approach that encompasses the principles of human rights, equality, equity, secularism, rule of law, social justice and democracy.

Aligning with the goal, Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) is implementing a four year long project starting from 2018 named, 'ASTHA: Strengthening Access to Multi-sectoral Public Services for GBV Survivors in Bangladesh' funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands with technical support from United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). ASTHA project aims to strengthen government (GoB) and civil society organisations’ (CSOs) efforts to reduce Gender-based Violence (GBV) and increase utilization of multi-sectoral response services in four districts – Bogura, Cox’s Bazar, Jamalpur and Patuakhali of Bangladesh for nation-wide replication. To achieve the goal, ASTHA project has determined two outcomes: Increased access to multi-sectoral response services for survivors of GBV, and Increased awareness among community members on harmful gender norms and behaviours that perpetuate violence.

Purpose of the assignment:

Purpose of the assignment is to “capture the process of project implementation (describing the referral linkage with multi sectoral departments and CSOs, GBV case management especially in the development setting), achievements, best practices, challenges, lesson learnings and the case stories of ASTHA project”. All these documentations will be used to prepare the project closing report as well as to publish in a coffee table book for widely circulate to the donor, multi-sectoral stakeholders, CSOs and media as well as for future program design on GBV case management and referral linkage especially in the development setting rather than humanitarian setting. The document also be shared in different advocacy meeting as well as project closing meeting.

B. Method of the work

The scope of work and expected outputs/deliverables will be the following:

  • Review and analyze all the necessary documents of ASTHA project which includes:
  • Project proposal and result framework, progress reports, training reports, event reports, campaign report, awareness raising report etc.
  • Annual report of ASTHA project for the year of 2018, 2019, 2020
  • Case stories captured by ASTHA project staff
  • Yearly presentations
  • Visit four working areas of ASTHA project (Bogura, Cos’s Bazar, Potuakhali and Jamalpur), visit major project interventions which includes community visit, meeting with NNPC member from Union to districts, visit Women Help Desk at upazila police stations, Court Help Desk at district court premises, meeting with youth and adolescent, visit with the participants of tea stall meeting, couple who received training, ward group member etc. Conduct interview with different participants and stakeholders to capture their insights and learning and document the best practices shared by the participants.
  • Conduct interviews with DWA officials, police, social welfare, and health department’s officials at upazila and district level, District Legal Aid Officer, representative of CSOs to capture testimonial and quote regarding the ASTHA project’s impact on the ground. District level local partner team will support to organize the meeting.
  • Conduct series of meetings(as per requirement) with district level staff at field and ASTHA project-ASK team at Dhaka to know lesson learn, challenges, case stories which required for preparing the documentation.
  • Conduct interview with UNFPA officials
  • Conduct interviews for the selected case stories in four districts. Method of interview and prepare case stories will be finalized through discussion with the ASTHA Project team-ASK
  • Share the draft document with ASTHA project- ASK team and UNFPA for incorporating their comments.

C. Deliverables:

  1. An action plan mentioning the time line and method
  2. A full report which includes the process of project implementation (describing the referral linkage with multi sectoral departments and CSOs, GBV case management especially in the development setting), achievements, best practices, challenges, lesson learnings and the case stories of ASTHA project. The full document has to be audited by a professional editor.
  3. All report of consultation with staff and different community people and stakeholders.

D. Time Frame/duration of the consultancy

The consultancy will be carried out by Submission of the final report by 16 of August 2021

E. Required competency of the consultant/firm/organization:

Education: Master degree in Gender/GBV, Law, Gender Studies, Development Studies, Public Policy, Social Sciences, or equivalent

Experiences: At least 7-10 years of professional expertise in one or more field of gender, gender-based violence, human rights, reproductive health, child protection and rights

  • Experience in designing coordination system, referral system, rights based programmes, multi sectoral /integrated programme approach will be an asset
  • Skill and experience to document project implementation process, lesson learn, challenges, best practices of different development organizations
  • Understands and applies survivor-centered approach; the principles of case management;
  • Critically analyzes context, trends and vulnerabilities of GBV survivors;

F. Administration and Coordination

The consultants will work directly with Expert Communication & Advocacy of ASTHA Project, ASK and closely work with Team Leader of ASTHA Project, ASK. ASTHA Project focal of UNFPA will be provided technical support to this assignment.

Sexual harassment and Child Protection Policy
The firm/organization/individual shall comply with the sexual harassment and child protection policy of ASK. Any violation/deviation is in complying with ASK's sexual harassment and child protection policy will result in termination of the agreement. 

G. Disclaimers

ASK reserves the right to accept or regret any or all proposal without any reason what so ever.

H. Budget and Mode of Payment

The consultant will receive the agreed amount in BDT 10,63,000.00/- (Ten Lac and Sixty Three Thousand Taka) only including VAT and tax for the task. The payment will be made by three installments 1st Instalment 20% after submitting the inception report, 2nd Instalment 40% after delivering the consultation reports, 3rd Instalment 40% following submission and acceptance of the final report.

I. Apply Procedure

ASK invites application from reputed firm/agency/organization/individual consultant. Include lead consultant/team members brief CV highlighting related assignment completed and role in the completed assignments; organization’s/Firm’s Certificate, TIN and VAT registration and documents in favor of the previous relevant tasks. The application in one envelope which must be sealed with a cover letter addressing the Executive Director, Ain o Salish Kendra, 2/16, Block-B, Lalmatia, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh. The interested consultant/firm can by apply through online to: ask@citechco.net. The application to be submitted at ASK office not later than June 22, 2021.5:00PM EST.

General conditions

  • ASK as well as ASTHA team will have the copyright of all the results and documents elaborated under this assignment. Any publication also in extracts needs prior approval of ASK.
  • ASK reserves the right to disagree with any incomplete work and consequently ASK may retain the last installment of the remuneration.
  • The contracting authorities also reserve the right to amend this contract at any time according to the necessity of the project given prior communication.
  • The contract may be terminated if the consultants are found non-compliant to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Visit www.askbd.org to know detail about ASTHA project