Terms of Reference (ToR)
Consultancy support on Youth Organizational Development

Project Title: Y - Moves
Partner Organization: Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK)
Technical Partner: Plan International Bangladesh
Donor: SIDA

1. Introduction about the Organizations

Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK)

ASK was established in 1986 as a national legal aid and human rights organization. Initially ASK’s work was limited to providing free legal services to the disempowered particularly women, working children and workers in Dhaka city. But over the last thirty-fouryears, ASK has evolved a more comprehensive approach to the promotion, protection and prevention in the area of legal and human rights. ASK’s strategies to promote human rights awareness and community activism; offer legal aid through mediation and litigation while survivors are given psycho-social counseling; investigations into human rights violations and their documentation are supplemented by research which together lead to media campaigns to defend human rights, and public interest litigation for law and policy reform.

Plan International Bangladesh

Founded in 1937, Plan International is a development and humanitarian organization that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. Plan International strive for a just world, working together with children, young people, our supporters, and partners in over 70 countries in order to fulfill this ambition. Plan International Bangladesh has been operating in Bangladesh since 1994, helping marginalized children to access their rights to health, sanitation, education, livelihoods and protection. Plan International is independent, with no religious, political or governmental affiliations. Plan International Bangladesh prioritizes Influencing works in three key areas (child, early and forced marriage, Girls in Crisis and Safe Spaces for Girls and Young Women) whereby young women and girls hold an inequitable disadvantaged.

Youth for Change Bangladesh (YFC-BD)

Youth for Change Bangladesh (YFC-BD) is a part of the global youth-led coalition of youth activists titled "Youth for Change" working in partnership with organizations and governments to create positive change in society. Youth for Change launched in 2015 as a project of Plan International and became an independent entity since 2018. YFC currently has organizations based in Bangladesh, UK & Tanzania. We believe young people have unique insights, experiences, and recommendations that can make decision making more effective. Our mission is to ensure young people are influencing policy decisions that have immense effects on their lives. From this aspiration, Youth for Change Bangladesh decided to collaborate with other youth-led organizations/young people/adult-led organizations to build a coalition where the young people will get a safe space to express themselves, take some decisions, design their own campaigns, and contribute to the society jointly. Till now Youth for Change Bangladesh has collaboratively organized campaigns and outreach sessions on different domains such as gender, SRHR, climate change, health, and youth development all over Bangladesh. The activities of Youth for Change Bangladesh have helped them to achieve awards and mentions from the UN, Royal Commonwealth Society, and Girls Not Brides. Youth for Change Bangladesh has been registered as a youth organization under the Dept. of Youth Development, Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Government of Bangladesh in 2019.

Youth Engagement for Sustainability in Bangladesh (YES BD)

Youth Engagement for Sustainability (YES), Bangladesh is a Youth led, Nationwide, non-governmental and non-profit organization which is working since 2018. YESBD got registered as a separate and independent organization in Bangladesh from Department of Youth development in Dhaka under the Ministry of Youth and Sports which registration no. is Dhaka-66.YESBDfocuses on empowering young people to make apositive impact on society and country.

2. About the Project

ASK is implementing a project name Y-Moves in partnership with PLAN International Bangladesh and funded by SIDA. The project’s impact is to “contribute to building a dynamic and inclusive civil society working towards advancing young people especially girls’ rights to participation, protection and sexual reproductive health in Bangladesh”. To achieve the impact of Y- Moves project; it has determined three outcomes:
Outcome 1: Agency of adolescents and young people, particularly girls and young women increased to act as change agents to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and prevent sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV).

Outcome 2: Capacity of civil societies, including child and youth led networks, have strengthened to hold the state accountable on commitments to promote SRHR and prevent SGBV at national and district level.

Outcome 3: Duty bearers and community gate-keepers are responsive to implement policies and programs for the promotion of young people's SRHR and prevent SGBV at national, district and sub-district level.

Project Strategies:
Strengthening capacities
Partnership and collaboration
Evidence generation and sharing
Social norms change

3. Rationale of this work

Bangladesh has a 47.6 million young people, more than 30 percent of the total population of Bangladesh is those between the ages of 10 to 24 years (State of World Population Report 2014). Y-MOVES will contribute to building a dynamic and inclusive civil society working towards advancing young people especially girls’ rights to participation, protection and sexual reproductive health in Bangladesh.

It is based on the premise that adult civil society actors in Bangladesh need to work in partnership with young peoples’ organizations/platforms to effectively influence government stakeholders to implement policies and programmes that caters to the needs of young people on issues of SRHR and protection from SGBV.

At the organizational level, youth organizations need to enhance their internal accountability and capacity to operate e.g. administrative capacity, established routines for planning, implementation, follow-up and reporting of results in adequate and transparent ways, resource mobilization. At the same time youth organizations need to support more gender-transformative and inclusive structures and processes in place to promote girls participation and leadership.

Considering the above-mentioned project modalities, the project has determined to make a difference in improving organizational development of two youth lead organizations YFC and YES BD. The project has planned to strengthen organizational capacities of YFCand YES BD, strengthen their collaboration withother youth organizations/platforms/other civil society actorsand thus will create positive social norms around SRHR and participation of girls and young women in decision making processes. The project has partnered with partner with YFC and YES BD who are working at the national level, with other civil society organizations/platforms and work in marginalized communities to deliver this change. By developing organizational capacity to influence decision makers through collective actions, these civil society actors (YES BD and YFC) will have a stronger voice and will play the role of key driver of change in promoting SRHR and protection rights of young people.Thus, the project will make a difference in improving status of sexual and reproductive rights of young people through developing organizational capacity of YES BD and YFC to hold Government accountable in delivering quality SRHR and SGBV services and changing social norms around SRHR of young people.

4. Objectives of this work

The main objective of this consultancy is to support and guide the Organizational Development process of two youth organisations-YES BD and YFC and to support them to build their organizational structures that are inclusive and promote leadership among young people.
The objectives of this consultancy service are:

  • To develop the Human Resource Management guideline for YES BD and YFC for Human Resource Management.
  • To develop the Financial Management guideline for YES BD and YFC which includes Procurement Management and Accounting System for financial management of the organisations.
  • To develop the Strategic Planning including advocacy strategydocument for YES BD and YFC.

5. Scope of the work

The consultant will be required to:

  • Develop technical proposal including understanding the assignment, methodology or how they will do the work, time frame, expertise work experience, previous sample work, clients/orgnisations they have worked, work plan. The technical proposal report clarifies the ToR and sets common understanding between the consultant and the Y-Moves Project of ASK; and is the operational document for the consultancy, which will use to determine the required inputs for the development and delivery of the outputs of the consultancy.
  • After getting the task and fully understanding the task they will provide an inception report detailing the methodology of work.
  • Conduct an organizational assessment of YES BD and YFCconsideringthe project proposal, logical framework, ToC and other project related document of Y- Moves project.Also assess YFC and YES BD requirements for their Strategic Planning and guidelines development.
  • Conduct interview with concerned staff of Y-Moves Project staffs of Plan International Bangladesh and ASK, management team and board members of Youth Organizations, development partners and other key stakeholder including primary beneficiaries.
  • Conduct need assessment workshop(s) with YFC and YES BD (including their general members)to assess the needsin drafting guidelines and Strategic Planning, to ensure a board ownership and a strong consensus throughout the process.
  • Facilitate twoworkshop(s) with YFC and YES BD to validate the draft guidelines and strategic planning.
  • Incorporate feedback of ASK and Plan International Bangladesh and two youth organisationsto finalize the guidelines and Strategic Planning.
  • Finalize the above-mentioned guidelines and strategic planning document and guide the Youth Organizations how to operationalize the same within the organizations.
  • The consultant must understand and follow Plan’s partnership guidelines for youth organizations and methodologies of partnering with youth organizations (Attachment - 1 )

6. Indicative periods

The consultancy should be undertaken in one block of time starting from November 2020.  In any event, all work, including the deliverables, should be completed by March 2021.  The deadline for final submissionis 31st March; but the contract will end on 15th April 2021, to keep a buffer time to cover any unintended situation.

7. Major Deliverables

  • Submission of the technical proposal with work plan and financial proposal.
  • Submission of the inception report with detailed methodology.
  • Need assessments report based on consultation, interview and workshop with YES BD, YFC, ASK and Plan International Bangladesh.
  • Submission the draftguidelines and organization wise strategic planningbased on consultation, interview and workshop with YES BD, YFC, ASK and Plan International Bangladesh.
  • Submission of the final version of Financial, Procurement and Human Resource guidelines and strategic planning documentsbased on consultation, interview and workshop with YES BD, YFC, ASK and Plan International Bangladesh.
  • All versions of the final documents need to deliver both in electronic and  printable copies.
  • Final payment will be made after assessment and approval by  the Y-Moves project of ASK.

8. Supervisory arrangement

The consultant will work closely with the Project Coordinator of Y-Moves Project of ASKin carrying out the duties detailed above. The deadlines for each of the deliverables are mentioned above and should be adhered to without exception.

9. Consultant’s qualification and experiences

The consulting firmor a team of consultant(s) should have a blend of expertise with relevant experiences in organizational development, strategic planning, and policy& manualdevelopment, Human Resource and Financial Manual development andyouth organization policies and guidelines inSRHR and SGBV sector targeting youth/adolescent with marginalized groupandexperiences in facilitating need assessment and validation workshops.

  • The consultancy firmor consultant(s) need to have relevant technical knowledge, skills and extensive work experience in organizational policy/guideline development;
  • Should have experience in developing organizational strategic planning;
  • Good drafting of report & other doccuments;
  • Experince of working in tight timeline;
  • Good understanding about supporting youth organizational development and action to ensure while working with children, adolscentand youth;
  • Experience to work on youth issues, knowledgeable on government policiesand contemporary global and national youth development perspectives.
  • Team should consist of person/experts who should have professional knowledge and experience on organizational strategic planning and advocacy strategy development.
  • Team should consist of finance background person/experts who should have professional knowledge on finance, accountingand procurement with similar work experience should be included in the team;
  • Team should consist of person/experts with professional work experience in Human Resource with strong knowledge on HR policy/guideline development especially for youth organizations.
  • Team should have similar work experience especially organizational policy/guideline development.

10. Child Protection Policy

The firm/organization/individual shall comply with the Code of Conduct and Child Protection Policy of ASK/Plan International Bangladesh. Any violation/deviation is in complying with ASK/Plan International Bangladesh's child protection policy will result in termination of the agreement. Orientaion on relevent policy will be arranged for the selected consultant and the consultant will have to sign the Acknowledge form of the relevent policy.

11. Disclaimers

ASK reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposal/applications without any reason whatsoever. Beside this, ASK reserves the right to reject all proposal/applications in case of link/involvement in terrorism or money laundering (as per policy of Bangladesh Bank Regulations).

12. Discloser of information

It is understood and agreed that the Consultant(s) shall, during and after the effective period of the contract, treat as confidential and not disclose, unless authorized in writing by Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK), any information obtained in the assignment of the performance of the Contract.

13. Copyright and Ownership of Assignment

ASK reserves the copyright of all information, findings and the final documents produced through this process.

14. Mode of Payment

The payment will be made by 3 installments. 1st installment 30% after conformation, 2nd installment 30% after receiving the draft deliverables, 3rd and final installment will be 40% following submission and acceptance of the final deliverables. All the Payment will be made through bank transfer or account payee.
Taxes & Duties: VAT and Tax will be deducted at sources as per Government rules.
Terrorism and money laundering issues: If there any proof of engagement in any terrorism and money laundering issues, ASK reject the proposal without assigning any reason.

15. Apply Procedure

ASK invites proposal from management consulting firm/agency/organization/individual consultants team. Include lead consultant/team members brief CV highlighting related assignment completed and role in the completed assignments; organization’s/Firm’s Certificate, TIN and VAT registration and documents in favor of the previous relevant tasks. A complete technical proposal with the sample of previous work and financial proposal in English, including detailed cost per major activity. Sample of previous work will be returned back after complete selection process. The technical and financial proposal should be submitted in two separate envelopes and the total budget will not exceed Tk. 9,75,000 (Nine Lac Seventy-Five Thousand Taka). These two envelopes are then to be put in one larger envelope which must be sealed with a cover letter addressing the Executive Director, Ain o Salish Kendra, 2/16, Block-B, Lalmatia, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh by 05th November 2020.The proposal to be submitted at ASK office not later than 05th November 2020.

1. Annexure A