Event Management Firm

Project Title:                                    ASTHA: Strengthening Access to Multi-sectoral Public Services for GBV Survivors in Bangladesh
Implementing Organization:       Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK)
Technical Partner:                         United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
Donor:                                               Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN)


Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK), a national legal aid and human rights organization, provides legal and social support to the disempowered; particularly women, working children and workers. Its goal is to create a society based on equality, social and gender justice and rule of law. It seeks to create an environment for accountability and transparency of governance institutions. In this connection, Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) is implementing a four year long (April 2018 to December 2021) project, 'ASTHA: Strengthening Access to Multi-sectoral Public Services for GBV Survivors in Bangladesh' funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands with technical support from UNFPA.

ASTHA project’s goal is to strengthen GoB and CSO efforts to reduce GBV and increased utilization of multi-sectoral response services in four districts of Bangladesh for nation-wide replication.

A significant part of the project is to raise awareness on the harmful gender norms and practice to bring positive attitude among the community people to prevent gender-based violence. The project also aims to build strong network among the government service providers, CSOs and other organizations that working to responding and preventing gender-based violence.

In order to achieve project’s overall goal, ASTHA project observes 16 days of Activism, an international day to prevent violence against women. This year Ain o Salish Kendra along with two other Implementing Partners (IPs) of UNFPA will observe the day together to take a unified initiative in raising awareness on gender-based violence. 

About the Event and its rationale:

16 days of Activism against Gender-based Violence is an international campaign that open up a global conversation to address different forms of violence through our collective thinking and action, and promotes the rights of women and girls to ensure equality and to be free from violence. To increase awareness, galvanize advocacy efforts, and share knowledge and innovations; the UNiTE campaign will mark the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence, from 25 November to 10 December, under the theme, ‘Orange the World: Generation Equality Stands against Rape!’ This year the colour orange will unify all to bring global attention to the Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV). 
Uniting with the theme of this global campaign, all the partners, donors and stakeholders - UNFPA, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Canadian Embassy, and three project Implementing Partners (IPs) Ain o Salish Kendra, ActionAid Bangladesh, and Care Bangladesh will together observe the campaign collaborating with the same spirit to raise awareness on violence against women.

This campaign will be observed at national level on 3rd December 2019, at Rabindra Sarobar, Dhanmondi, Dhaka with a massive awareness raising and innovative event.


The UN theme of the 16 days of Activism 2019 is ‘Orange the world: generation equality stands against rape!’ The theme is based on a 2-year focus that the UNSG explicitly wants the UNiTE campaign to have, on rape. This includes rape in conflict, as well as other issues, such as campus violence, rape within homes and domestic violence issues, rape and sexual harassment in public spaces, or issues like child marriage. It will also explore the larger issue of rape culture and consent.
Along with this international theme the National theme will also be added once it is finalized from the ministry. 


To raise awareness among the mass (including youth), take stand against any kind of GBV (emphasizing on rape and sexual harassment), bring policy makers, media under the same umbrella which will be impacted on policy or legislative change and generations voice to prevent GBV

Expected Outcome: 

  • Collective (generations) voice raised against the adverse effect of GBV, particularly on sexual violence and rape culture
  • Opportunities created for advocacy and media mobilization
  • Youth are motivated to raise awareness on GBV and to prevent campus sexual harassment

Target Audience: 

Primary: Mass people (Women, men, girls, boys, children), multi-sectoral service providers, youth representatives.

Secondary: Policy makers, politicians, donors, NGO professionals

Responsibilities of the Event Management Firm – Tasks

The selected event management firm will carry out the following tasks:

  • Lead to organize a half day event which includes to communicate with the guests and the participants and do all the necessary activities to organize the event smoothly
  • Develop a creative design theme for the event
  • Decorate the venue
  • Arrange the digital screen, light, sound system and floor mat (jute – for the first two rows) 
  • Design and print banners, backdrop, t-shirts, certificates and crests
  • Design a e-card for the invitation
  • Develop relevant background graphics (including CG) for the digital screen.
  • Develop a short video (2 to 3 minutes) with English subtitle by taking interviews of 16 people from 16 different walks-of-life to display during the event
  • Arrange refreshment for the guests and participants
  • Take high quality photos and videos of different activities of the event and provide edited copies of them in CDs
  • Make a short video (2 to 3 minutes) on the overall event to share at different social media platforms and websites, provide edited video copies of each of the activities of the event in separate files in CDs
  • Keep record of attendance of participants, guests and other invitees of the event
  • Write a high quality report on the event, mentioning the name/designation/photo of each guest/participant and capture audience feedback and remarkable moments in the report in both Bangla and English
  • Circulate press release (ASK to write) to all the newspapers and media houses and ensure media coverage of the programme in at least 15 renowned newspapers, 10 online newspapers and 10 TV channels


The vendor will deliver the following outputs:

Activity Header



Venue decoration

Stand banners (design and print)


Gate decoration


Back drop (for few side events beside the venue)


Digital Screen


Sound system

Cordless mic: 2
Microphone stand: 5
Lapel mic: 2
Sound box: 4 pairs


2 Floodlights 



Plastic chairs


Floor Mat (in jute)

For the first two rows

CG/Background graphics       

Event digital banner (animated)


ASTON/CG and short description of the guests and performers


Background animation/graphics for the 03 Story Telling activities

3 (1 minutes each)

Develop and Edit Videos

Video presentation on 16 Commitments

1 ( 2 to 3 minutes)

Short video on the event to publish at different social media platforms and websites

1 (2 to 3 minutes)

Overall full video footages of the event (without NG shots)

10 copies in 5 CDs

Edited copy of each of the speech of the guests and activities of the event

8 Speeches and Edited videos for 5 activities in 5 CDs


Taking high quality photos of the event

Best 50 edited photos in 5 CDs

Story Exhibition

Story Exhibition on 16 stories (design and framing with provided photos and story write-up)

16 Framed photos

Doodle Art   

White Canvas (panaflex)



Publish News/article/report in different media houses

10 TV channels, 15 Newspapers, 10 Online newspapers

Event Report Writing

Event report with both Bangla and English

1 – Bangla
1 - English




Refreshment (with water bottles)


Water bottles


Water Jar (with one time glasses)


Souvenir for guests and participants






Responsibilities of ASK

  • Provide technical support to organize the event and during developing all the IEC and video materials
  • Develop the concept note and the activity plan for the event
  • Book the venue
  • Pursue chief guest and liaise with other participants to ensure attendance.
  • Make a guest list and invite them
  • Support to communicate and ensure presence of all the performers of different activities of the event
  • Write press release

Terms and conditions of payment:

ASTHA team will give payment as per ASK procurement policy. The matters on Tax/VAT will be set as per the rules and procedures of Government of Bangladesh.

40% of the payment will be done after signing the work order and rest 60% after successful completion of the tasks.

General conditions

  • ASK as well as ASTHA team will have the copyright of all the results and documents elaborated under this assignment. Any publication also in extracts needs prior approval of ASK.
  • ASK reserves the right to disagree with any incomplete work and consequently ASK may retain the last installment of the remuneration.
  • The contracting authorities also reserve the right to amend this contract at any time according to the necessity of the project given prior communication.
  • The contract may be terminated if the consultants are found non-compliant to the terms and conditions of the contract.
  • Child Protection Policy: The team/individual shall comply with the Child Protection Policy of ASK. Any violation/deviation is in complying with ASK's child protection policy will result in termination of the agreement. 
  • Terrorism and money laundering issues: If there any proof of engagement in any terrorism and money laundering issues, ASK reject the proposal without assigning any reason

Time Frame:
The assignment has to be started after signing the work order (tentatively by 15 November 2019) and the duration of the service contract will be till 7 December 2016. At the onset of the assignment, the proponent should develop a detailed work plan and agreed with the ASTHA Project team of Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK).

Qualification and expertise:

The successful entity is required to meet the following criteria:

  • The company must have previous experience in organizing big events that involves guests from government officials and international donors
  • The company must have an experienced creative team which has the ability to come up with unique ideas and themes for the event
  • The company must have a team with vast knowledge and experience on developing graphics/animation, and videography to develop high quality animation, short videos to display for the bigger audience
  • Strong theoretical and practical background in graphic design, including the use of design software such as Adobe Design Premium, In-Design, Adobe Illustrator
  • Proven experience of graphic production from start to published/printed product with knowledge of printing processes (offset and digital) and colour management
  • An experienced PR team which has good network and relation with different media houses
  • Working experience with gender-based violence issue is desirable   

How to apply:

This application is open for event management firm. Interested vendors must submit the following documents via email at ask@citechco.net or hard copy in a sealed envelope with a cover letter addressing the Executive Director, Ain o Salish Kendra, 2/16, Block-B, Lalmatia, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh, by 12 November 2019, 9:00AM EST.

  • Expression of Interest
  • Sample work (Portfolio of event management, design sample of IEC materials – Poster, banner, t-shirt, souvenir etc., videos and animation)
  • Financial budget