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Terms of References (TOR)

‘To develop training modules & conduct training on basic GBV, GBV case management and PSS’ 

Background and Objective

ActionAid is a global federation working for a world free from poverty and injustice. ActionAid works with women and girls living in poverty. All over the world women and girls have less social, economic and political power, which can lead to their human rights being denied. Gender inequality is the root cause of women’s rights abuses. ActionAid supports women and girls to claim their rights. We make sure women and girls are safe from harm, able to earn a living and to claim their rights, and we prioritize their rights and leadership during times of crisis.

The prevalence of GBV is high within the host community in the Chattogram division. According to the 2015 Violence against Women (VAW) Survey conducted by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, 48 percent of ever-married women in Chattogram division experienced violence. Most GBV disclosures are within the context of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), including physical assault, emotional abuse, and denial of resources. The provision of GBV response services as part of the healthcare system has been limited; approximately 85 percent of the host communities have limited access to GBV response service provisions. Vital gaps include the clinical management of rape, psychosocial support/mental health, and quality GBV response services for women and adolescents. In CXB, GBV response services being provided at one One-Stop Crisis Centre (OCC) at the district level and two One-Stop Crisis Cells at Upazila level, are not adequate to cover the total need for GBV service provision in Cox's Bazar District. Quality GBV service of the OCCs is a concern which requires much more improvement by establishing GBV case management, including a comprehensive referral system and data management for GBV cases. Aiming to reduce the prevalence of GBV at host community ActionAid Bangladesh plans to implement a project namely `Strengthening Gender-based Violence (GBV) prevention services though OCCs at District and Upazila level and enhancing lifesaving response for women and girls through an integrated GBV and A/SRHR approach in the natural disaster-prone areas of Bangladesh’. AAB aims to establish and renovate the OCC at Upazila health complex where multi-sectoral services will remain available for GBV survivors and who are at risk of GBV.

Project level activities envelop the capacity building of project staffs on basic GBV, PSS, GBV case management for the better hands-on skills, and advance knowledge on the said concern. AAB is going to hire an individual consultant to develop and prepare module, materials and conduct training through the following scopes of consultancy works.

Duration of the Assignment:
Duration of the assignment: 60 working days (1st October to 31st December 2021)

Task Implementation Plan:

  • Location: The consultant will carry on his/her assignment throughout the project’s targeted location at Cox’s Bazar. Project location covers Cox’s Bazar Sadar District Hospital, Teknaf, Ukhiya, Kutubdia and Moheshkhali Upazila.
  • Group: The consultant will prepare module and conduct training keeping in mind that all the participants of the training are project-level implementing staffs (OCC and WFS); like Case workers, MHPSS counsellor, Project Officer, management staffs/organizational core staffs, Govt. OCC staffs those who are working on GBV and Health integration process at OCC and WFS.
  • Methods: The consultant is expected to follow the effective participatory method for conducting training. In terms of developing module and materials consultant should consider the local context and amalgamate the global practices of capacity building initiatives on GBV.
  • Role of Consultant: The consultant will play vital role to build the capacity of project implementing staffs and management staffs on basic GBV, PSS and GBV case management. S/he will develop training module in consultation with different stakeholders like AAB staffs, GBV sub-sector representatives, other implementing organizations from CXB, GBV training pool members of sectors and reviewing the global module and secondary sources. S/he will develop all the training materials for delivering the training to participants.

Expected outcomes:

  • Carry out the capacity need assessment for the implementing and management staffs and other participants, assessing the current level of understanding on GBV and PSS.
  • Develop three (3) training modules (Basic GBV, PSS and GBV Case Management) based on the capacity needs assessment as well as the project indicators.
  • Identify appropriate methods for delivering the training and develop training materials and hand-out for all participants
  • Conduct 1 batch training (of 3 days) on GBV case management with 35 participants;
  • Conduct 3 batches training (of 3 days for each batch) on Basic GBV with total 90 participants (30 participants in each batch); 
  • Conduct 3 batches training (of 3 days for each batch) on PSS (Psycho-Social Support) with total 90 participants (30 participants in each batch); 
  • Prepare and submission of each training reports.

Consultancy Fees:

  • USD 8640 (BDT 730,000) (Including VAT and TAX) – USD 144 (BDT 12,166.67)/day

Required Qualifications:

  • Post graduate degree on Psychology or clinical psychology.

Required team composition:

  • The consultant must have a combination of advance university degree in social science including law.
  • More than 10 years’ experience on training design and delivery especially for PSS and GBV.
  • Extra value will be added if he/she has experience to conduct study/ assessment in the online violence
  • Excellent proven experience and understanding of women rights and child protection
  • Demonstrated experience in applying participatory approaches.

Mode of Payment:
The payment will be done according to the following time frame/arrangement:

1st instalment 30% of the total amount After signing agreement
2nd instalment 40% of the total amount After submission of draft curriculum and training materials and invoice
3rd instalment 30% of the total amount After submission of final Curriculum, Training Materials. Training report of 7 training and invoice.

The payments will be made in A/C payee cheques/Bank Transfer in the name of the Consultant/s/Agency. AAB will deduct income tax at source as per the rules of GoB and it will be deposited to treasury of GoB. Besides, no other benefits shall be admissible beyond what is stipulated in the contract, nor does it guarantee a regular position in AAB

Proposal submission:

Interested consultant(s)/agencies are requested to submit their Technical and Financial Proposals by e-mail: aab.jobs@actionaid.org

Interested consultant(s)/agencies should include the name and contact details in the proposals for future communication. Detailed CVs of the team leader and members (if any) should be included in the annexure of the technical proposal along with any other supporting documents the interested party may wish to include towards the evaluation. 

The deadline for submission of Proposal is 5 pm, Thursday, 21 October 2021