Beneficiary Accountability Mechanism for Start Fund Bangladesh Responses


1. Basic Information:

Title of the Work

Beneficiary Accountability Mechanism for Start Fund Bangladesh Responses


July 16 - September 30, 2019


The Start Fund Bangladesh (2017-2020) is a £10 million rapid emergency response fund set up by the Start Network with support from UK aid from the British people. Modelled on the successful Start Fund that activates funding within 72 hours of a crisis alert, the fund will be accessible to both national and international member NGOs operating in Bangladesh to respond early and fast to under the radar emergencies in Bangladesh.
Globally, the Start Network has a strong commitment towards localization, especially to facilitating the Grand Bargain Commitment for “participation revolution” (i.e. of crisis aff­ected communities, gender, age, disabilities etc.). So far, the Start Fund Bangladesh members do not have a common approach towards accountability to communities. During  its two learning events the Start Fund Bangladesh members identified the following challenges in enabling people affected by crisis aware of their entitlements, having access to information and participating in decisions as well as having access to safe and responsive mechanisms to handle complaints.

  • the mechanisms (e.g. complain boxes) being set-up without readiness, mindset, ‘trust’, understanding of the intended purpose or allocation of dedicated resources (e.g. personnel)
  • the nature and quality of feedback being affected by how the purpose is communicated to the community

Hence, the need to develop a set of minimal-best practice guidelines for rapid Start Fund responses was deemed necessary that are simple yet highly effective and time efficient, replicable during small-medium rapid emergency responses as well as allows member agencies to adhering to their own accountability frameworks.

Objective of the work

To identify best practices for accountability to affected communities that can be adopted by the Bangladesh members for Start Fund responses

Key Accountabilities

The framework will need to be supported with implementation guidelines and tools that can be adopted and adapted/replicated in a contextual, sensitive, responsive manner across rapid Start Fund Bangladesh responses, upon reviewing the following.

  • Appraisal of accountability measures currently practiced by Start Fund Bangladesh members
  • National (e.g. cluster, donor etc.) and international best practice, commitments and standards (e.g. Core Humanitarian Standards1, Sphere standards, Transformative Agenda, Grand Bargain Commitments2) guidelines
  • Start Fund principles/handbook, SHAPE Framework, Localization Review etc.


  • An inception report with a  critical review of strengths of current accountability practices (regarding feedback, community engagement and communication) by the Start Fund members
  • Facilitate a sharing and validation workshop with Start Fund Bangladesh members
  • A final report recommending a simple accountability framework
    • Containing minimum requirement guidelines in light of the accountabilities stated above etc.
    • Supported by recommendations and relevant tools on relevant data points and tools, disaggregation, communication, management and security measures, management responsibilities and feedback loops, verification and reporting to strengthen accountability mechanisms

Expected Outputs of the Consultancy:

Enabling Start Fund Bangladesh members to effectively able to roll out a common yet lightweight beneficiary accountability mechanism to enhance the quality across  Start Fund responses and collectively attain its commitments towards a “participation revolution”

 Work Location


Responsible organization and Contact Information

ACF Bangladesh, Orin Tower, House 23, Road 113A, Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

2. Estimation of days:

75 days (July 16 to September 30, 2019). A tentative timeline is given below

    • Inception report with Document desk review, background work, context analysis and methodology finalization in consultation with the SFB team: by end of July 2019
    • Primary data collection from relevant stakeholders: By mid-August 2019
    • Analysis, guideline development and draft report development: By end of August 2019
    • Validation workshop: by mid-September, 2019
    • Final report submission: by end of September, 2019

3. Validation of the Proposal:

All cost should be quoted in Bangladesh Taka (BDT) and will remain valid up to ninety (90) days from the date of proposal submission.  

4. Outline of the Financial Proposal:

The financial proposal should include VAT and TAX (all-inclusive and will be deducted at source during settlement of invoice as per government rule). Please note that, the amount mentioned in the financial proposal will be assessed in line with the quality of the technical proposal.

5. General condition of consultancy:

  • The consultant/s need to work with Start Fund Bangladesh team at the SFB Secretariat (i.e. ACF Dhaka office) 2-5 days/ as required at the initial stage and during report writing period.
  • The payment will be made in three trenches. First trench of 20% upon signing the contract, second trench of 50% after satisfactory review of the first deliverable (A), and the remaining 30% upon validation of the final submitted report.
  • The consultant will conduct the work using own computer equipment.
  • The consultant will have to bear the transport and accommodation costs for the assignment.

6. Criteria for Selection:

We will therefore be selecting the consultant following a two staged evaluation. For the first stage the following criteria will be used for shortlisting.



Total Points


Knowledge and skills:

  • In depth understanding of humanitarian work, accountability mechanisms
  • Understanding of humanitarian standards, principles and commitment’s
  • Capacity to conduct onsite appraisals, KIIs, narrative report writing, report presentation etc.


Technical Capacity:

  • Adequate experience of similar work on accountability mechanisms, preferably related to communication and engagement with community and feedback mechanism
  • Overall understanding of the ToR, proposed methodology etc.
  • Team composition and roles, management and scheduling.


Overall Technical Evaluation Points


Financial Evaluation





The shortlisted consultant (or firm) will be then called for an interview and the final contract will be offered upon satisfactory performance.

7. Competencies Required:

The consultant (or consulting firm) we are looking for preferably meets the following competencies -

  • Academic degree in Disaster Management, Social Sciences, Anthropology, Business Administration, Organizational Development or other relevant technical areas.
  • Strong background in humanitarian response/recovery
  • Proven experience of working on communication with community, feedback mechanism, community engagement
  • Experience of facilitating similar exercises that involves diverse stakeholders.
  • Excellent analytical, report writing and presentation skills.
  • Willingness and capacity to be flexible and accommodating when faced with difficult and frustrating working conditions
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Bangla

8. Supervision:

The consultant will design and conduct the assignment in consultation with the Start Fund Bangladesh team.

9. Confidentiality:

All the outputs will be treated as Start Fund Bangladesh’s property and the outputs or any part of it cannot be sold, used or reproduced in any manner without prior permission from the Start Fund Bangladesh.

10. Submission of Expression of Interest (EOI):

The consultant will confirm his expression of interest and submit a proposal (2 copies of both technical and financial in printed copies including work plan, of max 10 pages) according to the Terms of Reference (TOR) in a closed envelope clearly marked as (EOI-SFB BAM) on or before 20 June 2019 at ACF Bangladesh, Orin Tower, House 23, Road 113/A, Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.

In case of any query please contact Imtiaz Ahmad (email:; mobile: +8801882086245)

1 4 & 5

2 Participation revolution