Consultant for Analysis and Interpretation of CSO Mapping Data


1. Basic Information:

Title of the Work

Analysis and Interpretation of  CSO Mapping Data


July 14 - September 30, 2019


The Start Fund Bangladesh (2017-2020) is a £10 million rapid emergency response pool fund set up by the Start Network with support from UK aid. Modelled on the successful Start Fund that activates funding within 72 hours of a crisis alert, reaches the beneficiaries within 7 days of the project start and finishes within 45 days. The fund has been setup to be accessible to both national and international member NGOs operating in Bangladesh to respond early and fast to under the radar emergencies in Bangladesh, while the funding decisions and governance are led by its member international, national and local NGOs.
Start Fund Bangladesh mission objective to facilitate an enabling environment for aid localisation. It is therefore very important to understand the landscape we are operating in, especially the readiness of local and national NGOs to have direct access to humanitarian aid and to comply with the minimum due diligence standards.    
Start Fund Bangladesh has very recently facilitated a nationwide CSO mapping exercise to expand its national and local member base. The exercise gathered key secondary information from 396 national and local NGOs during the EOI stage; and comprehensive information of 58 of the 396 national and local NGOs.
In this context, the Start Fund Bangladesh is looking for a consultant with extensive knowledge of organizational development, risk management and due diligence issues who can interpret the available data through establishing potential co-relation as well as interpolate the outcomes for the agencies with limited secondary data. This will enable the Start Fund Bangladesh to identify further effective capacity building interventions to efficiently address sectoral needs as well as demonstrate the outcomes to other potential stakeholders for advocacy purpose.

Objective of the work

  • Interpret the findings from the onsite in-depth appraisal of 58 N/LNGOs from an organizational development point of view as well as establish co-relation of these findings with the data gathered during EOI stage
  • Interpolate the data from the remaining 338 N/LNGOs gathered during the EOI stage to identify possible outcomes from the in-depth onsite appraisal framework.

Key Accountabilities

Review of relevant literatures i.e.

  • CSO mapping final report, data and supporting evidence from EOI to onsite appraisal stage
  • (i) Established humanitarian standards (e.g. Sphere, CHS etc.) and commitments (e.g. the Grand Bargain, the Charter for Change etc.); (ii) due diligence requirements of donors (e.g. DFID, ECHO), UN agencies; and (iii) building on the work done on due diligence under DEPP, CHS and other initiatives.

Consultation with relevant stakeholders’ i.e.

  • (i) Capacity Building Support Group (CBSG) that conducted the CSO mapping exercise, (ii) Partnership and Institutional Relations unit and (iii) Audit, Risks and Compliance unit of ACF Bangladesh (the Grant Custodian of Start Fund Bangladesh), (iv) Start Fund Bangladesh Secretariat and member agencies as and when necessary


  • A draft report and presentation of the findings containing -
  • Analysis and interpretation of the data/findings from the onsite in-depth appraisal of 58 N/LNGOs from an organizational development perspective   as well as establishing co-relation of these findings with the data gathered during EOI stage
  • Interpolation of the data from the remaining 338 N/LNGOs gathered during the EOI stage to identify possible outcomes in light of the in-depth onsite appraisal framework.
  • A final report after incorporating the feedback from the secretariat and member agencies accompanied by factographs, infographs, charts,  figures etc.

Expected Outputs of the Consultancy:

The consultancy is expected to enable the Start Fund Bangladesh to identify wider organisational development related interventions for local NGOs in humanitarian operations and to use it as evidence-base in our future advocacy with relevant and potential stakeholders e.g. donors

 Work Location


Responsible organization and Contact Information

ACF Bangladesh, Orin Tower, House 23, Road 113A, Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

2. Estimation of days:

45 days (July 14 - September 30, 2019)

    • Desk review of key documents: by end of July, 2019
    • Draft report submission: by end of August 2019
    • Final report submission: by end of September 2019

3. Validation of the Proposal:

All cost should be quoted in Bangladesh Taka (BDT) and will remain valid up to ninety (90) days from the date of proposal submission.

4. Outline of the Financial Proposal:

The financial proposal should include VAT and TAX (all-inclusive and will be deducted at source during settlement of invoice as per government rule). Please note that, the amount mentioned in the financial proposal will be assessed in line with the quality of the technical proposal.

5. General condition of consultancy:

  • The consultant/s need to work with Start Fund Bangladesh team at the SFB Secretariat (i.e. ACF Dhaka office) 2-5 days/ as required at the initial stage and during report writing period.
  • The payment will be made in three trenches. First trench of 40% upon signing the contract, second trench of 30% after the submission of the draft report (see deliverable A), and the remaining 30% upon the validated final submitted report and module (see deliverable B).
  • The consultant will conduct the work using own computer equipment.
  • The consultant will have to bear the transport and accommodation costs for the assignment.

6. Criteria for Selection:

We will therefore be selecting the consultant following a two staged evaluation. For the first stage the following criteria will be used for shortlisting.


Total Points

Knowledge skill and capacity:

  • In depth understanding of humanitarian work and localization aspect in Bangladesh
  • Understanding of donor due diligence and humanitarian capacity requirements
  • Capacity to conduct onsite appraisals
  • KII, narrative report writing, report presentation etc.


Professional experience: Adequate experience of similar work (organizational development, compliance / due diligence and capacity assessment)


Overall Technical Evaluation Points


Financial Evaluation




The shortlisted consultant (or firm) will be called afterwards for an interview and the final contract will be offered upon satisfactory performance.

7. Competencies Required:

  • Academic degree in Disaster Management, Social Sciences, Business Administration, Organizational Development or other relevant technical areas.
  • Awareness and understanding of the humanitarian system as well as recent developments that have arisen after the Grand Bargain, Charter for Change commitments for addressing the underlying requirements of more equitable partnerships with local and national NGOs.
  • Strong background in humanitarian response/recovery
  • Proven experience of working on localization agenda, due diligence & capacity assessment along with conducting similar humanitarian sectoral reviews.
  • Experience of facilitating similar review exercises that involves diverse stakeholders.
  • Excellent analytical, report writing and presentation skills.
  • Willingness and capacity to be flexible and accommodating when faced with difficult and frustrating working conditions
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Bangla

8. Supervision:

The consultant will design and conduct the assignment in consultation with the Start Fund Bangladesh team especially the Partnership Coordinator.

9. Confidentiality:

All the outputs will be treated as Start Fund Bangladesh’s property and the outputs or any part of it cannot be sold, used or reproduced in any manner without prior permission from the Start Fund Bangladesh.

10. Submission of Expression of Interest (EOI):

The consultant will confirm her/his expression of interest and submit a proposal (2 copies of both technical and financial in printed copies including work plan, of max 10 pages) according to the Terms of Reference (TOR) in a closed envelope clearly marked as (EOI-Analysis and Interpretation of CSO Mapping Data) on or before 20 June 2019 at ACF Bangladesh, Orin Tower, House 23, Road 113/A, Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.

In case of any query please contact Fhakrul Islam (email:; mobile: 8801885997990)