Documentary on FDMNs and Host community  Activities


A. Introduction: Islamic Relief Worldwide, Uttaran and Ekata

Islamic Relief Worldwide is an independent humanitarian and development organisation. Founded in 1984, with headquarters based in Birmingham, UK, we have a presence in around 50 countries. We support the world’s most vulnerable people in the fight against poverty and suffering. We do this regardless of race, political affiliation, gender or belief, and without expecting anything in return. As a registered charity, we are open and transparent. We continually assess our work and how we operate to improve our impact and effectiveness. We envisage a caring world where communities are empowered, social obligations are fulfilled and people respond as one to the suffering of others. Our innovative integrated approach sees us work closely with the vulnerable communities that we serve. They identify the problems and are part of the solutions. As a result, our programmes often encompass many interlinked areas.

Uttaran started its development intervention to uphold the rights of the poor and underprivileged in 1985 from Jatpur village of Tala Upazila under Satkhira district.  Uttaran, which means ‘transition’, in Bangla language, is a people centered organization using a rights-based approach to alleviate poverty, diversify livelihood opportunities and empower poor communities throughout the southwest region and gradually expanding to other parts of Bangladesh.  Uttaran is working for last 34 years in the most inaccessible and vulnerable 16 districts, including Cox’s Bazar district. Its work benefits nearly 270,300 households. Uttaran has strong credibility among communities and with the GoB, also secure a lead role in civil society organizations in Bangladesh.

N,Z Ekata Established the poor, unserved and underserved, deprived and oppressed people focusing women & children as worthy and capable citizens in CHT in Bangladesh improving their present socio- economic situation. The mission of the organization is to build a society for disadvantaged poor hilly people of those areas in which they would not be oppressed or deprived of what is their right by providing education, counseling, social mobilization, training, improving reproductive health and other health & nutrition issues, self-employment opportunities, DRR, technical, financial or any other necessary support according to their need ensuring their direct participation, involvement and ownership in the overall development process.

B. General Background and Understanding the Concept

Around 855,000 Rohingya refugees, referred as Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN) are currently residing in 34 extremely congested in Ukhia and TeknafUpazilas of Cox’s Bazar district at Bangladesh. After the massive influx of Rohingya in the year 2017, Islamic Relief (IR) started its operation in Cox’s Bazar through local implementing partners in the backdrop of the commitment to Charter for Change (CfC). Since then IR is providing lifesaving supports to the FDMN in the form of food, & Nonfood items health support, shelter WASH facilities and seasonal programme (Qurbani meat distribution & Ramadan Food support ). By this times, IR reached 456459 household or 2109157 individuals in collaboration with partners.

C. Objective of the product

The objective of the service is to produce high quality documentary on IRW’s interventions in EDMN camp in collaboration with Uttara and Ekata

D. Scope of the Activities (FDMN and Host Community)

The project will prioritize the following issues as scope of work as thematic priorities:
Waste Management, Water and Sanitation, Shelter Improvement and Management, Solar Panels Installation, Non Food Items Distribution, Winterization, Ramadan and Qurbani support Programme, Solar powered pipeline water network, Transitional shelters, Shelter in host community, Household Latrine, Double shelter construction, Twin pit Latrine , Hand washing points, Hygiene kits, Awareness programme, Covid Awareness, Tree Plantation, Health Facilities etc

E. Target Audience

  • Islamic Relief Worldwide and its donors, partners across the world.
  • Bangladeshi NGOs
  • Service providers’ i.e Governmentetc.
  • Mass People
  • Journalists and CSOs.

F. Pre-Production

The selected firm will work under direct supervision of the Representative of Uttaran, Ekata and Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW). IRW reserves the rights to make any change at any point of time.

  • Filmmakers will submit a proposal on the basis of ToR
  • The selected firm should be meeting with IRW and Partners during script development process whenever required until the script is final

G. Shooting Guideline

The firm should consider below mentioned points for video shoot-

    • Story and footage should be based on Humanitarian aspect.
    • The case must be significant and touchy to the audience.
    • The documentary should always have an angle to make it different.
    • Should avoid the temptation to put words into their mouths.
    • Meaning and context should be accurately reflected.
    • Special attention to show respect beneficiaries dignity
    • Interview of CiC, RRRC, IRW focal, Partners focal, Local Government representatives etc

H. Editing Requirement

  • Standard British English voice over
  • English subtitles of Interviews
  • International standard editing for ensuring high quality documentary.
  • Standard soundtrack as background.
  • 2d motion animation, intro and outro should be used
  • Photographs can be used as motion graphics
  • Infographic Presentation
  • Computer graphics (CG)

I. Expected profile of the Agency

The Consultant/Agency is expected to have:

  • 5 and above years of experience working in similar field.
  • Extensive experience in producing related documentaries
  • Excellent ability to meet deadlines
  • Experience in 2d animation/ motion animation/ computer graphics
  • Excellent technical capacities (state of art filming equipment preferably High Definition) to ensure smooth and high-quality production

J. Main Task and Responsibilities

Main Task



First Step:

  • Review outlines, idea development,
  • finalising the script/ story board,
  • feedback taking,
  • selection of the location etc / taking idea on Photography and Case studies


IRW office, Coxs bazar

Second step:

  • Shooting (Full HD (1920x1080),
  • 5D Mark III Camera (at least)

4 days

FDMN camp Coxsbazar

Third Step: Editing and final draft submission (sound mixing, graphics/ animation, subtitle, script finalisation, voice over etc)



Fourth Step: Deliver the entire documents mentioned in Deliverable items.



K. Application process

Financial Proposal:

  • Budget (including VAT, TAX etc)- note more than 1 page.

Technical Proposal:

  • Outline of the documentary/ draft script (mandatory).
  • Work plan (Mandatory).
  • Must submission the Names and curriculum vitae of individuals who will be involved in completing the process(Team leader, DoP, Cinematographer, Editor etc)
  • Please send your Technical and Financial proposal within 27 November 2020 to Uttaran email address. Uttaran email address is as follows:


  • Proposals which shall not submit/ meet above mentioned criteria will not be considered for further evaluation.

L. Deliverables


The selected consultant/agency will provide the following deliverables through 1 terabyte USB portable hard disk:

  • 4 minutes documentary (unmixed re-editable copy, AVI file, MPEG file, youtube/ web version)
  • The entire raw footages of the documentary.
  • 300 pcs of the final video through DVD (DVD and cover page will be printed with 4 color design including logos, documentary name etc) and individual high-quality plastic box.

M. Selection Criteria

In response to the invitation, the individual consultant will have to submit a Technical and Financial proposal as per this ‘Terms of Reference’.

The total scoring points for the evaluations will be given below criteria’s:

Understanding of the ToR (Draft Outline/ Script)


Team composition (DoP, Editor and Cinematographer, voice artist),


Demonstrated experience in video documentary development


Financial competitiveness.


N. Time frame and duration

Final footage and documentary should be delivered to Uttaran by 7 days after the final approval from IRW

O. Person to supervise the work

For any query about the assignment, please contact with Ms Fatima Halima Ahmed, Head of Communication, Uttaran- 01711828305 or Mr. Jafar Alam, Monitoring Specialist, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Coxs Bazar, 01777741972

P. Logistics and Facilities

The firm will be responsible to arrange all logistics including transportation,accommodation and food by his/her own.

Q. Confidentiality

All the outputs e.g. film, video documentary, documents, information etc product by thisassessment will be treated as IRW’s property andconsequently confidential. So the above mentioned outputs or any part of it can’t be sold, used or reproduced in any manner by the assigned organization/individual without prior permission from Islamic Relief.