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Module Development of Women’s Leadership Training & Practice for Oxfam in Bangladesh, Rohingya  Response Programme, Cox’s Bazar

Oxfam employs more than six thousand people in 90 countries who share a commitment to work together to end poverty and suffering. It is committed to ensure diversity and gender equality within the organization and welcomes applications from women, person with disability and under-represented groups. Oxfam does not discriminate against applicants or employees based on their HIV/AIDS status. The organization has been working in Bangladesh since the War of Independence and has established a permanent country office in 1972. Since then it has responded to all major emergencies in the country. Oxfam’s current program focuses on Economic Justice & Resilience, Gender and Women’s Leadership and Humanitarian Capacity Building and Response.

A simple, inescapable truth underlines everything we do at Oxfam. There’s enough wealth in this world to go around. It’s not unfortunate that people live in poverty. It’s unjustifiable. It’s not their problem. It’s ours too. And with the right support, we can stop poverty and suffering in their tracks. More than 8,000 people already commit their time and talents to our humanitarian and long-term development projects. Now we’re looking for yours.


Oxfam is implementing a multi-year project funded entitled Means to lead: Empowering Rohingya refugee and host community women through leadership, learning and livelihoods, funded by UN Women. Implemented with partners until February 2022, this project aims to build the capacity of women and adolescent girls to lead and participate in matters that affect their lives and support an enabling environment for such practice.  To do this, Multi-purpose Women’s Centers and Community Spaces will be sites of training development of women and girls.

Using Oxfam’s framework and approach on Transformative Leadership for Women’s Rights (TLWR), a phased training and practice program will be developed for women and girls, composed of 3 phases with key modules on Gender, Empowerment, Leadership, and Mentoring and Coaching. Selected session modules will likewise be adapted for men and boys as outreach guidelines. Oxfam will be contracting out a organization/ group /individual to perform this initiative, in collaboration with Oxfam and its partners.

The Role

The consultant will collate and review existing training modules and resources on women’s leadership, empowerment and participation from Oxfam and other partner-stakeholders in the project; and collect experience of the use of these modules. Identified learnings, gaps and opportunities for enhancement will then be identified from these. The consultant will then develop and write the training modules, field test it with its intended users, and finalise according to the required frameworks and identified needs and intended outcomes.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To collate, collect and review existing modules and session guidelines used by Oxfam, and its project stakeholders to assess and identify gaps and areas for enhancement in both process and content
  • Review Oxfam project framework and approaches such as Transformative Leadership for Women’s Rights (TLWR), Women’s Economic Leadership, and Feminist Principles
  • Consult project stakeholders to identify the learnings, benefits, relevance and appropriateness of existing modules and session guidelines and identify areas for improvement to be integrated in the draft modules.
  • To draft and develop 3 Phased Training Programs on Gender, Empowerment and Leadership (See Annex 1 for reference)
  • To pilot test modules with Oxfam and partners to improve and finalize drafts based on the experience.


Task Working days
Desk review of modules and session guidelines, project framework and approaches, and other relevant documents 5 days
Consultations with project stakeholders on the use of existing modules, session guidelines, other tools 4 days
Drafting of the modules 12 days
Roll-out testing of the modules 5 days
Finalize modules 4 days
Total 30 working days

Qualification and Experience Required

  • Groups, organizations or women’s rights organizations with significant 8-10 years experience in design and development of community-based and participatory Gender, Empowerment and Leadership training
  • Advocate of gender justice and adheres to feminist principles;
  • High self-awareness and can understand power dynamics within a given context; and can navigate it and proactively respond through measures that enhance equitable participation of participants;
  • Extensive experience in community organizing and mobilization using a feminist and gender transformative approach
  • Excellent facilitation skills and expertise in the  effective use of participatory and creative methods in capacity building
  • Relevant experience in the Rohingya refugee response programming or a strong understanding of the gender issues, structural barriers to empowerment and gender transformative change in host and Rohingya communities in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience on Humanitarian and emergency response programming is preferred
  • Excellent in oral and written in English and Bangla, and proficiency in Rohingya and/or Chittagongian preferred

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter with a brief proposal of how the work will be done indicating the timeline, process and proposed professional fees.

Please refer to the detailed ToR (Click here) for this assignment.

Proposal submission Instruction:

For Individual Consultant

  • Maximum 2 pages profile highlighting related assignment completed with client name, contract person and mobile number along with detailed CV;
  • Any other relevant document (if necessary).

Please mention the assignment title Module Development of Women’s Leadership Training & Practice in the subject line during application via below mentioned email submit following pdf file -

  • Proposal should include Cover page, Table of content, understand of the assignment (pls. don’t copy & paste), experience in handling similar assignments, a work-plan, methodology, Certificate, to

Proposal submission deadline: 06 April 2020

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