Terms of Reference

Hiring consultant/firm for project activity evaluation, quality management and monitoring system development

International Training Network (ITN) is a center for water supply and waste management of the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. It aims to achieve a strong, capable human resource base across the WASH sector for sustainable development of water supply and environmental sanitation. ITN-BUET believes that knowledge development through applied research and professional development program constitutes the foundation for human capacity building. It works closely with different government agencies, academia and professional bodies to develop human resources and disseminate knowledge among stakeholders. For more details, please visit: https://itn.buet.ac.bd/

ITN-BUET, in coordination with the Department of Public Health Engineering and financial support from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is supporting the ‘scaling of City Wide Inclusive Sanitation (CWIS) and FSM services in Bangladesh through a national level capacity building program’. This program aims to build the capacity of Paurashavas and DPHE officials to implement CWIS/FSM projects successfully in Bangladesh. Two primary outcomes of the project are 1. Municipalities, implementing Development Banks and GoB funded projects in Bangladesh, mainstreamed Institutional & Regulatory Framework and 2. Municipalities in Bangladesh initiated city-wide inclusive sanitation (CWIS)/FSM services. The project has already achieved most of the targets/milestones under these outcomes. Assessing the achievements and challenges of the outcomes, as mentioned above, is crucial for designing the next phase of the program and scaling up of similar activities for other sector partners, which is another crucial objective of the project.

Given the above context, ITN-BUET is seeking a proposal from a potential consultant/firm to evaluate and analyze gaps the primary outcomes of the ongoing program. The consultant/firm will recommend possible course of actions for scaling up major activities under these outcomes. ITN-BUET expects the consultant/firm to work closely with the program staff to develop a framework for progress monitoring and evaluation of the project/program and build their capacity on monitoring learning and evaluation. 

Application process

Interested individual/agencies are requested to submit their relevant Individual/Organizational Profile, a Technical Proposal and a Financial Proposal along with a brief Expression of Interest Letter, CV of key personnel and relevant documents to the following:

The softcopy of the proposal should be sent to (compulsory): diritn@itn.buet.ac.bd  with CC to the following: rakib@itn-buet.org and makfie@itn-buet.org

The Hardcopy of the proposal should be sent to (optional): ITN-BUET, ARI-ITN Building (4th Floor), Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh, with the subject line “Consultancy Assignment for assessment and activity evaluation of waste and sanitation workers on safe health and hygiene practice during service delivery in selected cities of Bangladesh”.

Last date of submission: 30 November 2020

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