Hiring Consultant for

Final Evaluation


Combating Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CCSEC) Project in Bangladesh

Terre des Hommes-Netherlands (TdH NL), in collaboration with 3 implementing partners – SEEP runs 2 Drop in Centers (DiC) in Dhaka, SSS maintains 1 shelter home in Tangail and BTS provides psychosocial counselling supports to the victims and at risk children - has been implementing the “Combating Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CCSEC) project in Bangladesh.” Embarked on 1 January 2016, CCSEC is a 42 months project supported by the Delegation of the European Union in Dhaka. The project aims to contribute to the elimination of commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) in Bangladesh. The specific objective of the project is to protect and promote the rights of survivors & at risk children1 of CSEC through facilitating implementation of ILO Convention 182 (ILO-C182) and UNCRC Optional Protocol 2 (UNCRC-OP-2) in Bangladesh. TdH-NL is seeking to hire individual / firm consultant to conduct final evaluation of the Project.

ToR can be downloaded from this link.

Submission of Proposal

The technical and financial proposals should be submitted electronically to the email address: k.mandal@tdh.nl with “Final Evaluation of CCSEC Project in Bangladesh.” as subject. Two different folders i.e. technical and financial are requested to be submitted into one zip folder with a cover letter. The proposals (both financial and technical) including CVs are requested to submit in pdf format by no later than 16 April 2019.


1 CSEC defines sexual exploitation by an adult of a child that involves transaction, and thus abusing the vulnerability and trust of a child for sexual purposes. It pertains trafficking, prostitution and pornography.