Position Title : External Relations Manager
Position based in : Dhaka with regular travel to Tdh projects in Cox’s Bazar and occasional travel to Tdh projects in Kurigram
Salary : Negotiable
Expected time to resume : April 1, 2019 or before
Duration of the position : Initially for one year with possibility of further extension


Terre des hommes Foundation (Tdh) is the leading Swiss child protection organization, present in Bangladesh since 1974. With 200 plus staff working in several districts, Tdh intervene in health, nutrition, food security, WASH and Protection, in both development and emergencies. The position initially will be for one year with possibility for extension.

Purpose of the position:

The position is responsible for obtaining GOB approval through the NGOAB up to and including start-up of project activities and follow up on outstanding project and donor approval issues with the appropriate NGOAB Desk Officers. Also, responsible for attending all expatriates’ visas, work permits of the delegation.

Hierarchical and organizational links:

Reports to:    Country Representative
Coordinates with: All senior management team, DAH Head of Emergency and Humanitarian Officer
Direct line supervises: None at this point

Key Responsibilities:

1. Coordinate with NGOAB and other Government Offices
2. Ensure timely support to the expatriates for their visas, work permits, visa extensions and security support during field mission
3. Documentation and information dissemination
4. Guide project development from inception through start up
5. Coordinate with field and managers

Responsibility 1: Coordinate with NGOAB and other Government Offices

1 Coordinate renewal of basic country agreement with Govt. Offices:  Ensure renewal of Foreign Donation Registration with the NGO Affairs Bureau by properly and timely submitting FD-1
2 Prepare FD-6, FD-7, FD-2, FD-3, FD-4, FD-8 and FD-9 and other project approval formats for the NGO Affairs Bureau, regularly follow up and obtain GOB approvals of all new project proposals and extension of projects. Follow up on outstanding project and donor approval issues with the appropriate NGO Affairs Bureau Desk Officers.
3 Ensure compliance to the national government requirements in terms of project approval' start up activities, yearly fund release and reporting requirements to protect Tdh continuous operation.
4 Ensure submission of Audit Reports for on-going projects to the NGO Affairs Bureau and Bangladesh Bank and clear them.
5 Coordinate, collate and edit the Annual Project Activity Report, Annual Report, Project Brief, etc. for submission to the NGO Affairs Bureau.
6 Work closely with the project, HR, Logistics and keep the NGO Affair Bureau informed of the visit of external expatriate visitors to Bangladesh.
7 Respond to all questions and queries raised by the NGOAB or line Ministry in relation to project approval, implementation process, etc.
8 Responsible for ensuring transparencies with authorities.
9 To develop a network with relevant public institutions as to maintain Tdh’s good reputation and visibility.
10 To assist and advise field managers in their contacts with the local authorities related to specific matters.
11 To facilitate the contact with national authorities in the framework of the country’s strategy.
12 Mapping of relevant national authorities, create the networking with them and follow up on the changes in new regulations.
13. Coordinate with partner organizations on issues related to submission and reporting of Fd 6 and Fd 7
14. Follow-up on the changes in the national policies, the changes in the Government structures and reports this to the Tdh structures.
15. Advice locally based Tdh representatives on the above matters.

Responsibility 2: Ensure timely support to the expatriates for their visas, work permits, visa extensions and security support during field mission

1 Ensure timely obtention and extension of all kind of visa for expatriates (N-visa, A2 visa, T-visa, B-visa and VOA) as per the strategy given by the HR and with the support of the HR department in country and at HQ level.
2 Submit timely N Visa request for the expatriates and ensure appointment attestation through rigorous follow-up with the NGOAB.
3 Apply for Work Permits to NGOAB as the expatriates enter in the Country with N Visa.
4 Monitor the visa situation for all expatriates and send reminder / monthly follow up to HEO, CD and HR.
5 Follow up with SB (Special Branch Police) and NSI (national security intelligence) for security clearance within stipulated time, and see that the clearances are sent to the Home Ministry in time.
6 Contact Home Ministry as needed and ensure Work Permit clearance is given to the NGOAB and Immigration and Passport.
7 Ensures visa extensions of the Expatriates staff whether on Tourist visas or on N Visas on timely manner.

Responsibility 3: Documentation and information dissemination

1 Conduct regular field trips to the field offices and project sites to remain abreast of project activities in the field, needs and concerns of project and staff.


Remain abreast of major project strategies, approaches, interventions and key administrative issues by attending project coordination meetings.


Work with the Managers, HR and provide program orientations and briefings to new staff and visitors.


Review and suggest changes in Tdh’s projects brief, special bulletin, marketing brochures, annual report and presentation materials.


Act as repository of all historical and programmatic information for the Country office and centralize mission-wide information, maintain, update and share information mission wide.

Responsibility 4: Guide project compliance during development, inception and during implementation

1 Ensure FD project proposals are developed in compliance with government requirements, and projected timeframes include consideration of government approval lead times.
2 Work with the FD projects and budget and assist in developing multi-year budgets for all new and extension projects in compliance with the requirement of the NGOAB.
3 Work with project teams in Cox’s Bazar during preparation of FD 7. Ensure team are aware of all new FD 7 regulations.
3 Lead and prepare Multi-year project proposal (FD-6) along with the multi-year budget in the NGOAB format. Ensure timely submission of FD-6 and FD-2 follow up with NGOAB and obtain GoB approval of all new and extension projects.
4 Work with the projects and budget and ensure reduction of unfavourable deviation between the governments approved budget and the actual project expenses.
5. Should deviation between plan and actual become more than govt. policy, take initiative to revised budget of FD6, FD-7, etc. and have NGOAB prior authorization/approval.
6. Develop status report for matters pending with NGOAB and circulate to all concerned.

Responsibility 5: Coordinate with Humanitarian officer, field and managers

1 Provide capacity building and guidance to the Humanitarian officer in Cox’s Bazar in regard to the coordination with the local authorities
2 Monitoring the requirement in relation with GOB officials at the field and provide guidance to the appropriate staff accordingly.
3 Attend key meetings at field level whenever the situation requests so and ensure a liaison with the national authorities
4 Promoting the commitment to Tdh charter and prevention of frauds/corruption and abuse of power and inform the Country Representative in case of frauds or power abuses.


  • Representation and active participation at the various local/regional coordination, government bodies
  • Representation and communication with the relevant authorities and donors, partner NGOs at field and national level.

Qualifications & Competencies:


Masters in English, Mass Communication. Management, Logistics or any other discipline

Work Experience:

  • A minimum of 10 years of professional experience in Administration and Logistics with an International NGO, including at least 5 years in a coordination position.
  • Experience in working with Govt. structures, NGOAB, Home ministry, SB, NSI units and proven track record of managing and maintaining NGOAB rules, regulations and various approval process.
  • Report writing, etc.

Other Skills:

  1. Fluency in English, both writing and speaking
  2. Knowledge in MS applications with excellent Excel and Word processing in English and Bengali

As well as the following specific (professional) competencies:

  1. Team work understanding and experience
  2. Good communication skill, both verbal and written
  3. Problem solving oriented
  4. Ability to work in pressure


High degree of flexibility is expected; accepts new responsibilities when those are assigned by the line supervisor.

The post holder is polite, respectful, honest, punctual, creative, proactive, committed and non-political. S/he is in constant exchange with colleagues and supervisors, communicates problems and enriches discussions. S/he treats people of different religion, age, sex, and economic status appropriate and equally and actively ensures their wellbeing and raises his/her voice when required. S/he is willing to improve own capacities and is open for all topics Tdh is working on to actively contribute to a comprehensive programme implementation.

Application process and deadline:

Application should include curriculum vitae and Cover letter addressed to the Country Representative, Terre des hommes Foundation with “External Relations Manager” in the subject field.

CV should include current salary (if in employment) or last salary drawn, and expected salary, names of two former supervisors to serve as references with phone and email contact info, and earliest date of availability.

Only properly complete applications will be considered for short-listing. Only short-listed applications will subsequently be called for interviews.

Candidates should apply on line @ bdjobs. The deadline is Sunday, 21st March 2019 by 5.00 pm. Recruitment procedure follows the Terre des hommes Child Protection Policy. Tdh is an equal opportunity organization


Application Deadline: 21st March 2019