Scope of Work for Senior Newborn Health Consultant
To Support the National Newborn Health Program



USAID’s MaMoni Maternal and Child Health Care Strengthening Project (MaMoni MNCSP) seeks to reduce maternal and newborn mortality rates in Bangladesh. A key component of the project is providing support Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOH&FW) to implementation the Health Population and Nutrition Sector Program (HPNSP 2017‐22).

The project has been working supporting MOHFW to develop and implement the National Newborn Health Program (NNHP) through the various Operational Plans (OPs). The two main OPs responsible for implementation of newborn interventions are the Maternal Newborn Child and Adolescent Health (MNC&AH) under the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) and Maternal Child Reproductive and Adolescent Health MCRAH) under the Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP). The National Technical Working Committee for Newborn Health (NTWC‐NBH) provides technical guidance and oversight to the implementation of all newborn interventions in the country. In addition, several OPs contribute to the goals of NNHP. MaMoni MNCSP supports the implementation of NNHP in ten districts, in addition to providing technical and managerial support to the NNHP at the national level. MaMoni MNCSP is also supporting a Newborn Health Cell to coordinate the NBH activities.


The key objective the assignment is to provide strategic leadership support to MaMoni MNCSP’s implementation of newborn health interventions through the National Newborn Health Program.


  • Provide leadership and strategic guidance to the Newborn Health team of MaMoni MNCSP and ensure coordination of all NBH efforts of Save the Children
  • Represent MaMoni MNCSP at key NBH forums including the NNHP implementation coordination forums, NTWC etc
  • Oversee the technical integrity of NBH interventions in the ten project districts
  • Provide oversight and support to the newborn health partners of the project, particularly BSMMU


The consultant will lead the project’s support to implementation of NNHP. Some of the specific tasks will include:

  • Collaborate with other NBH partners to establish a NNHP Implementation Support Team, which will oversee the progress of implementing NNHP across the country. This multi‐disciplinary, multi‐agency team will facilitate coordination of implementation of NNHP components at national, divisional and district level.
  • The consultant will lead the Newborn Health team for active participation and technical leadership in national level ongoing and upcoming Newborn Health activities, such as,
    • development of action plans for newborn health interventions
    • development of National Neonatal Health Strategy
    • Development of monitoring framework for NNHP
    • Development of clinical protocols, SOPs etc.
  • Guide and support the NBH Advisors and Program Implementation Team to strengthen maternal and newborn care services at strategically located UHCs and also in district hospitals and MCWCs. This activity relates to physical facilities, infrastructures, equipment, and WASH. The consultant will liaise with the respective directorates at DGHS and DGFP to improve preparedness of UHCs, MCWCs and district hospitals to manage newborn complications.
  • Guide and support the NBH Advisors for capacity building of service providers (Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, FWVs, SACMOs as applicable) on CNCP, KMC, ETAT, sick newborn care including SCANU and labor room protocol, management of PE/E, infection prevention, PPFP and capacity building of front line workers (HA, FWA, CHCP) on basic MNC package. The consultant will need to guide the Newborn Health team in planning the training programs, in coordination with the Maternal Health team. The consultant will facilitate issuance of directives from the respective GoB units.
  • Design and execute training follow‐up and mentoring support for skill retention for newborn health. S/he will collaborate with BSMMU and MaMoni District Implementation staff in this regard.
  • In consultation with the respective departments at DGHS, DGFP and DGNM, plan, design and oversee the implementation of new interventions/strategies/tools to generate learning, document and inform the national program.
  • Guide the “embedded staff” of MaMoni MNCSP in providing technical assistance to NNHP cell and roll out of the program. Over the functioning of the Newborn Health Cell
  • Assist in identifying regional facilities and in establishment of regional centers of excellence for NBH services and for institutional training (including SCANU, KMC and other in‐patient care services)
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and professionals for as necessary to implement MaMoni MNCSP activities.


The consultant should have;

  • A recognized medical degree and a post‐graduate degree in public health or related disciplines
  • In‐depth understanding of the evidence‐based newborn health interventions and best practices
  • At least 10 years of work experience in public health programs
  • Sound understanding of the Bangladesh health systems and the service delivery and administrative structures of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  • strong interpersonal skills and experience of working with a range of stakeholders from Government, INGOs, funding agency, National NGOs, private sector
  • Fluency in Bangla and English, including strong writing skills
  • The gravitas and credibility to engage with targeted communities and audiences
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication
  • Working experience with MoHFW.


  • Minutes of the meetings NNHP Implementation Support Team
  • Final National Newborn Health Strategy and SOPs
  • Monthly implementation report for newborn activities of MaMoni MNCSP workplan


  • Start date: January 06, 2019
  • End date: April 05, 2019

Level of effort: 20 Hours per week

Interested individual consultant, may submit their technical and financial proposal along with CV and TIN & VAT registration certificate copy to the following email address: VAT registration is mandatory for individual consultant to obtain consultancy service under USAID funded project,

Application closing date: December 15, 2018.